Thursday, March 18, 2010

We got some serious "reporters" here

I knowthat is not the first time, but now it is starting to really piss me off...

4th season of Alfred Hitchcock Presents reported twice... and it was not posted anywhere else but on the blog only, second re-upload lasted no longer than 3 days if I am not wrong, also some of the episodes from seasons 1-3 were also reported, as of now almost all of them are dead


Charade, Saboteur, The birds and Psycho deleted too, that gives something like 20 GB deleted within couple of hours

If I only knew who is that little prank...


Anonymous said...

Re-upload them please...

Anonymous said...

As I wrote on February 25th here:

"First of all - thank you for your many and amazing uploads!

You know, I do not think that actual reporters are at work here, but, imho, 3 seperate mechanisms.

First, there are bots scanning the web for links their client has a copyright on. That's why containers are a good idea, as working against bots is quite a pain.
Second, RS for instance has to allow companies access to abuse files on their own under some jurisdictions (e.g. Germany). They can delete files with names they have copyrights on.
Third, when a file has been reported to a hoster (whichever way), the hoster bars files with the same hash, so reuploading the same files will lead to an automatic redeleting.

I wrote the above because I would like to see you continue posting and not being frustrated. Take care and all the best!"

dunfyboy said...

As Anon said above, if you reup the same files RS will recognise them and delete the link itself. Don't know how deep the bots look - would it be worth putting the links in the comments?

Anonymous said...

It's really annoying to search and report such old files , some of the movies are really old and i think there are no copyrights for the whole world. (Copyright expires after 50 years i heard).

I cannot understand how this lowlife friend of us can find the real links out of encrypted files and report them.. Anyway that's pathetic and he should get a life or get laid or something :p :p

Madjack said...

I think some people have nothing better to do than search and report copyrighted material. I guess I'm biased as I don't think a copyright should support your family for the rest of their lives.A mechanic doesn't draw a royalty forever on a car he repairs, etc. Only authors, recording artists and song writers are special.

Anonymous said...

Go back to the encrypted links. It is still better to have something to download - even if harder - then having nothing!

cippy said...

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I hope this is helpful to those who do not want JDownloader, but want to open files DLC.

So, maybe, now we have an alternative to JDownloader and we can use your encrypted files.