Saturday, March 20, 2010

The African Queen (1951) - Katharine Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart in his only Oscar-winning adventure classic

Rating 7.9/10
Runtime: 105 min
Language: English/German/Swahili
Country: USA
Directed by: John Huston
IMDb Link:


Humphrey Bogart ... Charlie Allnut
Katharine Hepburn ... Rose Sayer
Robert Morley ... Rev. Samuel Sayer
Peter Bull ... Captain of Louisa
Theodore Bikel ... First Officer
Walter Gotell ... Second Officer
Peter Swanwick ... First Officer of Shona
Richard Marner ... Second Officer of Shona

Description: September 1914, news reaches the colony German Eastern Africa that its motherland is at war, so Reverend Samuel Sayer became a hostile foreigner; German imperial troops burn down his mission, driving him mad- shortly after his well-educated, snooty sister Rose Sayer buries him and leaves by the only available transport, the crummy river steamboat 'African Queen' of grumpy boorish compatriot Charlie Allnut. As if a long difficult journey without any comfort weren't bad enough for such odd companions, she is determined to find a way to do their bit for the British war effort (and revenge her brother) and aims high as God is obviously on their side: construct their own equipment, a torpedo and the converted steamboat, to take out a huge German warship, the Louisa, which is hard to find on the giant lake and first of all to reach, in fact as daunting an expedition as nobody attempted since the late adventurous explorer John Speakes, but she presses till Charlie accepts to steam up the Ulana, about to brave a German fort, raging rapids, very bloodthirsty parasites and the endlessly branching stream which seems to go nowhere but impenetrable swamps... Despite fierce rows and moral antagonism between a bossy devout abstentionist and a free-spirited libertine drunk loner, the two bachelors grow closer to each-other as their quest drags on...






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Video : 1.57 GB, 2235 Kbps, 23.976 fps, 720x478 ~> 720x540 (4:3), V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC x264 core 110
Audio : 138 MB, 192 Kbps, 48000 Hz, 2 channels, 0x55 = AC3, CBR

Also included "Embracing Chaos: Making The African Queen" — this comprehensive documentary takes a look back at the production with commentary about the cast, the challenges of the filming locations and how the spectacular cinematography impacted the industry overall. Includes on-camera interviews with notable Hollywood icons, critics and crew members from the film including Martin Scorsese, Tony Huston, Richard Schickel and more, plus never-before-seen archival images and home movie footage provided by the estate of cinematographer Jack Cardiff.

Subtitles (English, Chinese closed captions embedded in a movie, to play them choose Subtitle=>Sub Track in VLC Player and separate English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, French, Greek, Polish, Turkish, German, Dutch, Italian, Swedish, Czech, Serbian) posters and screenshots included

Thursday, March 18, 2010

We got some serious "reporters" here

I knowthat is not the first time, but now it is starting to really piss me off...

4th season of Alfred Hitchcock Presents reported twice... and it was not posted anywhere else but on the blog only, second re-upload lasted no longer than 3 days if I am not wrong, also some of the episodes from seasons 1-3 were also reported, as of now almost all of them are dead


Charade, Saboteur, The birds and Psycho deleted too, that gives something like 20 GB deleted within couple of hours

If I only knew who is that little prank...

Monday, March 15, 2010

Your help needed + .info crash

Hi, I need some of your help guys

Last days one of my HDD drives crashed, and for that reason I will not be able to provide re-uploads for deleted episodes from second season of Alfred Hitchcock Presents, if any of you got episodes 20-21, 23-25, 27-33, 35, 36, 39 and wanna help me, please contact me by leaving comment

Thanks in advance

EDIT: Some of you contacted me on that matter, please leave me your contact details in comments or send e-mail to

Also, new issue arised today, as for some strange reason site, that I am also running as kind of a backup if something happens to blogspot site, reached very high CPU usage statistics in last 3 days, and for that reason it has been suspended

I am not sure if I can make it running again without spending extra money, so until I contact my friend that offered my his hosting long time ago, the site might be inactive for some time, it might be anything from 24 hours to 3-4 days