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Boris Karloff's Thriller - season 2, episodes 1-8

Episode 1 - What beckoning ghost?


Boris Karloff ... Himself
Judith Evelyn ... Mildred Adler Beaumont
Tom Helmore ... Eric Beaumont
Adele Mara ... Lydia Adler
Frank Wilcox ... The Detective

Description: When a concert pianist envisions her own coffin in her drawing room, she doubts her sanity. No one else sees it or hears a phantom organ's funeral music in the isolated, haunted mansion. Wealthy, but plain Mildred's been housebound with a weak heart, tended by her sensual sister and ne'er-do-well husband, who Mildred dangles on a short financial leash.

Episode 2 - Guillotine


Boris Karloff ... Himself
Robert Middleton ... Monsieur de Paris
Danielle De Metz ... Babette Lamont
Alejandro Rey ... Robert Lamont
Gregory Morton ... The Prison Director
Marcel Hillaire ... The Barber, M. Guillaume
Gaylord Cavallaro ... The Cabbie, Francois Trintineaux
Janine Grandel ... Madame LeClerc

Description: France, 1875. A condemned man learns of a legal loophole that he would be pardoned if the executioner dies before his execution. He then enlists his wife in a scheme to make sure that this improbable scenario comes to pass.

Episode 3 - The premature burial


Boris Karloff ... Himself
Sidney Blackmer ... Edward Stapleton
Scott Marlowe ... Julian Boucher
Patricia Medina ... Victorine Lafourcade
William D. Gordon ... Doctor March
Richard Flato ... The Friar
Lillian O'Malley ... The Housekeeper
J. Pat O'Malley ... The Butler

Description: An aging millionaire survives being buried alive, but his devilish fiancée plans to take advantage of his next cataleptic seizure, by marrying him and then making sure he stays in his grave. Then the gorgeous Victorine will inherit his estate, and run off with her young lover, a painter. But the cataleptic millionaire and his loyal physician Dr. Thorn take every possible measure to allow him to survive another mistaken entombment.

Episode 4 - The weird tailor


Boris Karloff ... Himself
Henry Jones ... Erik Borg
George Macready ... Mr. Smith
Abraham Sofaer ... Nicolai
Stanley Adams ... Mr. Schwenk
Sondra Blake ... Anna Borg
Iphigenie Castiglioni ... Madame Roberti

Description: When a scholar, Mr. Smith, inadvertently kills his son Arthur during a mystic magic ritual, he tries to make amends by turning to black magic to resurrect his child. Smith designs a unique suit of unearthly material, and hires a financially-stricken tailor to make it to the unique specifications. Meanwhile, the tailor's abused wife turns to a damaged mannequin for solace.

Episode 5 - God grante that she lye stille


Boris Karloff ... Himself
Ronald Howard ... Dr. Edward Stone
Sarah Marshall ... Lady Margaret Clewer / Elspeth Clewer
Henry Daniell ... Vicar John Weatherford
Avis Scott ... Nurse Emmons
Madeleine Taylor Holmes ... Sarah
Victor Buono ... Dr. Van de Velde

Description: In 1661 Elspeth Clewer is burned as a witch, cursing her family with her dying breath. Three hundred years to the day afterward, Lady Margaret Clewer returns to her ancestral home to claim her inheritance and finds the ghost of Elspeth trying to seize her body so she can walk the Earth once more.

Episode 6 - Masquerade


Boris Karloff ... Himself
Elizabeth Montgomery ... Rosamond Denham
Tom Poston ... Charlie Denham
John Carradine ... Jed Carta
Jack Lambert ... Lem Carta
Dorothy Neumann ... Ruthie Carta

Description: A family of cannibalistic thieves menace a young couple, but the husband laughs off their scary Southern hotel as a joke. The lovebirds became lost on a second honeymoon and sought shelter in the spooky Baits Hotel, but were quickly locked in by the Carta Family. The gorgeous wife Rosalynn is appalled to find the Cartas have a private jail cell, containing haggard female relative Ruth Carta, who pleads for the young woman to release her.

Episode 7 - The last of the Sommervilles


Boris Karloff ... Himself / Dr. Albert Farnham
Phyllis Thaxter ... Ursula Sommerville
Martita Hunt ... Celia Sommerville
Chet Stratton ... Harvey Parchester
Peter Walker ... Rutherford Sommerville

Description: Dragging a murder victim to burial is just one chore a servant undertakes to become the last Sommerville standing, to win a wealthy old woman's inheritance. As a distant relative, Ursula steps up her elimination contest when a closer, desperate Sommerville arrives to drain off some of his aunt's estate for a business bailout.

Episode 8 - Letter to a lover


Boris Karloff ... Himself
Ann Todd ... Sylvia Lawrence
Murray Matheson ... Andrew Lawrence
Felix Deebank ... Donald Carver
Avis Scott ... Estelle Weber
Jack Greening ... Inspector Rogers
Richard Peel ... Sergeant Lathrop
Brendan Dillon ... Coggins

Description: After the murder of a London doctor, emotionally disturbed Sylvia Lawrence secretly sends a letter to her ex-lover Donald revealing that her husband Andrew is holding her a virtual prisoner at their remote vacation home; Andrew claims to be protecting her but what is he really hiding? And why is he being blackmailed by the late doctor's nurse?

Extras for episodes from this post (promos not included in my source):

2x01 - What beckoning ghost? (Isolated music score by Jerry Goldsmith)
2x02 - Guillotine (Isolated music score by Jerry Goldsmith)
2x03 - The Premature burial (Audio commentary by Ernest Dickerson, Tim Lucas and David Schow, Isolated music score by Morton Stevens)
2x04 - The weird tailor (Audio commentary by Daniel Benton and Gary Gerani, Isolated music score by Jerry Goldsmith)
2x05 - God grante that she lye stille (Isolated music score by Jerry Goldsmith)
2x06 - Masquerade (Isolated music score by Jerry Goldsmith)
2x07 - The last of the Somervilles (Isolated music score by Jerry Goldsmith)
2x08 - Letter to a lover (Isolated music score by Morton Stevens)

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