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Alfred Hitchcock Presents - Season 6, episodes 20-38

Episode 20 - The throwback


Scott Marlowe ... Eliot Gray
Murray Matheson ... Cyril Hardeen
Joyce Meadows ... Enid
Bert Remsen ... Police Lieutenant
Howard McLeod ... Police Sergeant
John Indrisano ... Manservant

Description: When Enid's boyfriend Eliot presses her, she finally admits that she has been seeing another man, Cyril Hardeen. She agrees to break it off with Cyril whom she describes as a older, gentler man who wouldn't harm a flea. When they finally meet, Eliot finds Cyril much as Enid described him. In fact, Cyril describes himself as a throwback - someone who values honor and civility above all else. Cyril also has no intention of giving Enid up and so puts into action a plan to ensure that she will remain his...

Episode 21 - The kiss-off


Rip Torn ... Ernie Walters
Mary Munday ... Florrie
Kenneth Patterson ... District Attorney
Florence MacMichael ... Mrs. Simmons
Harry Swoger ... Taxi Driver
Don Keefer ... Tax Clerk

Description: Ernie Walters has just been released after six years in prison. It was determined that he was falsely convicted of a gas station robbery and now wants to get even with the detective and District Attorney who convicted him. Wearing a disguise, Walters robs the local tax office but drops his hotel room key as he makes his escape. He's quickly re-arrested by the same detective who arrested him six years previously but the witnesses can't quite identify him. Will he get away with it?

Episode 22 - The horse player


Claude Rains ... Father Amion
Ed Gardner ... Sheridan
Percy Helton ... Morton
Mike Ragan ... Mr. Cheever
William Newell ... Second Bank Teller
David Carlile ... First Bank Teller

Description: Father Amian's church isn't in very good shape and needs an expensive new roof. At a mid-week service, a stranger leaves a $10 bill in the collection plate. The stranger becomes a regular attendee and continues to make generous donations. Turns out the stranger, Mr. Sheridan, has taken to praying for winners and since doing so has had nothing but success at the track, winning bet after bet. Sheridan convinces Father Amian to place a bet on a sure thing and Amian regrets his rash act as soon as it's done. Feelings guilty, he prays for the horse not to win, but with a surprising conclusion.

Episode 23 - Incident in the small jail


John Fiedler ... Leon Gorwald
Richard Jaeckel ... The Mechanic
Ronald Nicholas ... Sandy (as Ron Nicholas)
Myron Healey ... Carly
Crahan Denton ... Sheriff
William Challee ... Petrie

Description: Leon Gorwald is a traveling salesman who stops in a small town to buy gas. He crosses the street against the light and a local policeman starts writing him a ticket for jaywalking. Gorwald tries to bribe the officer and is promptly arrested and put in a jail cell awaiting the return of the local judge. In the meantime, the local sheriff has arrested a stranger for murdering a local girl. Things get desperate when a local mob decide to lynch the stranger, but by now he has overpowered the sheriff and forced Gorwald to change clothes. The mob drags Gorwald away but things turn out OK for him, in more ways than one.

Episode 24 - A woman's help


Geraldine Fitzgerald ... Elizabeth Burton
Scott McKay ... Arnold Burton
Antoinette Bower ... Miss Greco
Lillian O'Malley ... Last Nurse
Leon Lontoc ... Chester

Description: Arnold Burton hires a very attractive nurse, Miss Greco, to care for his bedridden and demanding wife, Elizabeth. Over a period of months, Arnold and Miss Greco fall in love and concoct a scheme to slowly poison Elizabeth. She catches them kissing one evening and demands that Miss Greco leave. Realizing that his wife controls all of the money, he reluctantly agrees. Arnold then arranges for his wife to interview three candidates to replaces the now departed nurse and she takes great delight in hiring the eldest, a grandmotherly type. Little does she know that she is the one who is in for the surprise.

Episode 25 - Museum piece


Larry Gates ... Mr. Hollister
Myron McCormick ... Newton B. Clovis
Bert Convy ... Ben Hollister
Edward Platt ... Mr. Henshaw
Tom Gilleran ... Tim McCaffrey

Description: Mr. Hollister now runs a small museum that is actually something of a shrine to his late son, Ben. He tells a visitor that the human skeleton in the museum is actually that of his son. In a flashback he recounts that his son was hunting a fox for his collection of stuffed animals when he comes across Tim McCaffrey, the son of a wealthy and influential rancher. A fight breaks out and Tim is accidentally shot. Despite his protestations that it was all an accident, he is convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment. Once there, he loses all interest in life. But just who is this stranger Mr. Hollister is telling this story to and is he being completely honest?

Episode 26 - Coming, Mama


Eileen Heckart ... Lucy Baldwin
Don DeFore ... Arthur Clark
Madge Kennedy ... Mrs. Baldwin
Jesslyn Fax ... Mrs. Evans
Robert Karnes ... Mr. Simon

Description: Lucy Baldwin rushes home when she hears her mother has taken ill but by the time she arrives, her mother seems fine. It seems that her mother is very possessive and the doctor confirms to Lucy that her mother faked the attack only because she was out with her friend, Arthur. It seems that her mother has done this before and Arthur, who very much wants to marry Lucy, tells her she has only until the next day to choose between him or her mother. Desperate to get out of her predicament Lucy decides to take drastic action, but with unanticipated results.

Episode 27 - Deathmate


Lee Philips ... Ben Conan
Gia Scala ... Lisa Talbot
Russell Collins ... Alvin Moss
Les Tremayne ... Peter Talbot

Description: Ben Conan is a gigolo who has been living off rich women for most of his life. His latest conquest is Lisa Talbot who is unhappily married. Her husband is a penniless brute who has taken control of her fortune and she desperately wants to get away from him. When Conan learns that a private investigator is looking into his past, he thinks it's time for him to move on but Lisa begs him not to go without her. She tells him that her husband is recovering from a heart attack the previous week and if only he would die, they would both be better off, financially and otherwise. Conan decides to take action but too late realizes what is really going on.

Episode 28 - Gratitude


Peter Falk ... Meyer Fine
Paul Hartman ... John
Edmund Hashim ... Masotti
John Dennis ... Dumfee
Bert Remsen ... The Policeman
Karl Lukas ... Otto

Description: Meyer Fine is a casino manager who is so afraid of death that he can't even attend funerals. One evening he expresses concern at the amount of money being lost by a young gambler, who is later found to have committed suicide. When one of Fine's henchmen is killed by fellow mobsters, he becomes convinced that he's next. Terrified at what the future may hold, he begs his butler to help him in the only way he knows how.

Episode 29 - The pearl necklace


Hazel Court ... Charlotte Jameson Rutherford
Ernest Truex ... Howard Rutherford
Jack Cassidy ... Mark Lansing
Michael Burns ... Billy Lansing
David Faulkner ... Older Billy Lansing

Description: Howard Rutherford is a very rich, elderly gentleman. Out of the blue, he proposes to his young secretary, Charlotte Jameson. He tells her that he is not in good health and that she will inherit his entire $11 million fortune. Charlotte initially dismisses the idea but her fiancé, Mark Lansing, thinks that a one year delay is very little to pay given the size of Charlotte's potential inheritance. Charlotte eventually marries Howard, who turns out to be in far better health than he let on. Every year on their wedding anniversary Howard gives her a beautiful pearl to add to her ever-growing collection. When Howard finally dies on their 25th wedding anniversary, Charlotte plans on re-marrying but it's not Mark that she has in mind.

Episode 30 - You can't trust the man


Polly Bergen ... Crystal Coe
Joe Maross ... Tony
Frank Albertson ... George Wyncliff
Walter Kinsella ... Lieutenant
Claire Carleton ... Pauline
Andy Romano ... Gas Station Attendant

Description: Crystal Coe is visited by her husband Tony, who has just been released after seven years in prison. Tony resents that he went to jail for a theft Crystal committed and threatens to ruin her reputation since she re-married without ever divorcing him. Crystal has changed her name and has become a successful singer and wants nothing to do with him. She kills Tony and tells the police she has no idea who he is and is just a deranged fan who kidnapped her. The police believe her but also tell her about the inheritance the dead man's wife will get.

Episode 31 - The gloating place


Susan Harrison ... Susan Harper
Hank Brandt ... Police Investigator
Erin O'Brien-Moore ... Mrs. Linda Harper
King Calder ... Mr. Harper
Marta Kristen ... Marjorie Stone
Tom Gilleran ... Tom

Description: Susan Harper is an unhappy high schooler who falsely reports an attack in the park in order to get attention and make herself more important than she is. The press get hold of the story and Susan is more than happy to oblige with an ever expanding tale. When the press seem to be losing interest, Susan goes to extraordinary lengths to keep the "park prowler" story alive, with tragic results.

Episode 32 - Self defense


George Nader ... Gerald R. Clarke
Audrey Totter ... Mrs. Philips
Steve Gravers ... Lt. Schwartz
David Carlile ... Sgt. Krebs
Jesslyn Fax ... Mrs. Gruber
Selmer Jackson ... Clergyman

Description: Gerald Clarke interrupts a robbery when he stops at a liquor store while en route to a friends house to play cards. He's quite terrified when the young hoodlum pokes the gun in his back but recovers and shoots the robber with the liquor store owner's gun. He subsequently learns that that the robber's gun wasn't loaded and tries to make amends for what he has done by paying part of the boy's funeral. When Gerald is visited by the boy's mother, tragedy results.

Episode 33 - A secret life


Ronald Howard ... James Howgill
Mary Murphy ... Estelle
Patricia Donahue ... Marjorie Howgill
Arte Johnson ... Mr. Bates
Addison Richards ... Mr. Johnson
Florence MacMichael ... Mrs. Hackett

Description: James Howgill is bored with his life and his marriage and announces to his wife that he is leaving her. She tells him to do what he likes but that she will never grant him a divorce. In time, he takes up with an attractive young woman and decides to try to force the divorce issue with his wife. His lawyer however informs him that he has no grounds for a divorce and suggests that he hire a private detective to see if his wife may have taken up with another man. He agrees but is quite sure that it is not in his wife's character to carry on. Needless to say, he is astounded when the detective reports that his wife is dating and that a man has spent the night in their house. Howgill begins to see his wife in a new light and decides he wants her back. But just who is this woman that he has returned to?

Episode 34 - Servant problem


Jo Van Fleet ... Molly
John Emery ... Kerwin Drake
Kathryn Givney ... Mrs. Colton
Grandon Rhodes ... Harold Standish
Alice Frost ... Lydia Standish
Bartlett Robinson ... George Colton

Description: Kerwin Drake is flabbergasted when his wife Molly lands on his doorstep. He had walked out on her some 22 years before and when he tried to locate her some years later to get a divorce, he couldn't find her. Drake is now a successful author and wants nothing to do with her. That same evening he's expecting a group friends for drinks and he agrees to let Molly spend the night, provided she agrees not to leave the guest room. Molly can't resist making an appearance and Drake introduces her as his cook. After his guests leaves he throws her out but she warns him that he had better visit the next evening. He's ready to buy her off, but Molly doesn't want anything to do with it. Drake's solution however doesn't quite work out.

Episode 35 - Coming home


Crahan Denton ... Harry Beggs
Jeanette Nolan ... Edith Beggs
Susan Silo ... Angela
Robert Carson ... Warden
Kreg Martin ... Bartender

Description: Harry Beggs is released from prison after serving his 20 year sentence. He's actually a reformed man, having learned a trade and having saved every cent of his minimal prison pay. He hasn't seen his family for many years and he and his wife used to always fight about money so he very much wants to show her the money he's accumulated. When the time comes to visit her, he can't quite bring himself to do it and goes to one of his old haunts for a drink. Having had a bit too much to drink, he wakes up to find that he's been rolled by a pretty girl with whom he had struck up a conversation. He does eventually work up the nerve to see his wife and explain to her what has happened but he is also in for a severe shock.

Episode 36 - Final arrangements


Martin Balsam ... Leonard Thompson
Vivian Nathan ... Elsie Thompson
O.Z. Whitehead ... Simms
Slim Pickens ... Bradshaw
Bartlett Robinson ... Dr. Maxwell

Description: Leonard Thompson is not a very happy man. He's married to a shrewish, bedridden wife who blames him for her condition. She's constantly demanding that he ask for a raise and spend more money on her. Leonard decides to do something about his situation. He visits a funeral director and pre-purchases the most expensive funeral available. He then goes to a pharmacy and purchases poison, insisting that he needs something painless. Then at the appointed time, he confronts his wife, one last time.

Episode 37 - Make my death bed


Diana Van der Vlis ... Elise Taylor
James Best ... Bish Darby
Jocelyn Brando ... Della Hudson
Biff Elliot ... Dr. Bob Hudson
Alexander Lockwood ... Police Officer
Joe Flynn ... Ken Taylor

Description: Bish Darby and his wife Jackie are new in town and become fast friends with Ken and Elise Taylor. Jackie is always after Bish to watch his diet and cut down on his intake of sugar. Bish and Elise become a bit more than friends and start having an affair. Both of their respective spouses think something is going on and when Ken walks in on them one he evening he shoots Biff, killing him. When they relay the news to Jackie however, her reaction is not quite what they expected. There is also something of a surprise for Elise.

Episode 38 - Ambition


Leslie Nielsen ... Rudy Cox
Harold J. Stone ... Mac Davis
Ann Robinson ... Helen Cox
Bernard Kates ... Lou Heinz
Harry Landers ... Ernie Stillinger
Charles Arnt ... Mayor

Description: Ambitious District Attorney Rudy Cox is under pressure to combat organized crime, especially mob kingpin, Mac Davis. Cox may finally have the evidence he needs in the form of the mob's onetime bookkeeper. Problem is, Davis saved Cox's life while they were in the army together. Davis visits him one evening to let him know that he giving up control of the organization. When the bookkeeper is murdered, Cox turns out to be Davis's alibi.

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