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Alfred Hitchcock Presents - Season 7, episodes 20-39

Episode 20 - The test


Brian Keith ... Vernon Wedge
Eduardo Ciannelli ... Mr. Marino
Rod Lauren ... Benjy Marino
William Bramley ... Dr. Hagerty
Steve Gravers ... Wickers
Rusty Lane ... The Judge
Eve McVeagh ... Mrs. Archer

Description: Vernon Wedge is a hot shot lawyer who agrees to defend 17-year old Benjy Marino who is accused of murder. Benjy swears he's innocent but Wedge isn't buying it and feels he should plead guilty. He nonetheless decides to defend him and at the trial tries a chemical test to determine if blood is present on the knife, but the DA objects and Wedge uses the refusal to undertake the test to get Benjy off. But what would the test have revealed?

Episode 21 - Burglar proof


Paul Hartman ... Sammy Morrisey
Robert Webber ... Harrison Fell
Philip Ober ... Wilton Stark
Whit Bissell ... Mr. Bliss
Howard McLeod ... Grady
Josie Lloyd ... Dorothy

Description: Harrison Fell is an advertising executive who comes with a brilliant publicity stunt for one of the company's major clients, a safe manufacturer that claims to have created a burglar-proof safe. He asks Sammy Morrisey, once billed as the world's greatest safe cracker, to try to break into the safe. Morrisey isn't keen on the idea as he now has a new profession and has tried to put those days behind him. As an incentive, Morrisey is told that an envelope with $50,000 will be put in the safe and if he can break in, he gets to keep the money. Morrisey accepts the offer, with surprising results for all.

Episode 22 - The big score


Rafael Campos ... Gino
Evans Evans ... Dora
Tom Gilleran ... Mike
Phillip Reed ... Mr. Fellowes
Nick Sills ... Arne
Jesse Jacobs ... Ozzie
Joseph Trapaso ... Murphy

Description: While Dora's babysitting, her boyfriend and two of his pals show up. They clearly intend to rob the house but are caught in the act when the owner returns home unexpectedly. They steal a large sum of money but one of the young hoods, Gino, stabs the owner and Dora offers to call the police with a good story. Gino agrees but is worried that they not give themselves away but soon realizes that one of his gang has already fenced a lighter stolen from the house. Turns out the homeowner had a reason for having a large sum of money on hand.

Episode 23 - Profit-sharing scheme


Henry Jones ... Miles Cheever
Ruth Storey ... Mrs. Cheever
Rebecca Sand ... Anita
Frank Maxwell ... Rudy
Stephanie Hill ... Miss Lemmon
Humphrey Davis ... Mr. Dougherty

Description: It's Miles Cheever's last day at work as he is retiring after 20 years of service. His boss and colleagues throw a little farewell party for him at the office and give him his going away present, a plain pen and pencil set. At home with his wife, they review his plans to empty the vault at work, which he manages to do without difficulty. It seems Cheever is leading a double life however and plans on running off with his girlfriend. When their airplane is delayed because of a bomb threat, they face the risk of being discovered.

Episode 24 - Apex


Patricia Breslin ... Margo
Vivienne Segal ... Clara
Mark Miller ... Claude
George Kane ... Mr. Weeks

Description: Claude is a successful business executive whose wife, Clara, owns the company he heads. He is also having a affair with his attractive neighbour, Margo. Claude's wife suspects her husband of having an affair and has made it quite clear that he would get nothing in a divorce settlement. Claude had every intention of killing his wife but when it comes time, he simply can't do it and suggests they hire a hit man to do the deed. Margo decides to take charge of the situation, however. Unfortunately, they find themselves working at cross purposes with unexpected results.

Episode 25 - The last remains


Ed Gardner ... Marvin Foley
John Fiedler ... Amos
Walter Kinsella ... Lt. Morgan
Lennie Weinrib ... Stanley
Molly Ryder ... The Girl
Gail Bonney ... The Librarian

Description: Amos Duff is a mortician whose business is failing. The bills are piling up and Amos laments the fact that he has never sold his top of the line class A funeral. He does finally get a client when Marvin Foley makes arrangements for his business partner's funeral. Supposedly, the partner was killed in a car accident but Amos discovers a bullet wound. Foley agrees to buy the class A funeral provided Amos cremates the body but after several months has yet to settle his final account for the funeral. With the body cremated Foley refuses to pay but Amos reports the case to the police with a convincing piece of evidence.

Episode 26 - Ten o'clock tiger


Robert Keith ... Arthur 'The Professor' Duffy
Frankie Darro ... Boots
Karl Lukas ... Soldier Fresno
Syl Lamont ... The Attendant
Andy Romano ... The Cop
Charles Perry ... The Handler

Description: Boots Murphy tries to convince his friend Arthur Duffy to bet on a particular horse. Turns out Boots has developed a secret formula that will turn any nag into a stallion. Arthur is a boxing manager and knows nothing about horses but he convinces Boots to inject a has-been fighter, Soldier Fresno. The drug apparently works wonders and Soldier wins a big fight so his manager sets him up for fight after fight. When Soldier finally gets a shot at the title, Arthur decides to up the dosage with unexpected results.

Episode 27 - Act of faith


George Grizzard ... Alan Chatterton
Dennis King ... Mr. Temple
Florence MacMichael ... Alice
Jenö Mate ... Luigi
Alan Campbell ... The Show-Biz Man
Mary Grace Canfield ... Bookstore Customer

Description: Ralston Temple is a successful novelist who receives a letter from struggling writer Alan Chatterton asking him for comments on the first three chapters of his book. Temple invites him to his apartment and Chatterton asks him for a loan of $40 per week for six months to allow him to finish his novel. Over time, the loans grow larger and Temple has yet to see anything of the novel. At a restaurant one evening, Temple sees Chatterton entertaining a group of friends and learns that he is a regular patron. Thinking he has been swindled, Temple throws him out. Only later does he realize that he may have been hasty.

Episode 28 - The Kerry blue


Gene Evans ... Ned Malley
Carmen Mathews ... Thelma Malley
John Zaremba ... Dr. Chaff
Robert Reiner ... The Doctor
David Carlile ... The Detective
G. Warren Smith ... The Intern

Description: Ned Mallie loves his 13-year old dog Annie, a Kerry Blue. So much so that his wife Thelma accuses him of caring more for the dog than her. When Ned returns from a business trip, Thelma has bad news: Annie died a few days after he left and she buried her in the woods. Because Thelma did not call a vet, Ned is convinced that she buried Annie alive and slowly plots his revenge.

Episode 29 - The matched pearl


John Ireland ... Captain McCabe
Ernest Truex ... Wilkens
Émile Genest ... Laurent DuBois
Michael King ... Conroy
Charlotte Knight ... Cleaning Woman
Sharon Farrell ... Lolly Wilkens

Description: Laurent Dubois is a jeweler who manages to sell a magnificent black pearl for $4000. Turns out the buyer's wife doesn't know what to do with only one pearl and insists that they find another. Dubois returns to the pearl's original owner, Captain McCabe, to see if he can find another. McCabe feels that he was cheated on the first deal and he refuses Dubois' offer to double the original price if he can find a second pearl. Dubois eventually gets the pearl and a bit of a surprise as well.

Episode 30 - What frightened you, Fred?


R.G. Armstrong ... Fred Riordan
Edward Asner ... Warden Bragan
Adam Williams ... Doctor
Steve Peck ... Tony Wando
Eve McVeagh ... Mae
Kreg Martin ... Kowalski

Description: Fred Riordan is an ex-con who is re-arrested less than 48 hours after his release on parole. He served four years for robbery and on his release, seems like a mild mannered man who is intent on making a go of it. He recounts to the warden and prison psychiatrist the events during his two days of freedom as they try to determine what may have caused him to get drunk and break up a bar in his old neighborhood. The psychiatrist is convinced that something in the outside world frightened him and probes to determine exactly what that was. Little do they know that there is something altogether different taking place.

Episode 31 - Most likely to suceed


Jack Carter ... Stanley Towers
Joanna Moore ... Louise Towers
Howard Morris ... Dave Sumner
King Calder ... Stanley's Attorney
Bruce Andersen ... Stanley's Business Associate
Walter Kinsella ... Anderson

Description: Dave Sumner drops in on his old college friend Stanley Towers, whom he hasn't seen for 20 years. Dave has fallen on hard times and actually never amounted to much, even though he was president of his class and had been voted 'most likely to succeed'. Towers on the other hand made his first million by age 32 and is very well off. As a favor, Towers offers Dave a job doing different tasks around the house, serving drinks at parties and so on. Mrs. Towers is also unhappy and confides in Dave that her husband is a workaholic and is involved in unethical deals like charging work on the house to the company and putting relatives on the payroll at inflated salaries. Towers eventually fires Dave in a jealous rage but it turns out Dave is not quite who he seems to be.

Episode 32 - Victim four


Peggy Ann Garner ... Madeline Drake
John Lupton ... Ralph Morrow
Paul Comi ... Joe Drake
Bryan O'Byrne ... Mr. Tuttle
Nesdon Booth ... The Bartender
Stephanie Hill ... The Young Girl

Description: Joe Drake has been having a rough time. After he and his wife Madeline suffered a serious fall, he shattered his leg and has since required several operations. He can't work and his wife, who escaped fall with only a concussion, is the only earner working as a waitress. When she is late coming home from work one evening, he becomes concerned, mostly because of a series of grisly murders and a killer the press have called The Butcher. He sets off looking for her with a one-time rival for Madeline's affection, Ralph Morrow. He is desperate to find her but eventually comes face to face with the killer, knife in hand.

Episode 33 - The opportunity


Richard Long ... Paul Devore
Coleen Gray ... Mrs. Lois Callen
Rebecca Sand ... Kate Devore
Olive Dunbar ... Mrs. Ranwiller

Description: Paul Devore is an unhappily married department store manager who hatches a scheme to avoid sharing any community property with his wife, who loathes him. He blackmails a thirty-something shoplifter into coming to his house the following Sunday evening. Assuming he was going to force her to have sex, she is surprised to find the master bedroom ransacked and all of the valuables missing. She realizes Devore has staged a robbery and all he wants the shoplifter to do is tie him to the bed to make it look like a robbery. But what will Mrs. Devore say when she gets home and finds her husband in this state?

Episode 34 - The twelve hour caper


Dick York ... Herbert Wiggam
Sarah Marshall ... Miss Pomfritt
Wendell Holmes ... Sylvester Tupper
Gage Clarke ... Frisbee
Charles Carlson ... Lawrence Westbrook
Ned Wever ... Hargis

Description: Herbert Wiggam has been the assistant cashier at his securities trading firm for 11 years. He has always been a loyal employee but things may be changing. He's advised by his boss that he will not be getting the head cashier position as that will going to another employee, who just happens to be his wife's favorite nephew. Wiggam goes ahead with an elaborate plan to steal $500,000 in bearer bonds that are scheduled for delivery late on a Friday afternoon. He's planned everything down to the minute - but has he forgotten one important factor?

Episode 35 - The children of Alda Nuova


Jack Carson ... Frankie Fane
Stefan Schnabel ... Siani
Thano Rama ... Paolo
Lidia Vana ... The Old Woman
David Fresco ... The Cripple
Carlo Tricoli ... Man in the Village
Christy Cummins ... Gina

Description: Frankie Fane is an American who has been in Rome for about six weeks and is starting to get bored. He hasn't picked up much of the language, and has visited most of the tourist sites in Rome itself. A fellow American suggests that he rent a car and visit some old ruins just a short drive from the city. When he gets there he finds the villagers unfriendly, and a large group of teenagers that constantly follow him around. He quickly realizes that he may be in trouble, but it may also be the case that he gets what he deserves.

Episode 36 - First class honeymoon


Robert Webber ... Edward Gibson
Jeremy Slate ... Carl Seabrook
James Flavin ... Tony - The Doorman
Kim Hamilton ... The Maid
Elaine Martone ... Marian Seabrook
John Abbott ... Mr. Munro

Description: Edward Gibson is newly divorced and a very happy man. He's less happy when he learns that his ex-wife Gloria commissioned a portrait of herself for $2500. He refuses to pay and asks his friend Carl, who's now seeing his ex-wife, to buy the painting. Carl has something else in mind: he offers to marry Gloria, for a price, thus saving his friend alimony payments. Edward accepts his friend's offer and gives him $5000. Only problem is that Carl has a somewhat different plan in mind.

Episode 37 - The big kick


Wayne Rogers ... Kenneth
Anne Helm ... Judy
Frances Morris ... The Landlady
Thomas Bellin ... Monk
Rees Vaughn ... Bruce
Martin Clark ... Kong
Jan Conaway ... Connie

Description: Ken is a square university professor who likes hanging around with a group of beatniks. At a party he meets Judy who is down and out and can't buy food, let alone pay the rent. Urged on by her boyfriend Mitch, Judy agrees to go out on a date with Ken in the hopes of getting some money out of him. When the professor gives her an expensive bracelet, Mitch tries to hawk it with interesting results. Ken is obviously one step ahead of them and little do they realize what is in store.

Episode 38 - Where beauty lies


George Nader ... Collin Hardy
Cloris Leachman ... Caroline Hardy
Pamela Curran ... Joan Blake
Charles Carlson ... Paul Ross
Raymond Bailey ... The Doctor
Marilyn Clark ... Julie Ross

Description: Caroline Hardy lives with her handsome brother Collin. She is in her 30's, is unmarried and thinks of herself as ugly and unattractive. She thinks the world of Collin, a well-known stage actor and keeps house for him. She sees them drifting apart however, particularly as Collin seems ever closer to his girlfriend Joan. Caroline hatches a plot to ensure that Collin will forever be dependent on her and will shun all outside contact.

Episode 39 - The sorcerer's apprentice


Diana Dors ... Irene
Brandon De Wilde ... Hugo
David J. Stewart ... Sadini
Larry Kert ... George

Description: The Great Sadini finds a young man passed out from hunger on the carnival grounds and takes him inside to his trailer. The boy, Hugo, proves to be simple. His first thought on waking is that he is dead and that Sadini and his wife are the devil and an angel. He's nearly right -- but he has the roles reversed. Sadini's compassion prompts him to take the kid under his wing and teach him about magic. The wife's cold heart leads her to beg the manipulable boy to commit murder.

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Fallen angel (1945) - little known film noir from director Otto Preminger, starring Dana Andrews, Alice Faye and Linda Darnell

Rating 7.2/10
Runtime: 98 min
Language: English
Country: USA
Directed by: Otto Preminger
IMDb Link:


Alice Faye ... June Mills
Dana Andrews ... Eric Stanton
Linda Darnell ... Stella
Charles Bickford ... Mark Judd
Anne Revere ... Clara Mills
Bruce Cabot ... Dave Atkins
John Carradine ... Professor Madley
Percy Kilbride ... Pop

Description: While traveling to San Francisco, the drifter Eric Stanton is thrown off a bus late night in Walton for not having enough money for the ticket. He wanders to the "Pop's Eats" diner, where he meets the sexy waitress Stella, an easy woman who usually dates clients after-hours. Eric has a crush on her but Stella tells him that he doesn't have enough money to make her happy. Eric decides to seduce the lonely June Mills, a wealthy woman living with her controlling sister, Clara, in order to get more money and so end up with Stella. Eric goes to San Francisco with June and Clara, and marries June. They return to Walton and on their wedding night, Eric sneaks out in the hopes of meeting up with Stella but she already has a date for the night. The next morning, Stella is found murdered and the brutal investigator Mark Judd is assigned to the case. When Eric becomes the prime-suspect, he investigates the murder seeking the identity of the real killer.







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Video : 1.32 GB, 1950 Kbps, 23.976 fps, 768x576 (4:3), V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC x264 core 148
Audio : 133/133 MB (main/commentary), 192/192 Kbps, 48000 Hz, 2/2 channels, 0x55 = AC3/AC3, CBR/CBR

Subtitles (English closed captions embedded in a movie, to play them choose Subtitle=>Sub Track in VLC Player and separate English (including hearing impaired), Spanish, French, Portuguese-Brazilian, Greek) posters and screenshots included

Dual audio track information

This movie contains two audio tracks, one is original English, and the other is commentary by film and arts critic Adrian Martin. You can use VLC Player to easily choose between any of audio tracks (Audio => Audio track and switch to main audio track on Track 1, additional track on Track 2)