Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Hi, folks :)

I'd like to encourage to to leave comments on my blog...It takes me a lot of time to maintain all these files and keep the site going, but comments rate is horrible :)

When checking amount of visitors, it says, there are over 100 visitors each day, and only a few comments... That's so sad, I just wanna know your opinion, no matter you like my uploads or not, just let me know you are here for me, as I am here for you

And the last thing, please, if you know somebody who is keen on old movies, and don't know this site yet, please tell them: "That site is a piece od masterpiece" Just make some advertising :) :)


Anonymous said...


Thanks for all your great uploads! I will advertise your blog in mine, okay?!

from a fan

Anonymous said...


I come here very often. I am a big fan of old movies. Thanks to you I can see them again, and again. Sorry no to have left comment before. But In the future I will. Will talk about your site to some friends, .... Thank you again,


Anonymous said...

great site, the greatests movies, what i could say more... thanks !

Anonymous said...

thanks, great films here :)

red4kikochka said...

Bravo pour ton site !
Des films en fran├žais ou avec des sous titres en fran├žais ce serait super.

Anonymous said...

We're here, alright, loving the place and the great movies you post.
Please keep it alive.
We need it.
Thanks so much for this great work.


Anonymous said...

i love this site -- nuff said?

Sandman said...
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Sandman said...

Good shit! I check for everything new you post, even though I've seen a good deal of it already. I love seeing them again. Keep doin' what you do, whoever you are.

I just imagine your last name is "Only". It makes sense in my head.

. said...

GREAT blog! seriously.. THANKS for being so cool and taking the time to post some GREAT movies! THANKS THANKS THANKS!!!

pyrata said...

man... your blog rocks!
100 visits a day it's a clearly sign that people like it a lot.
keep on rolling, please.

classic said...

Anonymous said...

Keep the good work!!!Greetings from Greece!

Chris said...

Great Blog! Thanks for taking the time to share all these terrific films!


Tony Mac VIVA B&W said...

I found the site a week ago by accident via a link. What can I say XXMAS just came early this year. I'm 57 ys old & this is movie heaven.
I've forwarded the link to my friends
Have a happy Xmas
Tony Mac

Pasha said...

Greetings from the Ukraine, your taste is excellent thanks for the gems of the movies!

Anonymous said...

Great site. Great movies.
Thank You very much for your efforts.

millekev said...

Just found your site. Its great.
alfred hitchcock presents are classic tv stories. do you have any more would love to see them

thanks for a wonderful site

cwbybearmd said...

Do you do requests?
I'm looking for a copy of
"Walk On the Wild Side" w/Barbara Stanwyck and Jane Fonda(1962).

Medusa said...

Great site! Just found it -- will be back often! Want to just do some exploring -- love the screen captures!

Thanks for all your hard work!

lennybubs said...

What an absolutely fantastic site !! You are to be commended for your diligence in maintaining all these files. I happened to be looking for Charles Bronson movies and found him in some Hitchcock episodes !
What a find !
You've made an old man very happy !

beastoso said...

hi, i have just come across your site (through a google search if you are interested). i have been collecting old movies for the past year now - i have many of those you have posted. i have myself wondered how i could share those movies with other people. but alas, i have neither the time nor the bandwidth to upload. so two-thumbs-up to you for making the effort in sharing your movies, just maybe raising the appreciation for classics and keeping them alive.

Anonymous said...


yous site is realy great :)

i'm oldies movie fan lover, especially hitchcock collection. Btw, could your add the segmented tag to the movies? and maybe upload more movie, especialy cowboy movies and war movie :) thx.

Just me :) said...

What do you mean segmented tags?

As for silent movies... there are some in my mind :)

karlraven said...

Really Great work you are doing. A real GOLDMINE of the classics. Thank you so much.

Movie Collector said...

I visit your Blog once or twice a month, to see which classics you've uploaded (that I don't already have).

I have a request for you (If you can find it):

The Legend of Walks Far Woman (1982)

Hopefuilly, you'll find it & post it :)

Anonymous said...

I just found your site searching through google. Its amazing site and I am so happy I found it. I will start downloading good movies soon..
Best Regards


Spellcrafter said...

Great site

Love the fact you have dedicated all the downloads to be Classic movies from IMDB!


Anonymous said...

Hello! We really enjoy watching your film selection. We especially loved City of Conquests which we watched last night, what a wonderful film!
Regards, The Moogs

Anonymous said...

i would love some bette davis movies i'm a great fan of hers
thank you

Anonymous said...

i love your site i would love some bette davis movies i'm a great fan of hers
thank you

Anonymous said...

A lot of hard work and dedication goes into this site, guys and we're even getting the vintage movie posters! I can perfectly understand the request for more comments because this is what encourages him to post. But, a tiny text link saying '.. komentarze' however, is not very self-evident or inviting and probably mostly overlooked, if I may say so. Actually this link should say 'Add your comment to this post' and it should be bigger as well. Ok, thanks for your attention and let me just add that to me this is a very valuable and important site which I will check often. Cheers + thanks again.

Schnarrenberger said...

Great site. Thank You very much for your efforts and work. We really appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

thank you so much

Anonymous said...


I am to say thanks in deed for the old movies you uploaded.I would like to suggest you to put classic movies based on world literature genres.It is better to organize them in order with number and page.

fshurrat said...

Thank you very much for all these wonderful old movies. I am thoroughly enjoying both the movies and the Hitchcock tv shows. Great work!!!

Drummer said...

I feel as if I've broken into paradise.

Where do I begin?

What a fantastic collection!

tigger said...

hi had a hard time finding were you put your coments at, well just want to say thank you ever so much for all the work and time you put into this, when i found your web site, i was in heaven, love classics, i'm disabled due to a bad car acct. and paying for some one els's mistakes and can't do much most of the time im in bed due to cronic pains and pill i have to take, i'll be messed up the rest of my life, i was rear ended and now don't have much to look forward to so i was greatful for this and thought you should know, i don't have a tv. just watch movies when i'm able too if not in mayger pain. don't have much, and trying to go day to day, so again you can see why i'm so greatful for all your movies. thank you thank you

Anonymous said...

Thousands thanks for your great efford.

Jaswant said...

I happened to see this site by chance and I must congratulate you for your efforts to get these old movies online. Believe me these movies are treasure for those who love the 'old' movies of yesteryear. I had always been looking out for them but could not get hold of any till I found your site. I congratulate you for your good work and I hope you will continue to bring many more such movies in the days ahead.

Jaswant said...

I was fortunate to have stumbled upon this site purely by chance. I am fond of watching the old movies - even if they are in black and white. Your site has made this possible for me as all the other movie sites I know contain recent movies only and nothing before 1960. I have a request though - could you have a 'Search' option here so that we can find the movies we wish just by entering the title in the 'Search'. Also I would be grateful to receive the links for some very old John Wayne movies - if possible. the titles I am looking for are
1. west of the Divide 1934
2. The Oregon Trail 1936
3. Flame of Barbary Coast 1945
4. Dawn Rider 1935
5. Randy rides alone 1934
6. Sagebrush Trail 1933
7. The Lonely Trail 1936
8. Overland Stage Riders 1938
9. Lawless Ninetees 1936
10. Three Texas Steers 1939
11. Desert Trail 1935
12. In Old Oklahoma 1943
13. Paradise Canyon 1935
14. A Man Betrayed 1941
15. Frontier Horizon

Kindly send me the links to my mailing address, viz., OR if you are posting them here, kindly intimate me about the posts so that I can see them. Thank you very much. Jaswant.

Jaswant said...

I had received links for 5 John Wayne movies but after that I did not hear further from you. I suppose you could not find the links for the other movie titles I had requested. I hope you will be able to find me the links for the remaining movies. I am also giging below a few other titles and I sincerely hope you will be able to help me this time too. Thanks.

1.Haunted Gold 1932
2.Desert Command 1946
3.California straight Ahead 1937
4.Lady and Gent 1932
5.Pitsburg 1942
6.Winds of the Wasteland 1936
7.Lady for a Night 1942
8.Wyoming Outlaw 1939
9.Lady from Louisiana 1941
10.The New Frontier 1939
11.The Night Riders 1939
12.The Man from Utah 1934
13.Two fisted Law 1932
14.Westward Ho! 1935
15.Riders of Destiny 1933
16.Blue Steel 1934
17.Texas Terror 1935

My mailing address is

Jaswant said...

What is meant by 'links are interchangeable?' In a movie consisting of say 14 parts, if I download half from rapidshare and the remaining from easy share, I am not able to extract the movie. I have found that the whole movie has to be downloaded either in Rapidshare or easyshare or megaupload in full. Can you please explain this for me? Jaswant.

Anonymous said...

Thank a lot for all those movies, your blog is amazing, i love it

Anonymous said...

thank you for this great site. I'm facing a problem recently. all .dlc file are shown as container error by JDownloader. why is it so. please help me to solve the problem.

kevin_costy said...

Thanks for sharing.You will find some new movies at . Leave a cooment and ask for your movie!

Mooky said...

Love your site, I stumbled on to it by accident, what a good luck, I'm not sure but is it possible to place a request?

Thanks for all your efforts.


Anonymous said...

Just found your site I think it's great. I'm searching for an old movie I saw as a kid- "Rocambole" with Channing Pollock (in english). Would you by chance have a copy - so far my search has been futile. Thanks