Saturday, August 15, 2009

Another movie posting fever...

You all know what that all is about...

Each day - new movie, starting from Monday

What to expect?

1. Some of Marlene Dietrich, in film-noir climate :D
2. Next from "not-so-well-known" film noirs
3. Another film noir?
4. And one more?
5. Did I mention Fritz Lang and his next film noir?
6. Michael Powell`s war romance
7. And finally...yes you are right, this is really black week of film-noir :), but that last one will have many comedic accents included

I know there are some visitors from Argentina, that want blood, bullets, stagecoaches, Indians, revolvers, I mean westerns, unfortunately, there is no one to be posted very soon, but promise you to post one before end of August :)


Oh, I almost forgot, some time ago I promised you some of late 1920s-early 1930s "pre-code" classics, of course they will be posted, but I am just completing some of them right now, they will appear on site in early September I think


John List said...

It's possible "Wild is the Wind" with Anthony Quin? Great movie.

Spaceman said...

thank you so much, looking forward to download all these movies! film noir is great.

Anonymous said...

sounds like a great choice

Anonymous said...

man (from argentina) : we need westerns pleaseeeeeee!!!!! thankssssssss--- A "gary cooper" MOVIE PLEASEE!!!!!!!!!!

i miss al lot whiskey, blood and bullets....