Sunday, January 6, 2008

Some announcements/kind requests

I am finally able to use my computer, so there come some new things

1. Movie to be re-uploaded - Dial M for murder - later this week

"SUSPICION" ALREADY RE-UPLOADED!! See more details here
"TROUBLE WITH HARRY" RE-UPLOADED!! See more details here
"DIAL M FOR MURDER" RE-UPLOADED!! See more details here

2. Some new movies to upload - probably one more of Hitchcock Collection and some other classic flix

3. Some small fixes and adjustments - adding subtitles, some screencaps, movie quality details and samples - that`s a lot of work to do, so it may take me a lot of time to do some things, but that is not that important as adding new movies

And now some questions/requests

1. I am looking for some ways to gain more visitors to my blog and was just thinking of some traffic exchange programs or buying some traffic for watching advertisements or something like that...Maybe you know some good ways to improve amount of visitors not by only by adding the address to the signature on some forums or user groups?? I don`t wanna spend any money on that, but some buying some traffic for opening ads mails is not that bad idea? Which site offers best conditions? Or maybe you know someone who could help me with this?

2. When I was creating this blog, my main reason was to give something from me to the community, fom one old movies lover to others.But to be honest, as the upload site is rapidshare, I got some dividends from your downloads, I mean premium points, which keep growing all time and keep me going with my uploads. Big part of you use free services, some use premium accounts, and now that is for this second group - could you please download some files using free services, every free download is a good thing for me, and for you , if you have unshared IP it is not that big problem...

3. I need some help from experienced webmaster with HTML code knowledge, as I`d like to change some things on my blog. i.e to widen the main blog field when all the information is presented, as sometimes, when log links, they dont fit ...and choosing smaler font is not always a solution

4. The last thing - to make New Year even better, I will do my best to upload some files to other mirrors than rapidshare, of course rapidshare is on the first place and each movie will be fully available from RS, but from time to time I will add some extra mirrors, preferably on or, or maybe you got some other suggestions?


Ginny said...

Excellent blog and I look forward to dropping in evertday or 2.I have been looking for: Journey to Shilo,The Devil at 4 o'clock ,and a few other oldies appreciate any links you may have for these.
thankyou and look forward to 2008 oldies.

Winston said...

Hello, nice to see a blog like this, I've just downloaded Psycho from your provided links.
About gaining some visitors and RS points, I have some offers for you, please send an e-mail to my box : dlrapid [at] gmail [dot] com

Also you can visit my website, I'm sure it would be interesting for you, I'm addicted to these oldies too, so take a look at my uploads!

Hundal said...

you r doing a great job

keep doing d gud work

Anonymous said...

Great site, but most of these classics can be found on Retroflix and some other movie sites...

How about a challenge ? :)
What about posting...

"Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" 1962 with Glenn Ford ?

The Enemy General 1960 with Van Johnson ?

Damn curious if you can find those
classics :))

Kind regards,

Anonymous said...

Would you mind if I were to post your links on other sites? Perhaps this might be a way to get more throughput here.


moheffat said...

My dear friend : It is a big work you have done. I wish I can find some Agatha Christie movies on your blog especially " The Mirror Crached (1980).

Anonymous said...

Grand site - keep up the good work.