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Tom and Jerry - classic animation series PART2 (1946-1949)

Here's the second set of episodes (1946-1949)


23. Springtime for Thomas - It's spring, and Tom is much more interested in the female cat next door than in Jerry.

24. The milky waif - Jerry finds himself in charge of a foundling mouse called Nibbles, who is eager to steal milk from Tom's bowl and oblivious to the danger.

25. Trap happy - Tom calls the exterminators, but they send a cat, who despite his various tools, doesn't fare much better than Tom usually does.

26. Solid serenade - Tom's love song (Is You Is, or Is You Ain't My Baby) to his girlfriend Toots wakes up Jerry, so he unties Spike.


27. Cat fishin' - Tom is a feline fisherman, Jerry is his live bait, and Spike is the bulldog guarding the lake.

28. Part time pal - Tom becomes Jerry's friend after falling into a barrel of cider while chasing him.

29. The cat concerto - Jerry is determined to disrupt Tom's concert while Tom fights him with the piano without missing a single note.

30. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse - Tom, sick of Jerry stealing the milk out of his bowl, poisons it. Instead of killing the mouse, the potion transforms him into a muscular beast.

31. Salt water tabby - It's a grand day at the beach for Tom and his girlfriend Toots - that is, until Jerry shows up and, for a while, gets a rather vicious crab involved as well.

32. A mouse in the house - Mammy Two-Shoes tells Tom and Butch that the cat who gets rid of the icebox-raiding, breadbox-invading mouse is the one who can stay.

33. The invisible mouse - Tom chases Jerry into a bottle of invisible ink, and Jerry then proceeds to have fun torturing Tom.


34. Kitty foiled - Tom subjects Jerry to his usual harassment; but the cat finds a new enemy, and the mouse finds a new friend, in the canary of the house.

35. The truce hurts - Tom, Jerry and Butch sign a peace treaty.

36. Old rockin' chair Tom - Mammy Two-Shoes replaces Tom with a younger cat who is a lightning-quick mouser. Tom and Jerry form an alliance in order to get rid of this dangerous newcomer.

37. Professor Tom - Tom, complete with mortarboard, is teaching a kitten the basics: "cats chase mice." But Jerry keeps subverting this lesson at every opportunity, adding his own phrases, like "cats and mice are chums." Eventually, Jerry gets Tom locked out of the house.

38. Mouse cleaning - Mammy Two-Shoes threatens to throw Tom out of the house if he makes a mess. Jerry sees an opportunity to rid himself of his feline nemesis.


39. Polka-Dot puss - Tom pretends to have a cold in order to trick Mammy into letting him stay inside for the night. Jerry tricks Tom by making him think he really is sick - with the measles.

40. The little orphan - The Bide-a-Wee Mouse Home has sent the orphan mouse, Nibbles, to spend Thanksgiving with Jerry. But Jerry's cupboard is bare, and Nibbles is always hungry. They start by raiding Tom's milk...

41. Hatch up your troubles - A baby woodpecker mistakes Jerry for his mother. The mouse rejects the newly hatched bird but soon finds himself protecting it against his feline nemesis, Tom.

42. Heavenly puss - Tom is "killed" while chasing Jerry as usual. He goes to heaven and meets the cat who meets dead cats boarding the "Heavenly Express." Tom is given one hour to have Jerry sign a letter of forgiveness. If Jerry signs, he goes to heaven; if he doesn't then he goes to hell.

43. The cat and the mermouse - A day at the beach. Tom wants to lay in the sand, but his rest is disturbed by Jerry, who walks by to go fishing. Tom ends up falling off the end of the pier as he chases Jerry and lands underwater, where he encounters a mermaid whose top half looks just like Jerry.

44. Love that pup - When a bulldog threatens Tom to keep away from his puppy, Jerry realizes that sticking close to the boy is the best way to keep away his feline tormentor.

45. Jerry's diary - The kiddie radio host, Uncle Dudley, reminds his listeners that it is "Be kind to animals" week. Tom resolves to be kind to his mouse-nemesis, Jerry, but the cat changes his mind after sneaking a look at Jerry's diary.

46. Tennis chumps - Tom and Butch compete against each other by playing tennis.







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