Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Blog maintenance/reuploads + upload news

1. High quality, standalone DVD players friendly version of Kirk Douglas "Ace in the hole" will be placed on blog in the evening

2. New, better version of Hitchcock "Young and innocent" uploaded to RS, with mirrors, also to be available in the evening

3. Especially for some of blog visitors from Argentina, I will publish new western with James Stewart on Thursday or Friday

4. Some bastards reported RS links for "The wizard of Oz", that is 4th or 5th time... re-uploading is pointless here :(


Anonymous said...

THANKS HOMBREEE!!!!! yes!!! we need James Stewart!!! we love you!!! metot y besos man

M.I.X.E.R. [PL] said...

Few westerns is a good idea, maybe something with John Wayne ;).


BTW: Zastanawiam się ile tu osób z Polski zagląda, bo gdy wszyscy piszą po angielsku to trudno się domyślić ;)