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Alfred Hitchcock Presents - Season 5, episodes 20-38

Here are episodes 20-38 of fifth season of Alfred Hitchcock Presents show.English subtitles included.

Episode 20 - The day of the bullet


Barry Gordon ... Ignace 'Iggy' Kovacs
Glenn Walken ... Young Clete Vine
Dennis Patrick ... Mr. Rose
Biff Elliot ... Mr. Kovacs

Description: Iggy Kovacs, a Brooklyn hoodlum is gunned down and his childhood friend remembers the day, 35 years before, that had a profound impact on Iggy and set his future course in life. Iggy and his pal see the local gangster, Mr. Rose, beat up someone. They try to report it to the police but no one, including Iggy's father, seems to have the courage to take on the local gangster.

Episode 21 - Hitch hike


John McIntire ... Charles Underhill
Robert Morse ... Len
Suzanne Pleshette ... Anne
Read Morgan ... Police Officer
Paul E. Burns ... Proprietor

Description: Anne has just been acquitted in court and her uncle, Charles Underhill is not a happy man. He feels that her brush with the law will reflect badly on him and is of the view that the only reason she got off was because of his reputation as an upstanding citizen. Underhill doesn't think much of young people, questioning their constant attempt at rebellion. On the way home he has a problem with his car and is assisted by a teenager, Len, who then asks for a ride to the next town. Len is constantly talking about reform school and his "friend" who is good with a knife. Underhill becomes alarmed and purposely speeds in order to be stopped by the police. He tries to explain to the officer that Len is threatening, but there is no evidence to support that claim. He does however get a summons for court and is now really worried about his reputation. Len however presents him with an easy solution to his problem that tests his moral resolve and his self-righteous attitude.

Episode 22 - Across the threshold


Patricia Collinge ... Sofie Winter
George Grizzard ... Hubert Winter
Barbara Baxley ... Irma Coulette

Description: Sofie Winter hires mediums in an attempt to contact her late husband, who died six years previously. Her son Hubert, who feels somewhat overwhelmed by his doting mother, decides to ask his actress-girlfriend to impersonate a medium and she convinces Sofie that her husband misses her and the time has come for her to join him. Sofie meticulously plans her departure and on what is intended to be her final evening, lets her son in on the final elements of her plan.

Episode 23 - Craig's will


Dick Van Dyke ... Thomas Craig
Stella Stevens ... Judy
Paul Stewart ... Vincent Noonan
Harry Tyler ... Sam Loomis
Joseph Holland ... Estate Attorney

Description: Thomas Craig is feeling pretty good about himself. His rich uncle has just died and knowing that he is the only living relative, expects to inherit the family fortune. He's thrown for a loop however, when his uncle leaves everything to his pet dog for the balance of its lifetime, with the inheritance going to Thomas only after the dog's passing. Thomas' gold-digging girlfriend, Judy, decides its time to speed up the dog's demise, with humorous consequences. Visiting a psychiatrist, she comes to the conclusion that there is only one way in the current circumstances for a girl to nab a millionaire.

Episode 24 - Madame mystery


Audrey Totter ... Betsy Blake
Joby Baker ... Jimmy Dolan
Harp McGuire ... Steven
Mike Ragan ... Alfredo the Plumber
Meri Welles ... Lois

Description: Steven is working on his novel when into his apartment walks an attractive woman, soaking wet. She's with Steven's neighbour, Jimmy Dolan, who's a bit of a playboy. Jimmy is a PR man for a major studio but has only limited talent so he needs Steven's help to write material about Betsy Blake, a long-time Hollywood star who recently drowned and who has a major movie being released. Steven's work gets Jimmy a big raise from the studio and ensures Betsy's last movie will be a big hit. But it turns out Betty hasn't drowned. What's a PR man to do?

Episode 25 - The little man who was there


Norman Lloyd ... The Little Man
Arch Johnson ... Jamie McMahon
Read Morgan ... Ben McMahon
Robert Armstrong ... Saloonkeeper
Clegg Hoyt ... Hutch
Mike Ragan ... Pete

Description: Jamie and Ben McMahon have brought a civilized attitude to a rough and tumble mining town. Although both strongmen in their own rights, they preach brotherly love and turning the other cheek. One day, in walks the Little Man, a strange little fellow who challenges the McMahons and says that his powers are far greater than theirs. To the shock of everyone present, he proves his point and the local folk think they are dealing with the devil incarnate. There is however, far more to this than meets the eye.

Episode 26 - Mother, may I go out to swim?


William Shatner ... John Crane
Jessie Royce Landis ... Claire Crane
Gia Scala ... Lottie Rank
Robert Carson ... Inquest Board Chairman

Description: John Crane is attending a coroner's inquiry and remembers the events that brought him there. John lives with his mother Claire and they are obviously very close. While on holiday, he meets Lottie and falls in love for the first time in his life. When his mother visits, it's obvious she and Lottie do not like one another. Lottie suggest that they take Claire up to the waterfalls to enjoy the view. He knows exactly what Lottie has in mind and resolves the situation. He awaits the decision of the coroner's jury.

Episode 27 - The cuckoo clock


Beatrice Straight ... Ida Blythe
Fay Spain ... Madeleine Hall
Donald Buka ... The Man at the Door
Patricia Hitchcock ... Dorothy

Description: Mrs. Blythe goes to spend a weekend at her cottage. She hasn't been there since her husband died the year before. Stopping at the general store, she's told that a patient has escaped from the local mental institution. Once at her cottage, she meets Madeleine who says she had seen a dangerous looking man nearby. Madeleine is obviously upset and wants to leave, but Mrs. Blythe begs her to stay. She agrees, but with dire consequences.

Episode 28 - Forty detectives later


James Franciscus ... William Tyre
Jack Weston ... Otto
George Mitchell ... Munro Dean
Arlene McQuade ... Gloria

Description: A private detective, William Tyre, is the 41st detective hired by Mr. Dean to find his wife's murderer. Only Dean now says he's found his wife's murderer, a bookstore owner named Otto, and all he wants is for Tyre to arrange for the two to meet. In reality, Dean wants Tyre to kill Otto, but Tyre declines and arranges only for the two to meet. Turns out there is a relationship between Otto and Dean, but it's not quite as expected.

Episode 29 - The hero


Eric Portman ... Richard Musgrave
Oskar Homolka ... Jan Vander Klaue
Irene Tedrow ... Mrs. Musgrave
Ralph Clanton ... Ship's Purser
Jack Livesey ... Ship's Captain
Richard Lupino ... Press Photographer

Description: Sir Richard Musgrave is traveling by ship to South Africa. He is a wealthy entrepreneur who made his fortune in Africa. On board ship, he notices an individual that he recognizes as Jan Vander Klaue a one time partner against whom he had committed a terrible act. The gentleman is quite genial, denies knowing Musgrave and denies being Vander Klaue. Musgrave however is overwhelmed with guilt and takes to keeping to his cabin and drinking heavily. In despair, he eventually jumps overboard and the man he thought was Vander Klaue jumps in after him, but for what purpose?

Episode 30 - Insomnia


Dennis Weaver ... Charles Cavender
James Millhollin ... Doctor Tedaldi
John S. Ragin ... Jack Fletcher
Al Hodge ... Mr. Turney

Description: Charles Cavender suffers from terrible insomnia. He hasn't had a good night's sleep in months and has lost a number of jobs as a result. He visits a psychiatrist and recounts a recurring dream he has about the death of his wife, who died in a house fire. Cavender's brother-in-law, Jack Fletcher, blames him for his sister's death and it's determined there is link between that and the insomnia. Cavender feels threatened but decides to pay him a visit to clear the air. However, things don't quite go as planned.

Episode 31 - I can take care of myself


Myron McCormick ... Bert Haber
Linda Lawson ... Georgia
Will Kuluva ... Joey
Edmon Ryan ... Detective
Frankie Darro ... Little Dandy

Description: Bert Haber is an old time piano player and he and Georgia, who sings, have proven to be a very popular nightclub act. Problems arise when a gangster, 'Little Dandy' Dorf, takes a liking to Georgia but she wants no part of him and pours a drink over his head. Soon after, Bert is threatened when someone suggests he get an insurance policy. Things come to a head a few weeks later when Bert is approached by a police officer who has information and suggest that he is in need of protection. Bert doesn't quite realize who he needs protection from, however.

Episode 32 - One grave too many


Neile Adams ... Irene Helmer
Jeremy Slate ... Joe Helmer
Biff Elliot ... Police Det. Lt. Bates
Howard McNear ... Mr. Pickett

Description: Joe Helmer is having serious financial problems. He's been out of work for some time and his unemployment insurance has run out. Walking home after unsuccessfully trying to get a loan, he comes across a well-to-do gent, apparently dead on the sidewalk. Joe takes the man's wallet and flees. It's only when he gets home that he finds a revealing note in the man's wallet.

Episode 33 - Party line


Judy Canova ... Helen Parch
Royal Dano ... Mr. Atkins
Arch Johnson ... Heywood Miller
Ellen Corby ... Emma
Gertrude Flynn ... Betty Nubbins

Description: Helen Parch shares a party line telephone with several others. She likes to talk on the phone quite a bit but also listens in on others. She's warned by the police one day that a Mr. Miller, with whom she once shared the party line, has broken out of prison and that her life may be in danger. Years before, Miller needed to contact a doctor when his wife was ill and Helen refused to get off the line. Miller's wife died and he turned to a life of crime. Now he may be after Helen.

Episode 34 - Cell 227


Brian Keith ... Herbert Morrison
James Best ... Hennessy
James Westerfield ... Pops Lafferty
Frank Maxwell ... Maury Berg, Attorney
Liam Sullivan ... Father McCann

Description: While most of his fellow prisoners on death row spend their time hoping for a stay of execution, the occupant of Cell 227 waxes philosophical about the role of the prison system and the difference between a person murdering another and the State murdering someone. The professor says he's innocent and has told his lawyer not to pursue a stay of execution as he will only accept a full pardon. When the time of his execution arrives, he attacks a guard he's taken a dislike to, just as the Warden arrives with interesting news.

Episode 35 - The Schartz-Metterklume method


Hermione Gingold ... Charlotte Hope
Elspeth March ... Mrs. Wellington
Doris Lloyd ... Housekeeper
Patricia Hitchcock ... Rose

Description: Charlotte Hope arrives in the Wellington household to act as a governess to four children. She is a somewhat brash, opinionated person who boldly announces that she uses the Shartz-Metterklume method for teaching children. Her first day is dedicated to biology and the children spend the day collecting specimens. The parents are a bit more concerned when they start asking questions of a more delicate nature. After a few days of this, Miss Hope is released from her employment. As she arrives at the train station, someone disembarks asking if a Mrs. Wellington is there to meet her.

Episode 36 - Letter of credit


Bob Sweeney ... William Spengler
Robert Bray ... Henry Taylor
Ronald Nicholas ... Arnold Mathias
Theodore Newton ... Sam Kern
Jacqueline Holt ... Miss Foster

Description: Henry Taylor visits the town of Kirkland where 3 years before a bank employee, Arnold Mathias, had been convicted of stealing $200,000 from the bank where he worked. None of the money has been found and Mathias always maintained his innocence. It would appear that Mathias had recently been killed in an attempted prison escape and Taylor visits the bank manager telling him he's an author researching a book on the robbery. It turns out that Taylor is after something altogether different and all is not altogether what it seems.

Episode 37 - Escape to Sonoita


Burt Reynolds ... Bill Davis
Murray Hamilton ... Marsh
Venetia Stevenson ... Stephanie Thomas
James Bell ... Andy Davis
Harry Dean Stanton ... Lemon

Description: Bill and Andy Davis are driving an old tanker truck across the desert when, 85 miles from their destination, they truck develops engine problems. A passing car gets stuck in the sand and it turns out the occupants have kidnapped a young woman in Phoenix and are on the run with the $100,000 ransom they've collected. They decide to take the truck to continue their escape but fight over the limited water available. One kidnapper shoots the other, but he eventually dies of thirst. Turns out he was much closer to water than he thought.

Episode 38 - Hooked


Robert Horton ... Ray Marchand
Anne Francis ... Nyla Foster
Vivienne Segal ... Gladys Marchand
John Holland ... Mr. Foster

Description: Ray Marchand is married to an older woman but he is quite attracted to Nyla Foster, a very attractive college student spending the summer working at her father's fishing camp. She tells Ray that her father would never leave her alone with him - so he should stop by on Mondays, when her father goes into town for supplies. When Nyla hears that Ray's wife can't swim, they start thinking that an "accident" might be in order, so Ray decides to take up fishing, his wife's favourite pastime. His plans don't quite work out, however.

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Quicksand (1950) - Mickey Rooney and Peter Lorre in lesser known film noir

Rating 6.7/10
Runtime: 79 min
Language: English
Country: USA
Directed by: Irving Pichel
IMDb Link:


Mickey Rooney ... Dan
Jeanne Cagney ... Vera
Barbara Bates ... Helen
Peter Lorre ... Nick
Taylor Holmes ... Harvey
Art Smith ... Mackey

Description: Motor mechanic Dan Brady lacks funds for a heavy date with new waitress Vera, the type whose life's ambition is a fur coat; so he embezzles twenty dollars from his employer. To make up the shortage, he goes in debt for a hundred. Thereafter, every means he tries to get out of trouble only gets him deeper into crime, while everyone he meets is out for what they can get.






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Video and audio information:

Video : 909 MB, 1606 Kbps, 23.976 fps, 692x460 ~> 692x519 (4:3), V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC x264 core 120
Audio : 217 MB, 384 Kbps, 48000 Hz, 6 channel(s), 0x55 = AC3, CBR

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