Monday, December 22, 2008

And tomorrow

There will be next Christmas movie available to download...

And guys I need you help again, I need depositfiles Gold account for a couple of hours, so please, download this sample file from the last movie, as 5 unique downloads equals 2 hours of premium account on that hoste, and 15 is 6 hours, which should be enough for me :)

PS. Only 1 unique download from IP is counted and only downloads from Russia and USA count, so you dont need to download the file multiple times :), 1 more point needed :) for 2 hours access and 11 more for 6 hours access

1 comment:

pagema said...

Dear friend
Thanks a lot, you don't loose courage. I've downloaded once your sample, I must wait 4 minutes to do it again, and again...

But now, mainly, merry Xmas to you and all yours