Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Poll results

Competition was so close...

And as of today`s morning, the results are (in %):

And in votes:

Shop Around the Corner - 42
The Asphalt Jungle - 32
White Heat - 32
Shenandoah - 31

Movie will appear online in the evening



Kate said...

thanks a lot, you're great!

Anonymous said...

Asfaltową..., masz bez walniętego
od połowy formatu obrazu ???...

Anonymous said...

Great blog, thank you. I like Shenandoh and think asphalt jungle is even better. Is there any chance to upload white heat?
I missed it 2 months ago in tv and the chance to see it there again are very slim. German tv gets worse every year.
I searched for the tv-series "naked city" (1959-63) but could not find it and in Germany you can not buy it on dvd. Do you know the series?