Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Onlyoldmovies bulletin no. 1

This is to get all the "blog-around" things together

1. Almost all movies that were missing from that RS account collapse last year are back online, last two of them "The rules of the game" from Jean Renoir and Elia Kazan's "The tree grows in Brooklyn" will be re-added on today's evening or tomorrow. Still some of these movies need screenshots, as also my image hoster got some "broken drives" issue, but that is secondary issue, that will be resolved when more time is available

2. Later today, I will post my last January update, which will be last of series of musicals. After that next update may be expected on beginning of February, that will be last part of Alfred Hitchcock third season episodes, to close that season. After that you can expect comeback to film-noir genre

3. On last 3 months I've managed to put my hands on much better versions of many previously posted movies, a least 20 of them to be upgraded in incoming months, I prefer quality rather than quantity and if you think the same, you will be satissfied, if not then...think again :)

4. I am still looking for co-operation with someone who would post some of their movies on blog, of course after my approval, that all uploading stuff is real "pain in the ass" so any help is appreciated, if anyone is interested, please leave your suggestions and contact details in comments

5. There are some non-English movies in the queue, which one would you like to be posted... Some of French 1930s flicks, Italian neo-realism, more of Andrzej Wajda movies or maybe some post-war Russian goodies? I think poll would be a nice idea, but if you got your own thoughts, let me know


Lauren said...

I saw that someone else requested more action movies...ever thought of doing the original Inglorious Bastards (US 1981)? I'd be very interested in seeing it, especially with respect to the recent remake, Inglourious Basterds...

Hermanos Makana said...

Post-war Russian goodies! Post-war Russian goodies! Post-war Russian goodies!

Thanks for your work, very appreciated.

dizmack said...

Hello mate! I left a comment once before, but I can't remember where :). I am known in the community as dizmack (d1Zz0), the former admin of the warez board I've closed my board due to an increasingly busy schedule.

I have a good collection of classic movies in my collection (including EVERY available Hitchcock movie). Plus I can get access to almost anything.

I have always been impressed by this blog and your hard work. I would be happy to help you in any way I can.

Shoot me an email at and give me a list of movies you want, need or like and I will email you the links, screens or whatever you need.

delighted to help!