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Alfred Hitchcock Presents – Season 5, episodes 1-19

Here are episodes 1-19 of fifth season of Alfred Hitchcock Presents show.English subtitles included.

Episode 1 - Arthur


Laurence Harvey ... Arthur Williams
Hazel Court ... Helen Brathwaite
Robert Douglas ... Inspector Ben Liebenberg
Patrick Macnee ... Sgt. John Farrell
Barry Harvey ... Constable Barry

Description: When his fiancée Helen leaves chicken farmer Arthur for another man, he accepts her decision by conveniently enjoying the life of a bachelor. A year passes and Helen pays him a return visit, asking for forgiveness. It seems her love interest didn't work out and she wants to rekindle an old flame, against Arthur's wish to remain a bachelor. Accostomed to strangling chickens for a living, Arthur angrily applies the same method to Helen, then hides her body. The police suspect him of murder, but can do nothing for lack of evidence.

Episode 2 - The crystal trench


James Donald ... Mark Cavendidge
Patricia Owens ... Stella Ballister
Werner Klemperer ... Mr. Ranks
Ben Astar ... Swiss Innkeeper
Patrick Macnee ... Professor Kersley

Description: Stella Ballister (Patricia Owens) receives the horrifying news that her husband met with an untimely demise while mountain climbing. Newly married, Stella asks for the retrieval of her husband's body - but the task proves impossible when the corpse accidentally falls into a deep crevasse, where no human eyes or hands can reach him. Mark (James Donald), having feelings for Stella, stays by her side, a close friend and nothing more. Forty years later, still trying to get over the news of the accident, Stella learns that the glacier has moved. Hiring a crew to help prospect her husband out of the ice, they find the body preserved and untouched. Stella views the body of her husband one last time...

Episode 3 - Appointment at eleven


Clint Kimbrough ... David Logan
Norma Crane ... Lady in Bar
Clu Gulager ... Sailor
Sean McClory ... Irish Bar Patron
Amy Douglass ... Mrs. Logan
Michael J. Pollard ... Shoeshine Boy

Description: David Logan lives at home with his mother and he's still upset that his father left them many years before. He is haunted by an event when he was twelve years old and he came home to find his father with a blue-eyed blond. He tells his mother he has an appointment at 11:00 so he skips dinner and heads to a bar. There he meets a girl and repeats several times that something big is going to happen at 11:00. He gets into a fight with a sailor in the bar and tells him the same and then again with a patron in an Irish pub, now saying someone is going to die at the ...

Episode 4 - Coyote moon


Macdonald Carey ... Professor
Edgar Buchanan ... Pops
Collin Wilcox Paxton ... Julie
Wesley Lau ... Harry
Jack Lambert ... Garage Mechanic

Description: A good Samaritan, a Professor driving to California to take up a new teaching post, stops at a gas station with an orphaned coyote cub and agrees to give a ride to a hitchhiker, Julie. He then learns that her father and brother seem to be included in the deal. Not surprisingly, this trio turn out to be con artists and thieves and the Professor has to be quick on his feet to make sure they get their comeuppance!

Episode 5 - No pain


Brian Keith ... Dave Rainey
Joanna Moore ... Cindy Rainey
Yale Wexler ... Arnold Barrett
Dorothea Lord ... Nurse Collins

Description: Dave Rainey was once a healthy, successful individual. He now finds himself struck down in the prime of his life and confined to an iron lung. He has a full-time nurse and his pretty wife is attentive, but he is concerned at her friendship with Arnold Barrett. One evening, she gives their full-time nurse the evening off and Dave concludes this must be the evening that she will finish him off. He confronts her and she admits that she had been planning this for some time but in the end, she is unable to complete the task. Little does she know that Dave has his own plans ...

Episode 6 - Anniversary gift


Harry Morgan ... Hermie Jenkins
Barbara Baxley ... Myra Jenkins
Jackie Coogan ... George Bay
Michael J. Pollard ... Hansel Eidelpfeiffer
James Field ... The Doctor
Maurice Manson ... The Mailman

Description: Myra Jenkins has quite a menagerie in her home: birds, a turtle, a monkey, a chameleon and on and on. She is quite devoted to them, usually at the expense of her husband Hermie. Their neighbor, George Bay,is always telling Hermie how much he misses his late wife and that since since she's died, all he ever does is travel, go fishing and drink beer. All of this sounds pretty good to Hermie who hatches a plan to get his wife a new pet that that may not be very cuddly and lovable and may give him the way out that he desires. Little does Hermie realize the predicament he ...

Episode 7 - Dry run


Walter Matthau ... Moran
Robert Vaughn ... Art
David White ... Mr. Barberosa
Tyler McVey ... Mob Sidekick

Description: Mr. Barberosa tells his young employee, Art, that he's being considered for a more important job in the organization. However, Art must do a special job for him first - eliminate Moran, someone to whom he owes $10,000. Art meets Moran as planned but instead of eliminating him immediately, he considers Moran's "business" proposition. Little does Art know that Moran isn't exactly what he seems to be.

Episode 8 - The Blessington method


Henry Jones ... John Treadwell
Dick York ... J.J. Bunce
Elizabeth Patterson ... Grandmother
Irene Windust ... Mrs. Treadwell
Paul E. Burns ... Fisherman
Vaughn Meadows ... Jack

Description: In the not too distant future (1980, to be exact) life expectancy has increased dramatically and JJ Bunce provides an essential service. He approaches John Treadwell and informs him that his elderly relative, now in her 80's and who lives with him full-time, will live at least another 32 years. Bunce's offer is quite simple: he will dispose of her for a fee. Initially Treadwell rejects the suggestion out of hand but at home, the old lady is becoming ever more demanding. In the end, he accepts Bunce's offer but he does wonder what his own children might do when the ...

Episode 9 - Dead weight


Joseph Cotten ... Courtney Masterson
Julie Adams ... Peg Valence
Don Gordon ... Rudy Stickney
Ted de Corsia ... Inspector Salva
Angela Greene ... Mrs. Masterson
Claude Stroud ... P.I. Lester Elleridge

Description: Married Courtney Masterson and his girlfriend are parked at a lover's lane when a young thug tries to rob them. Courtney overpowers the thief and wants to turn him over to the police but is afraid the resulting publicity might tip off his wife to his extra-marital affair. In the end, he decides to set the thief free, but things don't quite go as planned and he shoots the thug. Courtney manages to convince the police that the shooting was an accident. It turns out however, that he has much to worry about.

Episode 10 - Special delivery


Stephen Dunne ... Bill Fortnam
Beatrice Straight ... Cynthia Fortnam
Peter Lazer ... Tom Fortnam
Frank Maxwell ... Roger
Cece Whitney ... Dorothy

Description: Young Tom Fortnam is thrilled when he receives his guaranteed to grow mushroom seeds by special delivery mail. His father Bill is then approached by a friend, Roger, who thinks people are disappearing. Bill isn't quite sure what to make of it all until Roger's wife calls him to say that Roger has vanished, as has all of his clothes. When he visits Roger's house, he sees that Roger's son, who is the same age as Tom, is also busy growing mushrooms in the basement. Convinced there is a connection, Bill confronts his son - with fantastic results.

Episode 11 - Road hog


Raymond Massey ... Sam Pine
Robert Emhardt ... Ed Fratus
Ray Teal ... Ben Tulip
Richard Chamberlain ... Clay Pine
Brad Weston ... Sam Pine Jr.
Roscoe Ates ... Tavern Customer

Description: A very rude traveling salesman forces a truck off road, causing a delay in emergency care for an injured young man, who dies.

Episode 12 - Specialty of the house


Robert Morley ... Mr. Laffler
Kenneth Haigh ... Mr. Costain
George Keymas ... Paul
Bettye Ackerman ... Mrs. Inkel
Charles Wagenheim ... Henlein

Description: Mr. Laffler invites Mr. Costain to join him for dinner at a private club that he describes as a very special experience. To his disappointment, Laffler is informed that the house specialty, a lamb dish, is not being served. They continue to visit the club and one evening, the famous dish is served. It also happens that a long-time member has resigned. What, if anything, do the two events have in common?

Episode 13 - An occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge


Ronald Howard ... Joe Farquhar
Juano Hernandez ... Josh
Kenneth Tobey ... Jeff
Douglas Kennedy ... Union Officer
James Coburn ... Union Sergeant
Brad Weston ... Union Corporal

Description: In the Civil War, Union soldiers are about to hang a defiant Confederate planter from a bridge, for sabotage. The noose is placed around his neck, but the rope breaks and he plummets from the bridge into a river. Dazed, he swims the rapids downstream, while the soldiers fire at him. He clambers on a river bank, and excitedly starts his journey back to his family plantation.

Episode 14 - Graduating class


Wendy Hiller ... Laura Siddons
Gigi Perreau ... Gloria Barnes
Jocelyn Brando ... Julia Conrad
Robert H. Harris ... Ben Prowdy
Sheila Bromley ... Sarah

Description: Laura Siddons is a newly hired instructor in Europran literature at a girls college. Initially, she is nervous and ill-at-ease, but over time learns more about her students and is particularly impressed with one of them, Gloria Barnes. She also becomes friendly with her neighbor, Ben Prowdy and finally agrees to have dinner with him. When she sees Gloria entering a night club one evening she imagines the worse but is relieved when Gloria presents her with a reasonable explanation. When she shares Gloria's secret with Prowdy however, she learns there is a heavy price ...

Episode 15 - Man from the South


Steve McQueen ... Gambler
Peter Lorre ... Carlos
Neile Adams ... Woman
Katherine Squire ... Carlos' Wife
Tyler McVey ... Referee
Marc Cavell ... Bellhop

Description: In a Las Vegas casino, an unpleasant little man hopes to use a young man's wish to impress the young woman he has just met to pressure the young fellow into accepting a macabre bet.

Episode 16 - The ikon of Elijah


Oskar Homolka ... Carpius
Sam Jaffe ... The Abbot
Arthur Gould-Porter ... Major Parslow

Description: Carpius owns antique shop in Cyprus and is quite excited to hear that a local monastery may be in possession of a very valuable icon. Knowing that a client would pay a fortune for it, he arranges to visit the monastery to steal the icon. During the robbery, Carpius kills a praying monk but claims it was an accident. The Abbot says he will forgive him but as he has sinned, he must pray for forgiveness. Only then does Carpius understand what the Abbot has in mind.

Episode 17 - The cure


Nehemiah Persoff ... Jeff Jensen
Peter Mark Richman ... Mike
Cara Williams ... Marie Jensen
Leonard Strong ... Luiz
Jhean Burton ... Chita

Description: Living in the remote tropics are two oil explorers, one of whom is married to a very attractive woman. One night, she tries to stab her husband and he is convinced by his partner that she is sick with tropical fever. They agree that she needs to see a head shrinker. En route to the doctor however, she convinces her husband's partner to help her kill the husband. Fortunately, the husband's trusted manservant is also with them and protects his master's interests in a very unusual way.

Episode 18 - Backward, turn backward


Tom Tully ... Phil Canby
Phyllis Love ... Sue Thompson
Alan Baxter ... Sheriff Andy Willetts
Paul Maxwell ... Saul
Rebecca Welles ... Betty Murray

Description: Matt Thompson is bludgeoned to death with a pipe wrench and suspicion immediately falls on 59 year-old Phil Canby. The wrench belonged to Canby and he was there that evening fixing a leaky sink. The real problem however is that Canby is in love with Thompson's 19 year-old daughter, Sue, and they plan on getting married; everyone knew Matt Thompson was violently opposed to their relationship. Canby maintains his innocence throughout and the local Sheriff, who finds it very hard to believe that the mild mannered Canby would do such a thing, investigates. In the end, the ...

Episode 19 - Not the running type


Paul Hartman ... Milton Potter
Robert Bray ... Capt. Ernest Fisher
Bert Freed ... Capt. Harvey Ellison
Wendell Holmes ... John B. Halverson
Herbert Ellis ... Lt. Hogan

Description: When Capt. Ernest Fisher learns that Milton Potter has been released from prison after serving his 15 year sentence, he tells his subordinates about this very strange case. Potter was a bookkeeper for a bank. He did his work well and was reliable but people knew very little about his private life. When it's determined that he embezzled $200,000 he is eventually sent to jail. No one can quite believe that he was really the type to steal and he never tells anyone what happened to the money. After his release, Fisher visits him and incredibly, Potter tells him he's not ...

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