Friday, March 5, 2010

Movies about film-noirs and film-noir trailers - PART 1

Here is the first part of previously promised mini-serie of movies regarding film noir movies as a whole genre. Also first part of best film noir movies trailers for your delight posted below, enjoy!

American Cinema (1995) - Episode 7: Film noir

Originally produced for PBS, the American Cinema series examines what is probably the leading American art form: film. Chock-full of clips from important films, and interviews with the men and women who made them, each episode is an in-depth look at an important facet of the history of American film. This particular episode examines film noir. From the lighting techniques to the actors who uttered so many famous gruff one-liners, the program offers a survey of this important genre. Also discussed are the genre's roots in German Expressionism.

Episode cast:

John Lithgow ... Host
Joe Morton ... Narrator
Kathryn Bigelow ... Herself
Brian De Palma ... Himself
Edward Dmytryk ... Himself
Joseph H. Lewis ... Himself
George Lucas ... Himself
John Milius ... Himself
Abraham Polonsky ... Himself
Sam Raimi ... Himself
Martin Scorsese ... Himself
Steven Spielberg ... Himself


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Film noir trailers: PART 1

Movies included:

- Kiss me deadly
- Mystery street
- Act of violence
- Panic in the streets
- Call Northside 777
- House of Bamboo
- No way out
- Kiss od death
- Asphalt jungle
- Shock corridor
- Dark passage
- Key Largo

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¿Can you upload Dr. Jeckyll (1941) with Spencer Tracy and Ingrid Bergman?
Saludos from Argentina.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me from which movie the scene where Richard Widmark pushes an old lady in a wheelchair down the staris is?

Just me :) said...

It is his debut movie "Kiss of death" :)

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Any chance for other episodes of American Cinema?

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