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Boris Karloff's Thriller - season 1, episodes 10-18

Episode 10 - The prediction


Boris Karloff ... Himself / Clayton Mace
Audrey Dalton ... Norine Burton
Alexander Davion ... Grant Dudley
Abraham Sofaer ... Gus Kostopulos
Alan Caillou ... Roscoe Burton
Murvyn Vye ... 'Gunner' Gogan
Richard Peel ... Charlie

Description: An elderly stage mentalist makes no pretense that his clairvoyant act is purely for entertainment. But one night he is seized with a vision of a death in the boxing ring. He sends the father of his beautiful stage assistant to warn the manager of the ill-fated boxer, but the bounder makes a bet on his prediction instead and wins big. The whole thing has everyone in the theater spooked. Meanwhile, the mentalist has other visions of death and especially fears for the safety of his assistant, who wants to get married and leave town. Her skeptical fiancé thinks the old man has greedy motives for delivering a dire warning about a twisted road sign, but his predictions are all proving horribly true.

Episode 11 - The fatal impulse


Boris Karloff ... Himself
Robert Lansing ... Lieutenant Brian Rome
Whitney Blake ... Jane Kimball
Conrad Nagel ... Mayor Walker Wylie
Elisha Cook Jr. ... Harry Elser
Steve Brodie ... Sgt. George Dumont
Elaine Edwards ... Marjorie Dalquiss

Description: A man fleeing from an attempt to assassinate a political candidate puts a small bomb in the bag of a woman in an elevator. The police spend the evening looking for the mystery girl and the bomb.

Episode 12 - The big blackout


Boris Karloff ... Himself
Jack Carson ... Burt Lewis
Charles McGraw ... Sheriff Cliff Wrights
Nan Leslie ... Midge Lewis
Jeanne Cooper ... Ethel Bankstrom
George Mitchell ... Doc Mulloy

Description: A recovering alcoholic who can not remember his past finds himself confronted by criminals and killers looking for a man who may or may not be him.

Episode 13 - Knock three-one-two


Boris Karloff ... Himself
Joe Maross ... Ray Kenton
Beverly Garland ... Ruth Kenton
Charles Aidman ... George Mikos
Warren Oates ... Benny

Description: A man in need of money enlists the help of a serial killer to get the money from his wife.

Episode 14 - Man in the middle


Boris Karloff ... Himself
Mort Sahl ... Sam Lynch
Werner Klemperer ... Mr. Clark
Sue Randall ... Kay Salisbury
Fred Beir ... Alan Dulain
Frank Albertson ... Charles Salisbury

Description: A man overhears a plot for kidnapping and murder. At first, he doesn't want to do anything about it, but eventually he gets caught in the middle of the plot.

Episode 15 - The cheaters


Boris Karloff ... Himself
Mildred Dunnock ... Miriam Olcott
Harry Townes ... Sebastian Grimm
Jack Weston ... Edward Dean
Paul Newlan ... Joe Henshaw

Description: A man invents a pair of glasses that can see the truth in others and oneself. They lead to a series of suicides, murders, and tragedies for the wearers.

Episode 16 - The hungry glass


Boris Karloff ... Himself
William Shatner ... Gil Thrasher
Joanna Heyes ... Marcia Thrasher
Russell Johnson ... Adam Talmadge
Elizabeth Allen ... Liz Talmadge
Clem Bevans ... Obed

Description: A married couple moves into a house that is haunted by images reflected in glass and mirrors.

Episode 17 - The poisoner


Boris Karloff ... Himself
Murray Matheson ... Thomas Edward Griffith
Sarah Marshall ... Frances Abercrombie Griffith
Brenda Forbes ... Mrs. Abercrombie
Jennifer Raine ... Helen Abercrombie
David Frankham ... Proctor

Description: London critic and wit Thomas Edward Griffith finds himself in need of funds and saddled with abrasive in-laws and a disapproving uncle. The solution to his problems lies in his collection of rare poisons.

Episode 18 - Man in the cage


Boris Karloff ... Himself
Philip Carey ... Darryl Hudson
Diana Millay ... Ellen McKinstry
Eduardo Ciannelli ... Inspector Le Boude
Barry Gordon ... 'Slip-Slip'
Al Ruscio ... Allah El Kazim

Description: An American comes to Tangier to search for his missing brother and becomes embroiled in the search for a missing cache of heroin.

Extras for episodes from this post (promos not included in my source):

1x10 - The prediction (Audio commentary by Arthur Hiller and Steve Mitchell, episode promo)
1x11 - The fatal impulse (Episode promo)
1x14 - Man in the middle (Episode promo)
1x15 - The cheaters (Audio commentary by Gary Gerani, isolated music score by Jerry Goldsmith)
1x16 - The hungry glass (Audio commentary by Gary Gerani and Marc Scott Zicree)
1x17 - The poisoner (Isolated music score by Jerry Goldsmith)
1x18 - Man in the cage (Episode promo)

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