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Alfred Hitchcock Presents - Season 6, episodes 1-19

Episode 1 - Mrs. Bixby and the colonel's coat


Audrey Meadows ... Mrs. Bixby
Les Tremayne ... Dr. Fred Bixby
Stephen Chase ... The Colonel
Sally Hughes ... Miss Putney
Howard Caine ... Pawnbroker Employee
Maidie Norman ... Eloise

Description: Twice a month, Mrs. Bixby travels to Baltimore to visit an elderly aunt, her only living relative. Or so she tells her dentist husband. In fact, she visits the Colonel, her rich lover. Before returning home, he gives her a gift of a fur coat - along with a letter saying that they won't be seeing each other anymore. Mrs. Bixby decides to pawn the coat but her elaborate scheme to explain the coat to her husband doesn't quite go as planned...

Episode 2 - The doubtful doctor


Dick York ... Ralph Jones
Gena Rowlands ... Lucille Jones
John Zaremba ... Psychiatrist
Michael Burns ... Sidney
Joseph Julian ... Mr. Treadwell

Description: Ralph Jones visits his doctor with a strange tale of an event that has affected him greatly. After having an argument with his wife he awakens to find himself having apparently gone back in time almost two years. He's back living in his old apartment, has no money and no one knows him, least of all his future wife. He realizes what life would be like if the future he knows doesn't come to pass. The doctor assures him that this type of mental break is not uncommon and can be brought on by stress. He assures Ralph that this was just a mental breakdown. But Ralph has one bit of evidence that even the good doctor can't quite explain...

Episode 3 - A very moral theft


Betty Field ... Helen
Walter Matthau ... Harry Wade
Karl Swenson ... John
Sal Ponti ... Carl
David Fresco ... Mr. Parker
Rusty Lane ... Mr. Ivers

Description: Helen's brother John informs her that he is soon to be married and they'll have to decide what to do about the house they share. Helen is quite attracted to Harry Wade, the owner of a lumber yard who has fallen on hard times after one of his customers goes bankrupt. Helen decides to help Harry out with an $8,000 "loan" after he assures her that he can repay her within 48 hours. When things don't work out as planned, Harry has a decision to make...

Episode 4 - The contest for Aaron Gold


Barry Gordon ... Aaron Gold
Sydney Pollack ... Bernie Samuelson
Frank Maxwell ... Mr. Stern
William Thourlby ... Lefty James
John Craven ... Herbert Gold

Description: Bernie Samuelson is a ceramic arts teacher at a children's summer camp. From the very first day, he notices that young Aaron Gold has a real talent for sculpture. Aaron much prefers ceramics to swimming classes but when the camp Director criticizes Bernie for Aaron's lateness at swimming, Bernie promises not to hold him back. After a few weeks though, Bernie lets Aaron skip swimming and then learns that Aaron is has yet to complete any of the camp activities. As parents' day approaches, the Director flies into a rage when he realizes Aaron has yet to complete his sculpture. When Aaron's Dad shows up, things become a little clearer.

Episode 5 - The five-forty-eight


Phyllis Thaxter ... Miss Dent
Zachary Scott ... Mr. Blake
Irene Windust ... Mrs. Compton
Raymond Bailey ... Mr. Watkins
Penny Edwards ... Miss Smith

Description: Mr. Blake commutes to work by train and is followed by a Miss Dent who is obviously desperate to speak to him. She sits next to him on the train and threatens to kill him if he doesn't listen to her. She has been hospitalized for eight months after suffering a mental breakdown. It seems she once worked as his secretary but lived a very lonely life with few friends. After spending the night together however, Blake has her fired and she is clearly intent on revenge.

Episode 6 - Pen pal


Katherine Squire ... Miss Lowen
Clu Gulager ... Rod Collins
Stanley Adams ... Detective Berger
Ray Montgomery ... Doctor

Description: Miss Lowen receives a visit from the police to warn her that her niece, who is an orphan and has lived with her for nine years, has been corresponding with Rod Collins, a lifer at the State Penitentiary. It would appear that her niece got in touch with him through a pen pal club. The officer warns her that Collins has broken out of jail and may be coming her way. Fortunately, her niece is out of town visiting friends, and when Collins shows up, she is left with no choice but to call the police. Collins is recaptured, but what does she tell her niece?

Episode 7 - Outlaw in town


Ricardo Montalban ... Tony Lorca
Constance Ford ... Shasta Cooney
Arch Johnson ... Bart McCormick
Bernard Kates ... Little Man
Addison Richards ... Judge
Roscoe Ates ... Zack Martin

Description: Tony Lorca arrives in a small town in the middle of a blizzard to a less than pleasant reception in the local saloon. One of the locals says he's seen him before but leaves the saloon before trouble starts. Lorca loses his gun in a poker game at which point the same local returns with a sheriff's poster: Lorca is a wanted man with a $5000 reward on his head. Seeing no way out, Lorca auctions himself to the highest bidder, offering to turn himself in without a fuss. His plan is to spend the money and have a good time before he meets the hangman. Turns out he killed the saloon girl's husband some time ago and she has something else in mind. But is Lorca really who he says he is?

Episode 8 - O youth and beauty!


Gary Merrill ... Cash Bentley
Patricia Breslin ... Louise Bentley
David Lewis ... Jim
Theodore Newton ... Physician
Maurice Manson ... Archie

Description: Cash Bentley is having a hard time coping with middle age. A one time champion hurdler, he now drinks a bit too much and doesn't quite earn enough money to pay for the lifestyle he would like to provide for his family, such as a membership at the local country club. Despondent he decides to try one last "race"...

Episode 9 - The money


Robert Loggia ... Larry Chetnick
Doris Dowling ... Angie
Will Kuluva ... Stefan Bregornick
Wolfe Barzell ... Miklosh

Description: Larry Chetnick and his girlfriend Angie are always bickering about money. She wants more of it and he assures her that he has plans to get a job with a better future. Larry visits his father's one-time friend Mr. Bregornick hoping to land a job. Bregornick does offer him a job and tells Larry to come to his home that evening, since that's where he conducts most of his business. After several months of doing this, Larry decides that the best way to get money will be to steal it from Bregornick.

Episode 10 - Sybilla


Barbara Bel Geddes ... Sybilla Meade
Alexander Scourby ... Horace Meade
Bartlett Robinson ... Lawyer
Madge Kennedy ... Mrs. Carter
Gordon Wynn ... The Doctor

Description: Horace and Sybilla Meade return home after their wedding. Sybilla is a very un-demanding wife and agrees to all of her husband's requests. Horace is a bit of an odd duck and very set in his ways. Meals must be served at specific times and Sybilla must never enter his study. She never gets upset or raises her voice and is always accommodating. Over time, Horace comes to distrust her, to the point where he even tries to kill her. He changes his attitude when she tells him of a plot in a murder mystery she is reading and realizes that he may be in trouble. Unfortunately for Horace, he realizes far too late just how much he really loves her.

Episode 11 - The man with two faces


Spring Byington ... Alice Wagner
Stephen Dunne ... Lt. Meade
Bethel Leslie ... Mabel
Harp McGuire ... Leo
Adrienne Marden ... Mildred

Description: On her way home from an outing with a friend, Alice Wagner is mugged and has her purse stolen. She got a good look at her attacker and, being a good citizen, reports the incident to the police in the hopes that they might prevent him from striking again. Looking at mugshots, however, she sees a photo of someone who resembles her son-in-law, Leo. She returns to the police where she learns the man in the mug book is wanted for a variety of theft-related charges. But is it her son-in-law?

Episode 12 - The baby-blue expression


Sarah Marshall ... Mrs. Barrett
Peter Walker ... Philip Weaver
Richard Gaines ... James Barrett
Lennie Weinrib ... Harry
Edit Angold ... Helen

Description: A beautiful young blonde married to a much older man is mistress to one of his office co-workers. The boyfriend is captivated by Poopsie's "baby-blue expression," but stretched by her expensive tastes, so he plots to kill the husband, with just a little of her help.

Episode 13 - The man who found the money


Arthur Hill ... William Benson
Rod Cameron ... Mr. Newsome
R.G. Armstrong ... Captain Bone
Lucy Prentis ... Elaine Purdy
Clancy Cooper ... A.J. Meecham
Baynes Barron ... Mr. Lent

Description: In a Las Vegas casino parking lot, William Benson stumbles across a money clip containing $92,000. Benson decides to do the right thing and try to find the owner. He advises the police of what he's found and places an ad in a local paper. The police are already aware of the loss, but the amount lost was reported as $102,000. The owner claims the money and offers Benson and his wife a week's free stay at the hotel he owns. He seems unconcerned about the missing $10,000, so Benson has nothing to worry about. Or does he?

Episode 14 - The changing heart


Nicholas Pryor ... Dane Ross
Anne Helm ... Lisa Klemm
Abraham Sofaer ... Ulrich Klemm
Robert Sampson ... Jack
Baruch Lumet ... Concertina Player

Description: Looking to have an old pocket watch repaired, Dane Ross stops in at Ulrich Klemm's shop. He's amazed by the old man's tales of the special clocks he has built over the years with moving parts such as marching soldiers and flying birds. They strike up a friendship and Dane is asked to stay for dinner which he gladly accepts, especially after he meets Ulrich's pretty granddaughter, Lisa. Over time, Dane and Lisa fall in love but theirs is a secret romance as Lisa says she can never leave as long as her grandfather is alive. Dane has to relocate to another city and after a three month absence, visits the old man's shop only to find him dead. Only then does he realize the extent of the secret the Klemms shared.

Episode 15 - Summer shade


Julie Adams ... Phyllis Kendall
James Franciscus ... Ben Kendall
John Hoyt ... Reverend
Charity Grace ... Amelia Gastell
Stuart Nedd ... The Doctor
Veronica Cartwright ... Judy Davidson

Description: The Kendalls move into their new home in a rural area of Massachusetts and are concerned that their 9-year old daughter Kate won't make any friends until school starts in a few weeks. They're quite pleased when she tells them she's met Lettie another girl her age. They worry however when despite repeated attempts, they never seem to meet Lettie and think that Kate's playmate may be imaginary. The lady from whom they bought the house and who babysits from time to time finds a solution for them in the form of Judy, a 9 year old girl who also needs a playmate. A solution that pleases everyone, even if the girl's parents don't quite realize what has happened.

Episode 16 - A crime for mothers


Claire Trevor ... Mrs. Meade
Biff Elliot ... Phil Ames
Patricia Smith ... Jane Birdwell
Howard McNear ... Mr. Maxwell
Robert Sampson ... Ralph Birdwell
King Calder ... Charlie Vance

Description: Jane and Ralph Birdwell get an unexpected and unwelcome visit from Mrs. Meade, their foster daughter's biological mother. It's been seven years since they took responsibility for the girl, but an adoption was never formalized as Mrs. Meade had simply disappeared. Meade now wants money from the Birdwells and threatens to sue to get her daughter back. A private detective suggests that Mrs. Meade just take her daughter and demand $25,000 from the Birdwells to give her back. She agrees but things don't quite go as the planned.

Episode 17 - The last escape


Keenan Wynn ... Joe Ferlini
Jan Sterling ... Wanda Ferlini
Dennis Patrick ... Harry Miller
John Craven ... Tommy
Jack Livesey ... Psychiatrist
Ronnie Rondell Jr. ... Dave Brooks
Charles Meredith ... Reverend

Description: Joe Ferlini is a Houdini-like escape artist who performs in nightclubs. He claims to be the fastest at getting out of a straight jacket but wants to make a bigger splash. He proposes to have himself handcuffed, tied with a rope, locked into a trunk and dumped into a nearby river. His promoter agrees but his wife Wanda and her lover Tommy arrange for the inevitable. When a coroner's demands to examine Ferlini's body, it seems he may have made the greatest escape of all!

Episode 18 - The greatest monster of them all


William Redfield ... Fred Logan
Richard Hale ... Ernst von Croft
Sam Jaffe ... Hal Ballew
Robert H. Harris ... Morty Lenton
Meri Welles ... Lara Lee
Charles Carlson ... Office Boy
Baruch Lumet ... Man on Stairs

Description: Hal is a producer of cheap horror films. He decides to cast has-been actor Ernst von Croft in his next movie, a cheap vampire film for the teenage market. von Croft was once billed as the Greatest Monster of them All and sees this as his great comeback, but when he sees the final product, he's the one who's horrified.

Episode 19 - The landlady


Dean Stockwell ... Billy Weaver
Patricia Collinge ... The Landlady
Laurie Main ... Wilkins
George Pelling ... Bert
Barry Harvey ... Tom

Description: Billy Weaver has just relocated to a small English village to take up a new appointment. Strangers arouse suspicion in the village at the best of times but all the more so now due to a rash of burglaries. Billy however sees an advert in a window for a room to let and finds that his prospective landlady to be quite pleasant, offering a nice room at a very reasonable price. He is perplexed however when she later mentions that two other gentlemen are also staying in the house. He has never seen nor heard of them before, so just who are these two men?

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