Friday, January 9, 2009

And if you wanna help me :)

Some of you my dear visitors, asked in comments if there is any way to help me, some even wanted to give me some donations :):) Of course that is not necessary, but there are 2 things you can do for me :)

1) I need 2 more downloads from USA or Russia (are there any visitors from Russia, haha??) of my files placed on depositfiles, to get 6-hour access to their premium services, as there is some stuff there, that I wanna download, particulary some interesting movies for my PSP

So if your big boss is Uncle Sam, or Uncle Vladimir Putin :D:D, please feel free to download samples of my latest submissions

2) You can also help me by clicking on my screencaps thumbnails, as they are hosted on site that pays for viewing images

3) If anyone of you wants to join quite good hit exchange program, then please you can do that by signing up for easyhits4u, that I use personally. It is not an ad or something, I just use their services to promote my blog on the internet :) you may also add my blog to your advertised sites

Here is the banner to be used for sign-up :), just click it and follow the instructions on the screen, if you got any questions, please feel free to post them in the comments

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4) And the last thing - it would be nice, if someone could help me with making a banner for my site, that i could use to encourage people to visit my blog, preferably 468x60 pixels, leave a message in comments if you can help :)


Sim said...

Your blog gets some decent traffic. I'd say use for your files. It pays double of what DepositFiles pays and it has a Remote Uploading feature.

Sign up

Anonymous said...

How about looking out for "The Man in the Grey Flannel Suit" ? BTW, gret blog, keep up the Great Work !

Anonymous said...

help me, please:

the 7th part of Sunset Boulevard isn't working :( please, can you solve this? :( thanks.

you're blog is awesome :)


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to thank you for your time and effort, its much appreciated and please keep them coming
would you by chance have any of the following ...

The Lavender Hill Mob
The Titfield Thunderbolt
The Ladykillers
Passport to Pimlico
Hue and Cry
Whisky Galore
The Man in the White Suit
Our Man in Havana

WilliamB (Thailand )

Anonymous said...

I would love to see the movie 'Johnny O'Clock' with Dick Powell. Many thanks for all your great posts. Orion

guyfawkes said...

I could help you, my Friend.

But... Perhaps you could help me as well...

You see, I am far long looking for "The Count of Monte Cristo"- 1934 - With Robert Donat.

Any chance you have it/could provide?

I'd appreciate A LOT!

Keep up you great work!

Just me :) said...

Count of Monte Cristo (1934)

Download Links:

Rar Password: maracuya683

Erkie said...

Hi...I have a megaupload subscription that I've had for a couple of years and plan on keeping it as long as I can...Can you explain to me how you could use it? I would love to help this fantastic site if I can...:)
New Mexico, USA

dunfyboy said...
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dunfyboy said...

Is this any good?