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Boris Karloff's Thriller - season 1, episodes 28-37

Episode 28 - Yours truly, Jack the Ripper


Boris Karloff ... Himself - Host
John Williams ... Sir Guy
Donald Woods ... Dr. John Carmody
Edmon Ryan ... Capt. Pete Jago
Ottola Nesmith ... Rowena
Adam Williams ... Hymie Kralik
Nancy Valentine ... Arlene
Ransom M. Sherman ... Police Commissioner

Description: 70 years after the Jack the Ripper killings in London, Sir Guy (John Williams) convinces the police that Jack may still be alive, eternally young, and still killing, currently in New York.

Episode 29 - The devil's ticket


Boris Karloff ... Himself
Macdonald Carey ... Hector Vane
Patricia Medina ... Nadja
Joan Tetzel ... Marie Vane
John Emery ... The Pawnbroker
Robert Cornthwaite ... Dr. Spengler
Hayden Rorke ... Mr. Frank

Description: A artist "pawns" his soul to the devil and must retrieve it by painting a portrait of another person whose soul will be exchanged for his.

Episode 30 - Parasite mansion


Boris Karloff ... Himself
Pippa Scott ... Marcia Elizabeth Hunter
Jeanette Nolan ... Granny Harrod
James Griffith ... Victor Harrod
Tom Nolan ... Rennie Harrod
Beverly Washburn ... Lollie Harrod

Description: A young woman is held captive in a mansion by a family of recluses hiding a supernatural secret.

Episode 31 - A good imagination


Boris Karloff ... Himself
Edward Andrews ... Frank Logan
Patricia Barry ... Louise Chase Logan
Ed Nelson ... George Parker
William Allyn ... Randy Hagen
Ken Lynch ... Joe Thorp
Britt Lomond ... Arnold Chase

Description: Bookstore owner Frank Logan has a problem with his wife, Louise, and her numerous marital flings. Fortunately, Frank believes he's found the perfect solution to his problem. His beloved collection of books give him ideas on how to take care of Louise and her paramours for good.

Episode 32 - Mr. George


Boris Karloff ... Himself - Host
Virginia Gregg ... Edna Leggett
Howard Freeman ... Jared Leggett
Lillian Bronson ... Adelaide Leggett
Gina Gillespie ... Priscilla
Joan Tompkins ... Laura Craig

Description: Priscilla, a young girl, lives with her scheming relatives who are trying to get hold of her inheritance... and a ghostly protector, Mr. George.

Episode 33 - The terror in Teakwood


Guy Rolfe ... Vladimir Vicek
Hazel Court ... Leonie Vicek
Charles Aidman ... Jerry Welch
Vladimir Sokoloff ... Papa Glockstein
Reggie Nalder ... Gafke
Linda Watkins ... Sylvia Slattery
Bernard Fein ... Stage Manager

Description: Erratic, talented pianist Vladimir Vicek cuts short his honeymoon with his beautiful wife Leonie in order to attend the funeral of arch-rival Carnowitz He bribes a caretaker to gain access to the dead man's crypt and desecrates the corpse. His obsession so alienates his wife that she takes on a lover who subsequently insinuates himself into Vicek's employ as a manager. When the pianist's upcoming concert program is announced, it includes a Carnowitz sonata, spitefully written by the late composer exclusively for his over-sized hands, a composition no one believes Vicek is physically able to play. Just before the concert, the graveyard caretaker appears and attempts to blackmail Vicek.

Episode 34 - The prisoner in the mirror


Boris Karloff ... Himself
Lloyd Bochner ... Prof. Harry Langham
Henry Daniell ... Count Alexander Cagliostro
Marion Ross ... Kay Forrest
Jack Mullaney ... Fred Forrest
Patricia Michon ... Yvette Dulaine
David Frankham ... Marquis Robert de Chantenay
Peter Brocco ... Prof. Thibault

Description: A professor studying the depraved sorcerer Count Cagliostro, brings to the U.S. the mirror which was instrumental in the Count's murder spree. The looking glass was blacked over to entrap Cagliostro, but Prof. Harry Langton, obsessed with the magician's secrets, scrapes off the paint and installs the mirror in his residence.

Episode 35 - Dark legacy


Boris Karloff ... Himself
Harry Townes ... Mario Asparos / Radan Asparos
Ilka Windish ... Monika Asparos
Henry Silva ... Toby Wolfe
Alan Napier ... Attorney Pinchot
Richard Hale ... Lars Eisenhart
Doris Lloyd ... Mrs. Edith Pringle

Description: A second-rate nightclub magician inherits a genuine book of sorcery from his occultist uncle. He uses it to summon a demon to create impossible magic feats for his act but there is a price to pay.

Episode 36 - Pigeons from hell


Boris Karloff ... Himself
Brandon De Wilde ... Timothy Branner
Crahan Denton ... Sheriff Buckner
Ken Renard ... Jacob Blount
David Whorf ... Johnny Branner
Guy Wilkerson ... Howard
Ottola Nesmith ... The Zuvembie, Eula Lee Blassenville

Description: Two stranded motorists and a local sheriff battle evil forces that inhabit a run-down, abandoned mansion in the middle of a swamp in the middle of nowhere.

Episode 37 - The grim Reaper


Boris Karloff ... Himself
William Shatner ... Paul Graves
Natalie Schafer ... Beatrice Graves
Henry Daniell ... Pierre Radin
Elizabeth Allen ... Dorothy Lyndon
Scott Merrill ... Gerald Keller
Fifi D'Orsay ... Toinette
Paul Newlan ... Sgt. Bernstein

Description: Celebrity author Beatrice Graves purchases a cursed painting of the Grim Reaper; her nephew Paul warns her that most of its previous owners have died violently but she scoffs - until blood appears on the Reaper's blade.

Extras for episodes from this post (promos not included in my source):

1x28 - Yours truly, Jack the Ripper (Audio Commentary by Alan Brennert and David Schow, Isolated Music Score by Jerry Goldsmith)
1x29 - The devil’s ticket (Episode Promo)
1x30 - Parasite Mansion (Audio Commentary by Steve Mitchell and Beverly Washburn, Isolated Music Score by Morton Stevens)
1x31 - A good imagination (Isolated Music Score by Morton Stevens)
1x32 - Mr. George (Audio Commentary by Lucy Chase Williams and Gary Gerani, Isolated Music Score by Jerry Goldsmith)
1x33 - The terror in Teakwood (Audio Commentary by Jon Burlingame and Steve Mitchell, Isolated Music Score by Jerry Goldsmith)
1x34 - The prisoner in the mirror (Isolated Music Score by Morton Stevens)
1x35 - Dark legacy (Isolated Music Score by Jerry Goldsmith)
1x36 - Pigeons from hell (Audio Commentary by Gary Gerani)
1x37 - The grim Reaper (Audio Commentary by Ernest Dickerson, Gary Gerani, Tim Lucas and David Schow, Isolated Music Score by Jerry Goldsmith, Episode Promo)

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The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1939) - Charles Laughton as Quasimodo in adaptation of classic novel from Victor Hugo

Rating 7.9/10
Runtime: 117 min
Language: English
Country: USA
Directed by: William Dieterle
IMDb Link:


Charles Laughton ... The Hunchback/Quasimodo
Cedric Hardwicke ... Frollo
Thomas Mitchell ... Clopin
Maureen O'Hara ... Esmeralda
Edmond O'Brien ... Gringoire
Alan Marshal ... Phoebus
Walter Hampden ... Archdeacon
Harry Davenport ... King Louis XI
Katharine Alexander ... Madame de Lys
George Zucco ... Procurator

Description: King Louis XI is a wise and old king and Frollo is the Chief Justice. Frollo gazes on the gypsy girl, Esmeralda, in the church during Fool's Day and sends Quasimodo to catch her. Quasimodo is captured by Phoebus, Captain of the Guards, who frees the girl. The courts sentence Quasimodo to be flogged and the only one who will give him water while he is tied in the square is Esmeralda. Later, at a party of nobles, Esmeralda again meets both Frollo, who is bewitched by her, and Phoebus. When Phoebus is stabbed to death, Esmeralda is accused of the murder, convicted by the court and sentenced to hang. Clopin, King of the Beggars, Gringoire, Esmeralda's husband, and Quasimodo, the bellringer, all try different ways to save her from the gallows.






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Video : 2.80 GB, 3439 Kbps, 23.976 fps, 790x576 (1.37:1), V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC x264 core 142
Audio : 374 MB, 448 Kbps, 48000 Hz, 1 channel, 0x55 = AC3, CBR

Subtitles (English, Spanish, French, German closed captions embedded in a movie, to play them choose Subtitle=>Sub Track in VLC Player and separate English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Greek, Turkish, Danish, Portuguese-Brazilian), posters and screenshots included