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Alfred Hitchcock Presents - Season 3, episodes 20-39

Here comes another repost of third season of Alfred Hitchcock Presents show, several posts were merged into one bigger containing all remaining episodes (20-39). English subtitles included.

Episode 20 - On the nose


Jan Sterling ... Fran Holland
David Opatoshu ... Mr. Cooney
Karl Swenson ... Ed Holland
Carl Betz ... Store Detective

Description: Fran is a housewife addicted to gambling. Her bookie threatens to tell her husband if she doesn't pay up a loan by five o'clock that afternoon. She needs to raise 25 dollars fast. She manages to scrape up five dollars and then tries to shoplift the rest. She is caught by a store detective. As they drive off in his car the detective listens to her story and offers her twenty dollars in exchange for a little romance. She refuses and the car crashes. She flees the scene of the accident but accidentally leaves her purse and the money. She returns home and is surprised to have her purse returned by the police. It now contains twenty dollars which they found in the car and assumed was hers. She now has enough money to pay off the loan. After her husband calls to say that he must go to Chicago on business, Fran calls her bookie. Instead of paying him the money she tells him to put twenty-five dollars on a horse named Chicago Flyer.

Episode 21 - Guest for breakfast


Joan Tetzel ... Eve Ross
Scott McKay ... Jordan Ross
Richard Shepard ... Chester Lacey

Description: Jordon and Eve Ross are a married couple who are constantly fighting. Their latest argument is interrupted by the sudden appearance of a wanted murderer named Lacey. He holds them captive all night. Lacey ends up being an effective marriage counselor. Through the night he convinces the couple to amend their differences. All of this is despite the fact that Lacey is wanted for murdering his wife and her lover.

Episode 22 - The return of the hero


Jacques Bergerac ... Sgt. Andre Doniere
Susan Kohner ... Therese
Marcel Dalio ... Corp. Marcel Marchand
Vladimir Sokoloff ... Uncle Fernaud

Description: Sgt. Andre is a returning veteran from the French-Algerian war. He heads home to his estate with his crippled friend Marcel. Marcel lost his leg saving Andre's life. Along the way Andre falls for a beautiful girl Teresa even though he is already engaged to be married. Marcel and a good web of lies help Andre out of his problem.

Episode 23 - The right kind of house


Robert Emhardt ... Mr. Waterbury
Jeanette Nolan ... Sadie Grimes
James Drury ... Michael Grimes
Harry Tyler ... Aaron Hacker
Jamie O'Hara ... Sally

Description: Mr. Waterbury in interested in buying a high priced house. Sadie Grimes, the house's owner, invites Waterbury in for a drink. She says the price is nonnegotiable. The place has strong sentimental value for Sadie: her son was killed there over a mysterious bag that has since never been found. She believes the bag contained money which is hidden somewhere in the house. Waterbury says he will buy the house despite its inflated price. Sadie accuses him of being her son's murderer. Waterbury confesses that he is the murderer, but he slumps over dead. His drink had been poisoned.

Episode 24 - The foghorn


Barbara Bel Geddes ... Lucia Clay
Michael Rennie ... Allen Bliss
Bartlett Robinson ... John St. Rogers
Jennifer Howard ... Nun
William Yip ... Restaurant Owner

Description: Lucia meets and falls in love with a man named Allen Bliss at a party that is a celebration of her engagement to another man; John St. Rogers. She decides to break the engagement. She later discovers that Allen is already married. The lovers decide to go for a ride in a sailboat to discuss their plans. They are subsequently lost in the fog and are never seen again.

Episode 25 - Flight to the east


Gary Merrill ... Ted Franklin
Patricia Cutts ... Barbara Denim
Konstantin Shayne ... Abdul Ismael
Anthony George ... Sasha Ismael
Mel Welles ... Police Inspector Kafir

Description: Ted Franklin is a reporter who is assigned to cover the trial of an Arab leader accused of murder. His stories about the Arab leader's guilt win him international acclaim. When his stories begin to stress the Arab's innocence he loses his prestige. When the Arab is found guilty and executed, Frank is fired and humiliated. Later, Franklin's past is revealed: he killed a German general and stole a number of war souvenirs. Franklin finds himself in the news again, but this time he is on the receiving end.

Episode 26 - Bull in a China shop


Dennis Morgan ... Dennis O'Finn
Estelle Winwood ... Miss Hildy-Lou
Elizabeth Patterson ... Miss Bessie
Ellen Corby ... Miss Samantha
Ida Moore ... Miss Birdie
Joe Downing ... Kramer--Detective

Description: A handsome homicide detective is befriended by four old ladies who invite him for tea and proceed to play out a variation of Arsenic and Old Lace for his benefit.

Episode 27 - Disappearing trick


Robert Horton ... Walter Richmond
Betsy von Furstenberg ... Laura Gild
Perry Lopez ... Julio
Raymond Bailey ... Herbert Gild
Frank Albertson ... Regis

Description: A bookie asks womanizing tennis player Walter, who's short on cash, to look up an inactive, high-rolling client. Walter discovers the old gambler died when his sailboat sunk, leaving his beautiful young widow with little money. Sparks fly between Walter and the widow, when he finds out the gambler (Raymond Bailey, The Beverly Hillbillies' banker) placed bets 3 months after the accident.

Episode 28 - Lamb to the slaughter


Barbara Bel Geddes ... Mary Maloney
Harold J. Stone ... Lieutenant Jack Noonan
Allan Lane ... Patrick Maloney
Ken Clark ... Mike

Description: Mary Maloney is a devoted wife and an exceptional housekeeper. One day, her husband, the police chief, announces that he wants a divorce because he has met another woman. Mary is quite angry and kills him with a blow from a frozen leg of lamb. She calls the police and provides and alibi for herself with the story that she'd been out to the store when the murder took place. The investigating officer, Lieutenant Noonan, is further frustrated when he cannot find the murder weapon. Knowing of the long and hard hours spent looking into the case, Mary invites Noonan and the other investigators for a bite to eat. They dig into Mary's leg of lamb and Noonan still thinking about the missing murder weapon says "For all we know, it might be right under our very noses."

Episode 29 - Fatal figures


John McGiver ... Harold George Goames
Vivian Nathan ... Margaret Goames
Ward Wood ... Police Sgt. McBaine
Nesdon Booth ... Shopkeeper

Description: Harold Goames comes across a book of crime statistics and learns that the most select class of criminals in the country is made up of murderers. He immediately decides to join that class and murders his sister Margaret. His dream of joining the class of murders does not come true because police mistakenly rule that the sister died of natural causes.

Episode 30 - Death sentence


James Best ... Norman Frayne
Katharine Bard ... Paula Frayne
Steve Brodie ... Al Revnel
Frank Gerstle ... Police Chief Walt Haney

Description: Paula Frayne's husband Norman is a chronic worrier who shows her little attention. When an old friend of Norman's shows up and shows too much interest in Paula, Norman becomes difficult. Paula becomes convinced that Norman no longer loves her and moves out of the house. She was wrong, however. Norman really loves her and threatens murder to prove it.

Episode 31 - The festive season


Carmen Mathews ... Celia
Edmon Ryan ... John
Richard Waring ... Charlie
Benny Baker ... Al

Description: Charlie Boerum has been carrying on a long standing feud with his sister Celia because he believes that she killed his wife. When the family lawyer shows up on Christmas Eve to make an attempt to reconcile the two, he discovers that they are still squabbling. He also discovers that they are also planning each other's murder.

Episode 32 - Listen, listen...


Edgar Stehli ... Herbert Johnson
Adam Williams ... Police Lt. King
Dayton Lummis ... Police Sgt. Oliver
Baynes Barron ... Bartender
Robert Herrman ... Want Ad Man

Description: No one wants to listen to a polite, but persistent elderly man, Mr. Johnson, who has a strange theory about the recent "stocking murders" of three young women. His theory? That the third murder was committed by a copycat killer. First the old man, arming himself with a phony name, goes to the police, getting an audience with the very lieutenant who led the investigation, and the lieutenant dismisses his theory, but not before briefly conceding the point that the prime suspect, already in custody, confessed to only two of the three murders (having nothing to lose, it would seem, by confessing to the third). Next, Mr. Johnson, using another alias, seeks and finds a newspaper reporter, who is boozing it up with a floozy - by chance, the very reporter who covered the story, and Mr. Johnson and his ideas are not only dismissed once again, but the condescending bartender practically throws the old man out the door. Finally, at wit's end, Mr. Johnson, no longer hiding behind a false name, consults with a priest and seems to be on the verge of confessing something horrible himself. After all, he seems to know way too much about the life of the last murder victim. Still, the well-meaning priest finds the old man is guilty of nothing more than an unseemly obsession with a tabloid story. The police must know what they're doing, don't they? Feeling utterly ignored, Mr. Johnson goes home to his wife, and even she chides him for "thinking about things too much."

Episode 33 - Post mortem


Steve Forrest ... Steve Archer
Joanna Moore ... Judy Archer
James Gregory ... Mr. Wescott

Description: Steve and Judy Archer are having money problems. When Judy's first husband Harry died of a heart attack, Judy collected on a large insurance police Steve sold him. Judy and Steve were then married and Steve quit his job, but later squandered most of Judy's money. The couple discovers that Harry bought a winning Sweepstakes ticket. Unfortunately, the winning ticket is in his pocket and he is buried six feet under. Judy wants to dig up the corpse, but Steve doesn't. Judy gets help from a reporter who digs up the body and finds the ticket. Later the reporter reveals himself as an insurance detective. He believes Harry was murdered, possibly by Steve. Later while Judy is in the bath, Steve returns and takes the winning ticket. He throws an electric heater in the bathtub. Judy screams and Steve runs, right into the arms of the waiting police. Judy emerges from the bathroom unharmed. The detective removed the fuse so she was not electrocuted. As Steve is led away by the police, Judy takes the winning ticket from him.

Episode 34 - The crocodile case


Denholm Elliott ... Jack Lyons
Hazel Court ... Phyllis Chaundry
John Alderson ... Inspector Karsiak
Patricia Hitchcock ... Aileen
Arthur Gould-Porter ... Arthur Chaundry

Description: Jack Lyons is interrogated by the police. He accidentally reveals himself as a murderer when he identifies a crocodile dressing case and the initials engraved on it. Since the initials were engraved on it shortly before the murder and fell off during the murder, only the killer and victim could have known about them. Jack is promptly arrested.

Episode 35 - Dip in the pool


Keenan Wynn ... William Botibol
Fay Wray ... Mrs. Renshaw
Philip Bourneuf ... Mr. Renshaw
Louise Platt ... Ethel Botibol
Doreen Lang ... Emily

Description: William Botibol is a compulsive gambler. While on a cruise he enters a betting pool to guess the number of miles the ship will travel in the course of twenty four hours. William gains some inside information when he learns that the ships is going to slow down to avoid an upcoming storm. Unfortunately the storm passes and the ship continues to speed on its course. He decides to force the ship to slow down by throwing himself overboard. He figures that when word gets out of someone going overboard the ship will slow down to get him. He picks out a witness and jumps overboard. The witness doesn't say a word. She's mentally ill and does not alert anyone to Williams plight.

Episode 36 - The safe place


Robert H. Harris ... George C. Piper
Joanne Linville ... Millie Manners
Phillip Pine ... Victor Manett
Jerry Paris ... Fred Piper

Description: George Piper is a bank teller and gambler. One day, a gambler named Victor arrives at the bank and makes a large withdrawal. Later, George visits Victor and kills him. He takes Victor's money and hides it in a secret place in his teller's cash drawer at the bank. The police question George, but clear him of any wrongdoing. George's boss, however, fires him. He demands the key to the crash drawer where George hid the money in order to give it to George's replacement.

Episode 37 - The canary Sedan


Jessica Tandy ... Laura Bowlby
Murray Matheson ... James St. George Bernard Bowlby
Gavin Muir ... Thompson

Description: Laura Bowlby is a psychic who wants to visit her husband in Hong Kong. She is picked up by a chauffeur in a black sedan. Laura Bowlby says she does not like the color and would prefer a canary yellow one instead. This remark shocks the driver since the car was once canary yellow before a recent paint job. Inside the car, Laura begins to hear a woman's voice. The voice tells Laura about a passionate affair. Laura longs for such passion in her life because her husband James is quite unromantic and cold. After some research, Laura find the grave of the woman who has been talking to her. She looks at the gravestone and is unpleasantly surprised to see the initials of the dead woman and the initials of her own husband, James.

Episode 38 - The impromptu murder


Hume Cronyn ... Henry Daw
Robert Douglas ... Inspector Charles Tarrant
Doris Lloyd ... Miss Wilkinson

Description: A woman who once accused Henry Dow of a crime enters the town and he invites her to stay with him and his sister. She tells Henry that she is carrying a large amount of money since she is planning an investment. Henry kills her for the money and dumps her body into the river. Henry then attends a dedication ceremony held on a bridge overlooking the river. When a body floats by, Henry is asked to identify it as the missing Miss Wilkinson. Without really looking at the body, he says it isn't her. A police detective asks Henry's sister to identify the body. Before she can have a look Henry confesses to the murder. Unfortunately for him, the body wasn't Miss Wilkinson's at all. It was someone else.

Episode 39 - Little white frock


Herbert Marshall ... Colin Brackner
Julie Adams ... Carol Longsworth
Tom Helmore ... Adam Longsworth
Jacqueline Mayo ... Lila Gordon
Roy Dean ... Terry O'Bain

Description: Colin Brackner is an elderly actor who invites a playwright Adam Longsworth and his wife over to dinner. During dinner Colin talks about a long lost love. The tale deeply effects both Adam and his wife practically reducing them to tears. Colin reveals that the tale is a deception. Recognizing the talent needed to pull off such a deception, Adam invites Colin to be part of his new production.

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We're no angels (1955) - Christmas movie with Humphrey Bogart, Peter Ustinov, Basil Rathbone and Joan Bennett

Rating 7.3/10
Runtime: 105 min
Language: English
Country: USA
Directed by: Michael Curtiz
IMDb Link: http://imdb.com/title/tt0048801/


Humphrey Bogart ... Joseph
Aldo Ray ... Albert
Peter Ustinov ... Jules
Joan Bennett ... Amelie Ducotel
Basil Rathbone ... Andre Trochard
Leo G. Carroll ... Felix Ducotel
John Baer ... Paul Trochard
Gloria Talbott ... Isabelle Ducotel

Description: At Christmas, three prisoners - Joseph, Albert and Jules - escape from Devil Island to a French small coastal town. They decide to rob a store, to get some money and clothes and travel by ship to another place. They pretend to be there to fix the roof, but pretty soon they realize that the financial condition of the family Ducotel is not good. Andre Tochard, the selfish and mean owner of the establishment, exploits the family Ducotel. The three convicts spend Christmas night with the Ducotels and are so well treated by the family that they decide to help them. Their pet will help them to fix the situation.



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00 38 39

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01 40 02
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Subtitles (English, French in SUB-IDX format and English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Portuguese-Brazilian, German, Serbian, Greek, Italian, Czech, Hungarian, Romanian, Turkish as SRT) + sample, posters and screenshots included