Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Next movie should be?



As per your votes, the winners are:

1. Murder on the Orient Express with 29.3 % of your votes

2. Rest of "Thin Man" movies with 40 % of your votes

First movie will be posted on Sunday evening and rest of "Thin man" collection beginning from next Sunday


Here is the poll, so please cast your votes, on up to 2 of your favourites, voting period of 7 days, movie will be posted 2 days after voting closure. Thank you

Update 1: as of Saturday afternoon, with 113 votes cast, 2 movies got exactly same amount of popularity at 29,3 % with third at 28.4%, so the competition is very, very close

Update 2: There is another poll regarding which of my "projects" would you like to see after posting the movie from first poll. It will be kind of "posting fever" from the past, but this time it will be 5 movies in a week time, so cast your vote for next 5 days only!!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this great site. I know it isn't on the list but is there any chance you might upload "The Woman in White" (1948)?