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Edge of doom (1950) - another lesser known film noir from director Mark Robson, starring Farley Granger and Dana Andrews

Rating 6.6/10
Runtime: 99 min
Language: English
Country: USA
Directed by: Mark Robson
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Dana Andrews ... Father Thomas Roth
Farley Granger ... Martin Lynn
Joan Evans ... Rita Conroy
Robert Keith ... Detect. Lieutenant Mandel
Paul Stewart ... Mr. Craig
Mala Powers ... Julie
Adele Jergens ... Irene
Harold Vermilyea ... Father Kirkman
John Ridgely ... 1st Detective

Description: St. Stephen's is a poor Catholic parish, the neighborhood in which it is located the home of many down-and-outers, who are just trying to survive. One of the more devout of the parishioners was Mrs. Martin Lynn, who just passed away. Her son, Martin Lynn Jr., is a hard working, conscientious young man, who feels the church has done his family no good. Unable to pay for a lavish funeral for his mother which he feels he owes her, unable to convince the church to do so on his behalf, and unforgiving of the fact that the church would not sanction even a burial for his father who committed suicide years ago, Martin, in a fit of violence, kills the seemingly unsympathetic senior parish priest, Father Kirkman, who admitted that he lost touch with his parishioners in his later years. Following the killing, Martin, not wanting to implicate his loving girlfriend Julie in the crime, tries desperately to find anyone else to help him arrange the lavish funeral. As he is denied at every turn, he begins to alienate those around him. The only person who can at least assist and who Martin hasn't alienated is the parish's junior priest, Father Roth. When Father Roth discovers through other means that Martin killed Father Kirkman, Father Roth prays that Martin will do what's best for his immortal soul.






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