Friday, December 28, 2007


Some days ago I just had some thoughts about my blog and was wondering what could I do to make it better, and the idea was that I could upload my classics also in a smart movie format, that means converted from avi to mobile-supported formats like .3gp or .mp4

Would you like me to do that? Are you interested in such an improvement? Please leave your comments

And the second thing - from my uploads starting after New Year, there will be a sample file uploaded just to check the movie quality for those of you who are quality maniacs, and also some more audio and video details will be included, i.e. video resolution, frames per second, audio sample rate and some others


Anonymous said...

for me .avi format will do but I back the idea of samples
thanks a lot for all your posts!!!

shrevey said...

I love the interest and dedication you have in this forum. Keep it up. Personally, I don't really care if what the format is. I tend to back up everything on external HDs, and overall, I find avi to be good quality and size. If you feel there is a need to be more portable, you should do it!

Anonymous said...

Don't waste your time on converting movies, please keep focus on posting new movies , because of someone want to have them in that format he can easily do it by himself.

sharpsponge said...

I'm not interested in the mp4 format; samples are a good idea though -- and I just want to say that I appreciate the effort you're putting into this blog.

Anonymous said...

Agree with the sharpsponge.

Anonymous said...

Would be great to have the movies in alternative mp4 or even rmvb formats, which are smaller and have also very good quality. I hope you'll do so.
Happy 2008! JR

Anonymous said...

schindler's list???

it a 90s movie,amazing amazing movie

wud be gr8 if u upload it

MusicManMihir said...

Super job man! Absolutely brilliant!!
I think you should keep it in .avi format. They're much better.

I'm now looking for more Errol Flynn movies and Gene Kelly movies.
If I find links, I'll let you know :)
Also looking for Marilyn Monroe and Elvis movies :)

Let me know if you have any.
Thanks again.
This is phenomenal!
Take care and Happy New Year

Anonymous said...

I'm satisified with the .avi format which I play thru VLC media player. It's easy to add subtitles with VLC, so .avi is my preferred format. Sometimes formats get ahead of the hardware that most people use; in a year, I may have a different player and I may feel differently about formats.

I'd like to add my appreciation to your selection of classic films.

Do you accept links to other old films on-line?

- Fred

Franco, Deutschland said...

First of all many thanks to your great work here.
Though I've seen some of the presented films I only knew the -usually good- german syncronisation.
But it is much more interesting to listen to the original voices of the actors. It would be a great help to have some german subs. I did find many subtitles but somehow the german language is neglected or usually only for films I#m not interested in. Sometimes it is a little hard to follow - especially the more complex films.
I think the .avi format is more than okay and if someone would like to convert it he should spend his or hers time. You're already working overtime I guess.
I liked the "Hitchcock presents" serial very much: the first one with Ralph Meeker , the ones with Syd Blackmer, Joseph Cotton and Skip Homeier are the best.
You can find the follow-up "Hitchcock Hour" at "GUBA- free videos" to download (not with rapidshare but for normal downloading - you better use the free downloadmanager).

There are some interesting episodes with Bruce Dern, Peter Fonda, Inger Stevens and others.They also had/have some 50's and 60's tv serials like "Rifleman" with Chuck Connors (now deleted), "Dick Diamond" (starring David Janssen), "Doris Day Show", "Car 54", "My favourite Martian" and some very obscure ones like "Sky King" for instance. Some are even converted for the portable devices.
I hope you stay motivated even if people like me don't write often.
Thank you again!

Franco, Deutschland said...

I forgot to ask for a request: Perhaps someone can tell were to download "Madigan" from 1967 and it follow-ups Starring Richard Widmark and Henry Fonda.
Another film I was searching the www. was "M Squad" starring Lee Marvin. It was a serial made for tv late 50's early 60's and was a blueprint for the comedy serial "Police Squad" with Leslie Nielson in the late 70's (I've found that).
Thank you for reading this!

Just me :) said...

What king of links are you talking about,Fred? I dont think I could put any other classic-related blogs links on mine, but maybe in exchange, who knows?

Anonymous said...

avi is great!I'm not interested in the mp4 format; samples are a good idea though -- and I just want to say that I appreciate the effort you're putting into this blog.

Franco, Deutschland said...

If you are writing to me - my name is Franco and not Fred - I#m sorry that I don't understand what you like to know.
I posted only the GUBA-link here to people who are reading the comments. It is not my blog. But maybe you are personally interested in these films- it certainly is your taste I guess.
To find the mentioned films just put "alfred hitchcock" in the search box on the GUBA site and it shows you what items you can download.
I had no intention that you should put that link on your blog.
If you want to do this (for exchange) please get in contact with the right persons because I'm only a plain customer.
Thank you

zlizla said...

Hey, man, i'm with you from the very beginning,remember? Since then, you've improved your site very much. I think it's a great idea to put the files in .3gp, they're really small, it won't take you too much time, and it will make me happy, since i'll be able to watch the movies on my cell phone (i'm spending much time away from my computer, bu the phone is always there). Thank you in advance, cheers, and keep up the good work....

Patty said...

I would love you forever if you would indeed put up your movies in 3gp format as well. I am unforunately not so good with the old computers and have no idea how to do it myself. Thanks either way and thanks for thee greatest site on the internet and I personally don't think that that is an exageration. Thanks again.