Thursday, February 25, 2010

Onlyoldmovies bulletin no. 3

1. We still got reporters here...First some crazy dude reported episodes 35 to 39 of Alfred Hitchcock Presents third season, when it was still encrypted in DLC files, so re-upload was easy, 2 days after posting it as plain links, they got reported again, this time for good, so re-uploaded

Now, someone reported "Rebel without a cause" and "Mildred Pierce"... As I assume now people will ask for re-uploads again...but when? I dont know...

2. As promised some time ago, some documentaries on film-noir genre will be posted soon, probably around Monday next week

3. Plans for next weeks? New western, some new film-noirs along with documentaries and trailers collections for those who don't know what they are missing, more of Humphrey Bogart and Marlon Brando, also probably a silent movies collection, which would be awesome thing... and just before Easter, some more of Kirk Douglas at his best...and just be patient

4. Also some upgrades to be done...over 20 movies in better versions than already posted waiting in the queue

Oh, and did I mentioned?? Dont report my stuff!!

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concerned said...

First of all - thank you for your many and amazing uploads!

You know, I do not think that actual reporters are at work here, but, imho, 3 seperate mechanisms.

First, there are bots scanning the web for links their client has a copyright on. That's why containers are a good idea, as working against bots is quite a pain.
Second, RS for instance has to allow companies access to abuse files on their own under some jurisdictions (e.g. Germany). They can delete files with names they have copyrights on.
Third, when a file has been reported to a hoster (whichever way), the hoster bars files with the same hash, so reuploading the same files will lead to an automatic redeleting.

I wrote the above because I would like to see you continue posting and not being frustrated. Take care and all the best!