Sunday, July 20, 2008

Re-uploading some of my links

Ooops, Rapidshare did it again...

I just found links for three of my post dead: Hitchcock`s "Marnie"and "Family Plot" as well as "The Wizard of Oz"

I will be re-uploading them in a couple of days, so stay calm and wait a little time if you are eager to download them :)

I will be also adding missing subtitles and replacing dead subtitles links for both series of Hitchcock Presents

Have a nice weekend :)


1. Re-uploading of these takes me longer than I thought, as my PC crashes from time to time and I spend not so much time on my machine recently, but be sure it will be online ASAP

Wizard of Oz - RE-UPLOADED!!
Marnie - RE-UPLOADED!!
Family Plot - RE-UPLOADED!!

2. Another Bogart classic on the way :)

3. I got one 1-month premium Rapidshare account to give, please leave your comments how to do this, there was once an idea to set a little competiotion, but then I had other things to do, so maybe now?

4. I just added new links to subtitles for AHP season 2 episodes, and all the subtitles for season 1 on the way too, as some of you requested :)

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