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Alfred Hitchcock Presents – Season 4, episodes 1-18

First part of Alfred Hitchcock Presents' fourth season, containing episodes 1-18, the rest of episodes will be posted within next two or three weeks. English subtitles included.

Episode 1 - Poison


Wendell Corey ... Timber Woods
James Donald ... Harry Pope
Arnold Moss ... Dr. Ganderbay
Weaver Levy ... Dr. Ganderbay's assistant

Description: Harry Pope is lying in bed, and discovers that there is a sleeping snake on his stomach...

Episode 2 - Don't interrupt


Chill Wills ... Mr. Kilmer
Cloris Leachman ... Mary Templeton
Biff McGuire ... Larry Templeton
Peter Lazer ... Johnny Templeton
Scatman Crothers ... Timothy, the Waiter
Jack Mulhall ... Conductor

Description: Radio warns of a mental patient escaped from a hospital into a severe New Mexico blizzard. At the rail-stop near the sanitarium, a huge, old cowboy boards the train and calms a rattled family with tall tales of the West, as the besieged train grinds to a halt. Totally entranced is the family's young boy, dressed as a gunslinger. Is the patient the old cowpoke ?

Episode 3 - The jokester


Albert Salmi ... Mr. Bradley
Roscoe Ates ... Pop Henderson
James Coburn ... Andrews
Jay Jostyn ... Morgan
Arthur Batanides ... The Police Sergeant
James Kirkwood Jr. ... Dave (as Jim Kirkwood Jr.)
Charles Watts ... The Police Captain
Baynes Barron ... The Bartender

Description: A practical joker plays one joke too many and is punched and knocked unconscious. To the concerned bar owner he appears dead so he makes plans to dump the body in a bad part of town. But considering the jokester's reputation his demise might not be quite true.

Episode 4 - The crooked road


Richard Kiley ... Harry Sampson Adams
Walter Matthau ... Officer Chandler
Patricia Breslin ... Mrs. Adams
Richard Erdman ... Charlie Brown
Charles Watts ... Judge
Peter Dane ... Officer Bleeker

Description: Harry Adams and his wife are driving cross-country through a rural Deep South town when a local speed trap ensnares the young couple. The corrupt redneck police officer, Chandler, arrests them and attempts to extort money from them. The more sophisticated and civilized vacationers from the Big Apple protest their innocence. But the worse they protest, the more the charges, cost & beatings inflicted by Officer Chandler and the entire town of corrupt rednecks becomes. Even Mrs. Adams sincere attempts to mollify the highway robbery patrol doesn't work. How bad can get it get? Yet, the "victim" Mr. Adams, as well as his wife, are not who they appear to be...

Episode 5 - The $2,000,000 defense


Barry Sullivan ... Mark Robeson
Leslie Nielsen ... Lloyd Ashley
Wendell Holmes ... Mr. Herrick
Lori March ... Eve Ashley
Herbert Anderson ... John Keller
Edwin Jerome ... Judge Cobb

Description: The fate of accused killer Lloyd Ashley depends on whether or not his lawyer Mark Robson can prove that a gun can fire accidentally, even with the safety catch on.

Episode 6 - Design for loving


Norman Lloyd ... Charles Brailing
Marian Seldes ... Lydia Brailing
Elliott Reid ... Tom Smith
Barbara Baxley ... Anne Smith

Description: In a near future, a drone seeks escape from his dull job, & his wife's constant demands. Charles Brailing longs to chuck it all and fly down to Rio a la Fred Astaire. Sharing his dilemma with another middle age crazy hubby, Brailing toys around in his basement workshop to supply an answer which should satisfy all parties, even the lovely Lydia - an android duplicate.

Episode 7 - Man with a problem


Gary Merrill ... Carl J. Adams
Peter Mark Richman ... Officer Steve Barrett (as Mark Richman)
Elizabeth Montgomery ... Karen Adams
Ken Lynch ... Police Lieutenant
Alex Gerry ... Doctor
Bartlett Robinson ... Hotel Manager

Description: Karen Adams' infidelity drives her husband Carl to attempt suicide by jumping from a high window ledge at a hotel. Can police officer Barrett stop him?

Episode 8 - Safety for the witness


Art Carney ... Cyril T. Jones
Robert Bray ... Lieutenant Flannely
James Westerfield ... Commissioner Cummings
Mary Scott ... Miss Copeland - Nurse
Karl 'Killer' Davis ... Dan Foley (as Karl Davis)
George Greco ... Tom - D. A. (as George Greico)
James Flavin ... Joe Felix

Description: How long can a witness to another witness being gunned down survive in the Roaring 20s U.S. ? The trigger-men are prized customers of eyewitness no. 2, timid gunsmith Cyril T. Jones who withstands 3 bullets from his clients. Jonesy stalls while hospitalized, pretending he can't talk, whenever the law tries to interrogate him.

Episode 9 - Murder me twice


Phyllis Thaxter ... Lucy Pryor
Tom Helmore ... Miles John Farnham
Alan Marshal ... Mr. William Pryor
Ward Costello ... William G. Burke
Herbert Anderson ... George Thompson
Liz Carr ... Adele Thompson

Description: At a house party, Lucy Prior allows herself to be hypnotized by Miles Farnham. While under his spell, she claims to be a woman living in 1859 and in the process of describing what she did, picks up a pair of scissors and kills her husband. In looking into the case, the coroner determines that in 1859 a woman did just as Lucy described but is suspicious that this could be a sham. At the inquest, Miles suggests that he hypnotize Lucy, with unexpected consequences.

Episode 10 - Tea time


Margaret Leighton ... Iris Teleton
Marsha Hunt ... Blanche Herbert
Murray Matheson ... Oliver Teleton
George Navarro ... Maitre D
Angela Austin ... Young Blonde

Description: Blanche Herbert invites Iris Teleton to tea at a posh restaurant. Blanche and Iris' husband Oliver have been having an affair for some time and she now wants Iris to grant her husband a divorce. Iris flatly refuses but it appears that she too once had an affair, a fact that Blanche is obviously prepared to use to her advantage. Iris is determined not to let her husband go free and sets out to ensure that neither he nor his lover ever spend time together again. Little does she realize exactly what her husband is up to.

Episode 11 - And the desert shall blossom


William Demarest ... Tom Akins
Roscoe Ates ... Ben White
Mike Kellin ... Fugitive Thug
Ben Johnson ... Jeff, the Sheriff
Wesley Lau ... Tex, the Deputy

Description: A killer on the run demands help from 2 cantankerous Western prospectors, when his car breaks down near their remote shack. The old couple already face eviction unless they can demonstrate that they are homesteading, but in a patch of Nevada desert which can barely support a juniper tree, how can they ?

Episode 12 - Mrs. Herman and Mrs. Fenimore


Mary Astor ... Mrs. Fenimore
Russell Collins ... Bill Finley
Doro Merande ... Mrs. Herman
Wesley Lau ... Police Detective

Description: Poor widow Billy Herman plans to speed the demise of the wealthy uncle who lives with her in Boston. A comely new female boarder quickens the hearts of both the niece and the elderly misanthrope. The new tenant, a struggling actress, is perfect casting for the crucial role in the gaslight era murder melodrama the niece has plotted for so long.

Episode 13 - Six people, no music


John McGiver ... Arthur Motherwell
Peggy Cass ... Rhoda Motherwell
Howard Smith ... Stanton C. Barryvale
Joby Baker ... Thor
Wilton Graff ... Fulton Agnew

Description: When wealthy department store owner Barryvale dies, local mortician Art Motherwell anticipates a windfall from a lavish funeral. But the dearly beloved awakens from death to insist the mortician keep expenses to the bare minimum.

Episode 14 - The morning after


Robert Alda ... Ben Nelson
Jeanette Nolan ... Mrs. Trotter
Dorothy Provine ... Sharon Trotter
Fay Wray ... Mrs. Nelson

Description: A mother, distraught about her daughter's affair with a married businessman, confronts him in his office. She has been waiting for a year that he's working on gaining his freedom from his wife, so he can marry the young woman. The middle-aged executive won't waver from his story, but can't persuade the righteous mother to stop interfering.

Episode 15 - A personal matter


Wayne Morris ... Bret Johnson
Joe Maross ... Joe Philips
Frank Silvera ... Mr. Roderiguez
Richard Bermudez ... Doctor
Frank DeKova ... Pedro

Description: Murderer hiding out on a failing mine operation, is discovered by the chief engineer. Both are stuck in this remote area of Mexico for 6 weeks until the company owner's plane returns. With the contract almost up, the accused killer was brought in to spur the dig, in return for refuge. He keeps a gun trained on the engineer, though the engineer assures the hunted man he empathizes with him. Opportunities to kill each other in the shaft are rife, but the fugitive's work is turning the project around.

Episode 16 - Out there - darkness


Bette Davis ... Miss Fox
James Congdon ... Eddie McMahon
Frank Albertson ... Sergeant Kirby
Arthur Marshall ... Jerry

Description: Miss Fox is a wealthy widow who lives alone with her dog, Vanessa. She has an arrangement with one of the building employees, Eddie McMahon, to walk Vanessa but when he asks her for a $50 loan, she refuses. When she walks Vanessa on Eddie's day off, she is mugged and is robbed of her wedding ring. She identifies Eddie as her attacker, though he strongly denies any involvement. A year after being incarcerated for the crime, the police locate her missing ring and the perpetrator of the crime. Eddie is released and gets his old job back but also has something special in mind for Miss Fox.

Episode 17 - Total loss


Nancy Olson ... Jan Manning
Ralph Meeker ... Mel Reeves
Ruth Storey ... Evelyn Wilson
Dave Willock ... Loan Officer
Barbara Lord ... Jan's Sister
Ray Teal ... Fire Chief

Description: Jan Manning is having serious financial problems. She runs a dress shop but sales are down and she doesn't have her late husband's knack at purchasing, the end result being that she has too much inventory. One of her suppliers, Mel Reeves, has a solution: he needs only to hire someone to break in to the shop through the skylight and set it on fire allowing Jan to collect on her insurance policy. But when the shop burns down, Jan tells the insurance investigator what happened, only to be told that no one broke into the shop but that she is nonetheless responsible for setting the fire herself.

Episode 18 - The last dark step


Robert Horton ... Brad Taylor
Fay Spain ... Leslie Lenox
Joyce Meadows ... Janice Wright
Herbert Ellis ... Det. Breslin (as Herb Ellis)
David Carlile ... Det. Langley

Description: Brad Taylor is a real-estate entrepreneur who is engaged to Janice Wright. Unbeknownst to her, Brad is still seeing an old flame, Leslie Lenox, a writer. Leslie doesn't take Brad decision to stop seeing her very well, particularly as she has been paying all of his bills for quite a long time. Leslie makes it very clear that should Brad not drop Janice, she will do everything in her power to ensure he never marries her. Seeing no other way out, Brad decides get rid of Leslie permanently, but is in for a surprise when he gets home to find two detectives waiting for him.

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