Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Something for film-noir lovers

As many weeks passed from my latest film-noir submission, and also at least a week before posting a new one, I thought it should be something done about that, and I've managed to put my hands on 2 nice music sets, so please enjoy :) (I just hope no one will report theem, so direct links posted)

Murder Is My Beat: Classic Film Noir Themes And Scenes


1. The Asphalt Jungle: Main Title - Miklos Rozsa
2. Key Largo: Main Title (Cast, Key Largo, The Keys, The Bus, Bus Stop)/Moanin' Low - Max Steiner/Claire Trevor
3. The Maltese Falcon: Main Title - Adolph Deutsch
4. Laura: Main Title - David Raksin
5. Murder My Sweet: Main Title/ Marlowe - Roy Webb
6. The Postman Always Rings Twice: Main Title - George Bassman
7. Mildred Pierce: Main Title - Max Steiner
8. The Big Sleep: Main Title (Big Sleep, Walking, Flirtation, Marlowe, Carmen, Sternwood) - Max Steiner
9. The Racket: Main Title - Paul Sawtell/Roy Webb
10. Crossfire: Main Title/Shine - Roy Webb/Ford Dabney
11. Force Of Evil: Bottom Of The World (End Title) - David Raksin
12. The Letter: Main Title (Hammond, Plantation, Native) - Max Steiner
13. Scene Of The Crime: Main Title - Andre Previn
14. Dark Passage: Main Title/End Title (Baila Bailando/Too Marvelous For Words)/Baila Bailando/Too... - Franz Waxman/Rene Touzet/Richard A. Whiting
15. Born To Kill: Main Title/End Title - Roy Webb/Paul Sawtell
16. Macao: Main Title - Anthony Collins
17. High Sierra: Main Title (The Sierras, The Pardon, Pastorale, Street Cleaner)/End Title... - Adolph Deutsch
18. White Heat: Main Title (White Heat, Locomotive)/End Title (Cody/Cody's End) - Max Steiner

Download link: (94 MB to download, 102 MB after extraction, MP3 at 256 Kbps)

Legendary Film Noir Movies


1. Angels With Dirty Faces
2. Roaring Twenties
3. Letter
4. High Sierra
5. Maltese Falcon
6. Shadow of a Doubt
7. Laura
8. Double Indemnity
9. Mildred Pierce
10. Big Sleep
11. Postman Always Rings Twice
12. Killers
13. Dark Passage
14. Brute Force
15. Out of the Past
16. Born to Kill
17. Body and Soul
18. Key Largo
19. Force of Evil
20. Lady from Shanghai
21. Scene of the Crime
22. Third Man
23. White Heat
24. Asphalt Jungle
25. Racket
26. Strangers on a Train
27. Macao
28. Blue Gardenia

Download link:(89 MB to download, 99 MB after extraction, MP3 at 256 Kbps)

Password for both files:


Anna said...

Wow!That is an amazing present!!Thank you!!

Trevor said...

A lot of the tracks have bad sound quality and a lot of hiss which just ruins the experience.

Anonymous said...

It's a very nice selection !
Thank you for this.

koulisb said...

thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

Trevor never knew the excitement of 78 rpm records ! Hisses and blows just like the storm in Key Largo ! Hi-Fi, as we said, did not arrive before the 50's, and yet it was poor at the beginning.

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When I was teen I used to watch this movies, I think that it was the best era of the movies so I have a lot of DVD of these films.very nice the blog.

Sali said...

Please Re- up "Legendary Film Noir Movies" Thanks a lot!

Sali said...

Please Re- up "Legendary Film Noir Movies" thanks a lot!

Sali said...

Please re up "Legendary Film Noir Movies" thanks a lot!