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Nightfall (1956) - another lesser known film noir from director Jacques Tourneur, starring Aldo Ray, Brian Keith and Anne Bancroft

Rating 7.2/10
Runtime: 78 min
Language: English
Country: USA
Directed by: Jacques Tourneur
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Aldo Ray ... James Vanning
Brian Keith ... John
Anne Bancroft ... Marie Gardner
Jocelyn Brando ... Laura Fraser
James Gregory ... Ben Fraser
Frank Albertson ... Dr. Edward Gurston
Rudy Bond ... Red

Description: The artist James "Jim" Vanning meets the model Marie Gardner in a bar and they have dinner together. When they leave the restaurant, Marie gives her address but the gangsters John and Red abduct Jim and Marie goes home. They want information about a wallet with US$ 350,000 and Jim tells that he does not know where it is. They torture Jim, but he escapes and drives to Marie's apartment. He tells that she is in danger and he explains that he was camping in the snow in Moose with his friend Dr. Edward Gurston when they see a car driving off the road. They go to the spot to help the victims but they are subdued by John and Red that kills the doctor and shots him. The criminals believe they are both dead and Red mistakenly takes the doctor's wallet leaving the money behind. When Jim awakes, he flees with the wallet with money but looses it in the snow. Now the criminals are hunting him down while he is also wanted by the police. Meanwhile the insurance investigator Ben Fraser is also on the track of Jim and curious with his behavior without spending the stolen money and having a simple life. Will Jim prove his innocence?







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