Friday, October 12, 2007

The great escape (1963) - Steve McQueen, James Garner, Charles Bronson, Richard Attenborough in a classic war drama directed by John Sturges

Rating 8.4/10
Runtime: 165 min
Language: English/German/French
Country: USA
Directed by: John Sturges
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Steve McQueen ... Capt. Hilts "The Cooler King"
James Garner ... Flight Lt. Hendley "The Scrounger"
Richard Attenborough ... Squadron Leader Roger Bartlett "Big X"
James Donald ... Group Capt. Ramsey "The SBO"
Charles Bronson ... Flight Lt. Danny Velinski "The Tunnel King"
Donald Pleasence ... Flight Lt. Colin Blythe "The Forger"
James Coburn ... Flying Officer Louis Sedgwick "The Manufacturer"

Description: Based on a true story, "The Great Escape" deals with the largest Allied escape attempt from a German POW camp during the Second World War. The first part of the film focuses on the escape efforts within the camp and the process of secretly digging an escape tunnel. The second half of the film deals with the massive effort by the German Gestapo to track down the over 70 escaped prisoners who are at this point throughout the Third Reich attempting to make their way to England and various neutral countries.

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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Hitchcock Collection - I confess (1953) - Montgomery Clift, Anne Baxter

Rating 7.1/10
Runtime: 95 min
Language: English/French
Country: USA
Directed by: Alfred Hitchcock
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Montgomery Clift ... Fr. Michael William Logan
Anne Baxter ... Ruth Grandfort
O.E. Hasse ... Otto Keller
Karl Malden ... Inspector Larrue
Brian Aherne ... Willy Robertson
Roger Dann ... Pierre Grandfort
Dolly Haas ... Alma Keller
Charles Andre ... Fr. Millars

Description: In Quebec City, Father Michael Logan (Montgomery Clift) is accused of killing a well-known lawyer. The priest knows the murderer, but he can't reveal his identity because the man confessed the crime to him in the confessional. The guilty person is Otto Keller (O.E. Hasse), the church sexton, who wore a priest's cassock to commit a robbery that led to the murder. Police inspector Larrue (Karl Malden) narrows his investigation to Logan, who had a motive for committing the crime. The lawyer was blackmailing Ruth Grandfort (Anne Baxter), wife of a prominent politician. He had threatened to make public a suspected liaison she had with Logan after he became a priest. Logan is arrested and tried for murder. The jury acquits him, but doubts remain as to his innocence. Following the trial, a crowd on the street threatens Logan and Ruth. When Logan is physically attacked, Keller's wife Alma (Dolly Haas), tells the crowd that her husband is the real murderer.


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