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Act of violence (1948) - little known film noir from director Fred Zinnemann, starring Van Heflin, Robert Ryan, Janet Leigh and Mary Astor

Rating 7.5/10
Runtime: 82 min
Language: English
Country: USA
Directed by: Fred Zinnemann
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Van Heflin ... Frank R. Enley
Robert Ryan ... Joe Parkson
Janet Leigh ... Edith Enley
Mary Astor ... Pat
Phyllis Thaxter ... Ann Sturges
Berry Kroeger ... Johnny
Taylor Holmes ... Gavery
Harry Antrim ... Fred Finney

Description: Joe Parkson is a disabled war veteran who is out for revenge. The target of his wrath is his former commanding officer, Frank Enley, who he blames for what happened to him. They flew 25 missions together and were shot down, ending up in a German POW camp. As the senior officer in their hut, Enley tried to dissuade the men from trying to escape. They were all starving however and Parkson and the rest of the crew felt they had no choice. Enley made a pact with the devil however and has been haunted with his choices ever since. None of that dissuades Parkson who follows Enley after he goes on the run to Los Angeles. Once there, a distraught and drunken Enley makes yet another deal that he is unable to live with...







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