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Alfred Hitchcock Presents - Season 3, episodes 1-19

These are previously posted episodes of third season of Alfred Hitchcock Presents show, that were deleted and now got re-uploaded. Several posts were merged into one bigger containing episodes 1-19, the rest of Season three will be posted soon. English subtitles included.

Episode 1 - The glass eye


Jessica Tandy ... Julia Lester
Tom Conway ... Max Collodi
Rosemary Harris ... Dorothy
William Shatner ... Jim Whitely

Description: hile cleaning out the apartment of his dead sister Julia, Jim Whitely comes across a strange glass eye and tells to his wife the story of how his sister acquired it. Julia had fallen in love with a famous ventriloquist named Max Collodi. She had been to all his performances and had sent letters requesting to meet him. One day, Max agreed to meet her. She arrived to his hotel room and found him sitting in darkness with his small dummy George. As they talked, Julia tried to touch Max. She screamed as his body fell to the floor and one of his glass eyes fell rolling on the carpet. George stood up and angrily asked her to leave. It was Max who was the dummy and George was the ventriloquist.

Episode 2 - Mail order prophet


E.G. Marshall ... Ronald J. Grimes
Jack Klugman ... George Benedict
Judson Pratt ... Postmaster
Barbara Townsend ... Secretary
Ken Christy ... Boss

Description: One day, Ronald Grimes receives a letter from a Mr. Christianai who says he can predict the future. The letter correctly predicts the outcome of an upcoming election. More letters follow and through gambling, Grimes acquires a large amount of money. A final letter from Christianai asks for a contribution. Grimes gives it quite willingly. Later Grimes finds out that Christiani was a fraud. He was really a con man who sent out thousands of letters half of them predicting one kind of outcome, and the other half predicting another. Grimes was luck: he got the right predictions time after time.

Episode 3 - The perfect crime


Vincent Price ... Charles Courtney
James Gregory ... John Gregory
Gavin Gordon ... Ernest West
Marianne Stewart ... Alice West

Description: An arrogant detective, Charles Courtney, prides himself on never having committed a single mistake in his long and distinguished career. He keeps a shelf of labeled mementos from each of his cases. On the shelf there is an open space and a blank tag for what Courtney calls "The Perfect Crime". One day a defense lawyer stuns Courtney when he confronts him with evidence that the detective helped convict an innocent man who has since been executed. Courtney kills the lawyer, bakes him in a pottery kiln, and places the vase in the open space on his shelf as a memento to his perfect crime.

Episode 4 - Heart of gold


Mildred Dunnock ... Martha Collins
Darryl Hickman ... Jackie Blake
Nehemiah Persoff ... Ralph Collins
Ed Binns ... Mr. Brown

Description: Jackie Blake is released from prison after serving time for a bank robbery. A friend from prison arranges for Jackie to stay with his mother. Jackie does this and is accepted into the convict's family. Gradually, his attitude toward life changes. He gets a job and is quite content. Later, he learns that the family's hospitality was merely a front and that they took him in only to find out where he hid the stolen money from his bank job.

Episode 5 - Silent witness


Don Taylor ... Prof. Donald Mason
Dolores Hart ... Claudia Powell
Patricia Hitchcock ... Nancy Mason
Harry Bellaver ... Police Sgt. Waggoner

Description: Donald Mason is a married professor who wants to end a romance with one of his students. He stops by while she is babysitting. He tries to end the relationship, but she threatens to expose him. He kills her and leaves a witness: the screaming baby she was watching. Later, Mason runs into the infant in a carriage on the street. At the sight of him the baby screams and cries. Haunted by the child's screams, Mason gives himself up. Later, however, he discovers that the baby has only been around women his entire life. It screams whenever any man comes near.

Episode 6 - Reward to finder


Jo Van Fleet ... Anna Kaminsky
Oskar Homolka ... Carl Kaminsky
Claude Akins ... Cop

Description: Carl Kaminsky finds a wallet containing a lot of money. He sees an ad in the paper asking for its return. His wife tells him to give the wallet back, but Carl lies to her and tells her he already did so. When she sees the ad again, she realizes he kept the cash for himself. She gives him a choice: either let her shop at an expensive store or she'll call the police. John opts for the former. When she goes on a buying spree, however, he realizes there is not enough to share. His wife comes to the same conclusion.

Episode 7 - Enough rope for two


Jean Hagen ... Madge Griffin
Steven Hill ... Joe Kedzie
Steve Brodie ... Maxie

Description: Joe Kedzie is released from prison after committing a robbery. Only Joe knows where the money is hidden: at the bottom of a mine shaft out in the desert. Maxie and Madge find Joe when he goes to retrieve the money. He agrees to cut them in. Maxie gets greedy and Joe shoots him. Unfortunately, he also puts a hole in their only canteen. Joe lowers himself down the mineshaft with a rope to retrieve the money. He ties the money to the rope and sends it up. When he tries to climb out, Madge cuts the rope and he falls and breaks his leg. Madge tries to get away, but discovers that Joe has the keys to the truck.

Episode 8 - Last request


Harry Guardino ... Gerald 'Gerry' Daniels
Cara Williams ... Mona Carstairs
Hugh Marlowe ... District Attorney Bernard Butler
Karin Booth ... Sheila Raymond

Description: Gerald Daniels is granted a last request on the eve of his execution. He asks for a typewriter. He writes a letter to a newspaper that recounts his criminal career. In the letter he explains how he once murdered a waitress who was trying to blackmail him, how the D.A. convicted her ex-husband of the crime, and how the man had been executed. He writes that he, now, is in the same position: he is going to be executed for a crime he did not commit. Before his death, he wants to testify that the D.A. is not only a sloppy prosecutor, but also a murderer.

Episode 9 - The young one


Carol Lynley ... Janice
Vince Edwards ... Tex
Stephen Joyce ... Stan
Jeanette Nolan ... Aunt Mae
Rusty Lane ... Sheriff Matt

Description: Janice is a beautiful 17 year old who longs to be free from the influence of her guardian Aunt May. She also wants to get out of the small town she's in. She asks her boyfriend Stan to marry her so that they can run away. Since he doesn't have a job, he keeps putting of the marriage. Janice do something herself. She meets a man named Tex and lures him home for a drink. When she hears a car outside she starts fighting with Tex. She rips her clothes and knocks over furniture. A policeman who sees Janice with Tex enters the house. Upon entering the house, he discovers Aunt May's body. Janice tells the policeman that Tex killed her. The policeman accepts the girl's story. Then, however, Stan arrives. Having gotten a job he had come by the house to take Janice away. He found Aunt May's body lying in the spot where Janice left it after pushing her down the stairs.

Episode 10 - The diplomatic corpse


Peter Lorre ... Tomas Salgado
George Peppard ... Evan Wallace
Mary Scott ... Janet Wallace
Isobel Elsom ... Mrs. Tait, Janet's Aunt
John Verros ... Police Chief Miguel Herrera

Description: Evan Wallace and his wife Janet take Janet's wealthy mother on an sightseeing trip to Mexico. Janet's Mother suddenly dies in the back seat of their car. They cover the body and stop at a café for a soothing drink. When they return, they discover that the car has been stolen. Since they need the body to claim their inheritance, they hire a detective. The detective eventually finds the body at a funeral home. He says he will ship the body to Los Angeles for a small "fee". The Wallac'es agree and pay him. Upon arriving in Los Angeles, a doctor pronounces the body dead but he notes that the body is not that of a woman, but an old Mexican Man.

Episode 11 - The deadly


Phyllis Thaxter ... Margot Brenner
Lee Philips ... Jack Staley
Craig Stevens ... Lewis Brenner
Frank Gerstle ... Police Sgt. Thompson

Description: A plumber is blackmailing several suburban housewives. When he confronts his latest victim, Margot Brenner, he runs into a dead end. She catches onto his scam and uses his own method to bring him to down.

Episode 12 - Miss Paisley`s cat


Dorothy Stickney ... Emma Paisley
Raymond Bailey ... Inspector Graun
Harry Tyler ... Bob Jenkins
Fred Graham ... Rinditch

Description: Miss Paisley adopts a stray cat. She names him Stanley. Stanley sneaks into the room of the violent tempered Mr. Rinditch. He tells Miss Paisley to keep the cat out of his room, but she fails. The cat sneaks into his apartment and Rinditch kills it. When Miss Paisley finds out, she grabs a knife to kill Rinditch, but she has second thoughts. She sits down and falls asleep. In the morning she wakes up wearing different clothes. The knife is also missing. She discovers that Rinditch has been stabbed to death and that a janitor has been charged with the crime. She is convinced she is the murderer but the police don't believe her. The janitor is later convicted and executed. Miss Paisley then discovers Stanley's collar. She remembers the murder. She did kill Rinditch and threw her bloodstained clothes and knife into a river. She now does the same thing with Stanley's collar so that no one can trace the crime to her.

Episode 13 - Night of the execution


Pat Hingle ... Warren Selvy
Georgann Johnson ... Doreen Selvy
Russell Collins ... Ed Barnes
Harry Jackson ... Hank Vance
Vinton Haworth ... Sidney

Description: D.A. Warren Selvy learns that he's on bad political ground because of his low conviction rate. He decides to vigorously prosecute a man named Rodman. He wins the murder case and Rodman is sentenced to die. After the sentence, however, Selvey meets a man named Barnes who claims to have committed the crimes. Selvey is now being considered a candidate for Congress. Fearing the repercussions of having convicted an innocent man, Selvey frightens Barnes into silence. The night Rodman is to be executed, Barnes shows up and urges Selvey to call the governor. Selvey refuses and in an ensuing struggle Barnes is killed. Selvey's political ambitions are ruined. Days later Selvey learns that Barnes was a fake. He was a crazy retired judge who would study the evidence of a case and then confess to the crime.

Episode 14 - The percentage


Alex Nicol ... Eddie Slovak
Nita Talbot ... Louise Williams
Don Keefer ... Pete Williams
Carole Mathews ... Faye Slovak
Walter Woolf King ... Mob Boss

Description: Eddie Slovak meets an old Army buddy named Pete who once saved his life. He intends to repay his friend. He offers him money for a business, but Peter refuses. Eddie tries to talk to Pete's wife Louise. Louise falls for Eddie and the two become romantically involved. Eddie eventually kills her. Later he explains to Pete that he did him a favor since she was cheating on him. Pete calls the police and Eddie is arrested. Pete goes to see Eddie's girlfriend and explains that their plan worked. Louise is dead and Eddie is out of the way. Now, the two of them can be together.

Episode 15 - Together


Joseph Cotten ... Tony Gould
Christine White ... Shelley
Sam Buffington ... Charlie
Gordon Wynn ... Mr. Courtney

Description: At an officer Christmas party Shelley calls Tony and tells him he must get a divorce and marry her. She threatens to tell his wife about her if he doesn't. After the party, Tony comes to Shelley's office. When she threatens him again, he stabs her. He tries to leave the office but discovers that the door is locked. He finds the keys but uses the wrong one and jams the door. He tries other ways, but they all fail. Eventually he hears some carolers outside on the streets below. He writes a note and using the keys to weigh it down, he drops it out a window. The keys prove too heavy and the note sinks into the snow.

Episode 16 - Sylvia


Ann Todd ... Sylvia Leeds Kent
John McIntire ... John Leeds
Phillip Reed ... Peter Kent
Raymond Bailey ... Doctor Jason
Edit Angold ... Bertha

Description: Sylvia is a young woman who is contemplating suicide. Her ex-husband Peter married her for money. When her father discovered this, he forced him to divorce her. Sylvia is in touch with Peter and wants him back. Peter calls her father and tells him that he will stay out of her life for a price. Sylvia's father tells her about his blackmail scheme. She tells him that she bought a gun to use on Peter if they did not get back together. She goes to her room alone and his followed by her father who fears she might kill herself. When he comes in, she shoots him saying that he never let her live her own life.

Episode 17 - The motive


Skip Homeier ... Tommy Greer
William Redfield ... Richard
Carl Betz ... Jerome Stanton

Description: Tommy Greer is a crime buff who decides to commit a motiveless murder in order to confuse the police. He selects his victim from a phone book at random. He tracks him down and kills him but his "perfect crime" is unraveled by modern crime-fighting techniques.

Episode 18 - Miss Bracegirdle does her duty


Mildred Natwick ... Millicent Bracegirdle
Gavin Muir ... Dean Septimus Bracegirdle
Tita Purdom ... Maude
Vera Denham ... Mrs. Crump

Description: Millicent Bracegirdle is a sheltered old woman who decides to go to Paris. Her visit does not turn out well when she accidentally enters the wrong hotel room and gets locked inside with a notorious murderer.

Episode 19 - The equalizer


Leif Erickson ... Wayne Phillips
Martin Balsam ... Eldon Marsh
Norma Crane ... Louise Marsh
Dudley Manlove ... Harris

Description: Eldon Marsh is a physically weak man whose wife is stolen by a much larger man, named Wayne Phillips. He sets about a revenge that results in a rooftop confrontation with Wayne. The match seems uneven, but Eldon has an equalizer: a gun.

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Alfred Hitchcock Presents – Season 2, episodes 20-39

Here comes another repost of second season of Alfred Hitchcock Presents show, several posts were merged into one bigger containing all remaining episodes (20-39). English subtitles included.

Episode 20 - Malice domestic


Ralph Meeker ... Carl Borden
Phyllis Thaxter ... Annette Borden
Ralph Clanton ... Perry
Vinton Haworth ... Dr. Ralph Wingate
Lili Kardell ... Lorna Jenkins

Description: After Carl Borden sees a doctor, he discovers traces of arsenic in his body. Carl begins to suspects his wife Annette. After Annette drinks a cup of coffee and dies, the doctor informs Carl that she too has arsenic in her system. She must have poisoned herself by mistake. Later, Carl goes to San Francisco with his girlfriend. He reveals to her how close he came to dying while preparing for his wife's murder.

Episode 21 - Number twenty-two


Russell Collins ... Skinner #21
Rip Torn ... Steve Morgan #22
Ray Teal ... Chief of Detectives

Description: Steve Morgan robs a candy store. He punches the owner in the process. He is soon arrested and is surprised by all the attention he is getting for such a minor crime. He is later shocked to discover that the candy store owner died and that he is not being held for petty theft, but for murder.

Episode 22 - The end of Indian summer


Steve Forrest ... Joe Rogers
Gladys Cooper ... Marguerite Gillispie
James Gleason ... Howard Fieldstone
Kathleen Maguire ... Mrs. Rogers
Philip Coolidge ... Henderson

Description: Joe Rogers goes undercover in order to expose a murderer named Mrs. Gillespie. He believes that she has been killing her husbands for insurance money. He discovers that Mrs. Gillespie has a fiancé and plans to marry again. He also discovers that she has taken out a large insurance policy on him. Later, Mrs. Gillespie runs off on another honeymoon. Joe meets another man who happens to be investigating Mrs. Gillespie's fiancé. Apparantly, he has had four previous wives, each of whom died under mysterious circumstances.

Episode 23 - One for the road


John Baragrey ... Charles Hendricks
Georgann Johnson ... Beryl Abbott
Louise Platt ... Marsha Hendricks
Mickey Kuhn ... Ellerbee

Description: Marcia Hendrix finds out that her husband Charles has been cheating on her with a woman named Beryl Abbott. She tries to poison Beryl by putting poison in her sugar bowl. When she goes home she discovers that her husband has gone to Beryl. Not wanting to kill him, she goes to Beryl and tells her of the poison. Beryl says that Charles has already taken the poison. Marcia leaves to find Charles and get him to a doctor. Charles comes in from another room. Not knowing the murder plot but knowing that his wife knows about Beryl, Charles decides to end the affair. Before leaving Beryl asks him to have some coffee for the road, knowing that Charles always takes two spoons of sugar in his coffee. He accepts her "hospitality" and helps himself to some sugar.

Episode 24 - The cream of the jest


Claude Rains ... Charles Gresham
James Gregory ... Wayne Campbell
Paul Picerni ... Mick
Joan Banks ... Lee
Johnny Silver ... Jerry the Bartender

Description: Charles Gresham is an unemployed actor in need of money. He learns that a producer, Wayne Campbell, is involved in a new play. When Campbell does not give him a part, Gresham blackmails him. Campbell gives him money and even a part in the play as a blackmailer. In order to get the part, Campbell tells Gresham that he must audition for an important backer named Nick Roper. Gresham goes to Roper and delivers his lines. He is shot dead. Roper was a gangster who had nothing to do with the play and thought Gresham was trying to blackmail him.

Episodes 25,26,27 - I killed the Count: Parts 1,2,3


John Williams ... Inspector Davidson
Rosemary Harris ... Countess Helen Martoni
Alan Napier ... Lord Sorrington
Charles Cooper ... Bernard K. Froy
Melville Cooper ... Mullet
Charles Davis ... Raines
Patricia Hitchcock ... Polly Stephens
Anthony Dawson ... Count Mattoni
Roxanne Arlen ... Miss LaLune
George Pelling ... Clifton
Arthur Gould-Porter ... Mr. Moen
Jered Barclay ... Johnson

Description: Count Mattoni is brutally murdered and Scotland Yard Inspector Davidson must wade through a myriad of suspects. He discovers that each not only appears guilty, but also that many readily admit to having committed the crime. Eventually, inspector discovers who killed Count Mattoni, but due to a legal loophole, the killer cannot be tried.

Episode 28 - One more mile to go


David Wayne ... Sam Jacoby
Steve Brodie ... Motorcycle Cop
Louise Larabee ... Mrs. Jacoby, the Wife
Norman Leavitt ... Ed, the Gas Station Attendant

Description: Sam Jacoby accidentally kills his nagging wife. He decides to get rid of the body by dumping it in a lake. He puts the body in the trunk of his car and takes off. A motorcycle policeman repeatedly stops him for a burned out tail light. Eventually, the policeman tells him to follow him to the station where a police mechanic will open the trunk and change the bulb.

Episode 29 - Vicious circle


Dick York ... Manny Coe
Kathleen Maguire ... Betty
George Macready ... Mr. Vincent Williams
Kathleen Hughes ... Ann Nash
Russell Johnson ... Turk

Description: Manny Cole is a hit-man for Mr. Williams. He kills a man for messing up a jewel robbery. When she finds out about the murder, Manny's girlfriend accuses him of murder. She threatens to go to the police. Mr. Williams orders her killed. Manny tries to do this, but she is later accidentally killed. Manny is rewarded by Mr. Williams. He becomes his right hand man, until he is killed by another hit-man sent to Mr. Williams.

Episode 30 - The three dreams of Mr. Findlater


John Williams ... Ernest Findlater
Barbara Baxley ... Lalage
Isobel Elsom ... Minnie Findlater
Walter Kingsford ... Dr. Manley

Description: Ernest Findlater dreams about a South Sea island and a girl he meets there named Lalage. Lalage develops a scheme to help Findlater kill his real life wife. On the night of the planned murder, Findlater discovers that his wife is already dead. She died of natural causes.

Episode 31 - The night the world ended


Russell Collins ... Johnny
Harold J. Stone ... Mr. Halloran
Edith Barrett ... Felicia Green
Robert Ross ... Ned

Description: Halloran plays a practical joke on a man named Johnny. He shows him a fake newspaper with a headline reading "World to End Tonight --- 11:45 P.M." Johnny believes the headline and decides to live it up. He gets into trouble and shoots someone. A few minutes before 11:45 he sees the real headline and realizes that he has been tricked. Johnny finds Halloran and shoots him. The reporter dies at 11:45.

Episode 32 - The hands of Mr. Ottermole


Theodore Bikel ... Mr. Ottermole
Rhys Williams ... Mr. Summers
Torin Thatcher ... Constable Johnson
Charles Davis ... Reporter
John Trayne ... Policeman Peterson

Description: A murderer has been strangling people in the London fog. A reporter manages to continually make it to the crime scene before the police. Later, the annoying reporter discovers that the strangler is a policeman. He finds out too late and is killed by the policeman because "Ideas came into his hands".

Episode 33 - A man greatly beloved


Cedric Hardwicke ... John Anderson
Evelyn Rudie ... Hildegard Fell
Hugh Marlowe ... Rev. Richard Fell
Robert Culp ... Clarence
Rebecca Welles ... Mrs. Fell

Description: John Anderson is believed to be a famous judge from Boston who is now retired. Townspeople come to trust him greatly. When he dies, everyone in the town feels the loss. Later it is discovered that Anderson's real name is John Louton. He was really a convicted strangler who the real Judge Anderson had sentenced years before.

Episode 34 - Martha Mason, movie star


Judith Evelyn ... Mabel McKay
Robert Emhardt ... Henry McKay
Vinton Haworth ... Mr. Abernathy
Rusty Lane ... Police Detective
Karen Norris ... Cora

Description: Plain, dull, middle-aged Mabe McKay deludes herself into believing that she bears a striking resemblance to glamorous movie star Martha Mason. The indolent Mabel suddenly conks her solid, devoted husband with a hammer, and buries him in their garden which he tended with care. Mabel covers up the murder, but will people believe the note she fakes that her equally dull husband felt he was totally unworthy of her magnificence, so he impulsively ran off with a lesser woman?

Episode 35 - The West Warlock time capsule


Henry Jones ... George Tiffany
Mildred Dunnock ... Louise Tiffany
Sam Buffington ... Waldren
Bobby Clark ... Charles

Description: George Tiffant is hired to stuff Napoleon, a town's animal mascot. Napoleon is to be put on display in a glass case in the town square next to a time capsule, to be opened in 100 years. George's brother Waldron visits and is so demanding that George kills him. George places the body in the time capsule.

Episode 36 - Father and son


Edmund Gwenn ... Joe Saunders
Charles Davis ... Sam Saunders
Frederick Worlock ... Gus Harrison
Pamela Light ... Mae
George Pelling ... Mr. Schiller

Description: In 1912, Sam Saunders is an ungrateful son who constantly demands help from his father Joe, a London pawnshop owner. One day, Gus Harrison asks Joe for help since he is wanted by the police for a crime he didn't commit. Joe helps Gus, but when Sam finds out he decides to turn him in for the reward money. Mae, Sam's girlfriend, finds out and tells Joe who helps Gus escape. The police fail to get their man, but Sam still demands the reward. The police reluctantly give it to him. As he leaves, he trips. His selfless father immediately runs to his aid.

Episode 37 - The indestructible Mr. Weems


Robert Middleton ... Cato Stone
Joe Mantell ... Harry Brown
Russell Collins ... Clarence Weems
Don Keefer ... Mr. Brodheit
Harry Bellaver ... Bronsky

Description: Mr. Weems is supposedly near death. Some of his lodge brothers have invested in a cemetery and are in needs of customers. They make a bargain with Weems. They will pay Weems fifty dollars a week for the rest of his, presumably, short life if he agrees to buy the first plot. They hope that others following Mr. Weems's lead will also buy plots. Unfortunately, the men discover that Weems is a bit more resilient than any of them thought.

Episode 38 - A little sleep


Barbara Cook ... Barbie Hallem
Vic Morrow ... Benny Mungo
Jack Mullaney ... Diner Customer
Robert Karnes ... Ed Mungo
John Carlyle ... Chris Kymer

Description: Barbie Hallem drives up to her uncle's cabin. She stops at Ed Mungo's café. She learns that Ed's brother, Bennie, is wanted by the police for having murdered his girlfriend. When she gets to the cabin, she finds Bennie hiding there. Bennie tells her that Ed is the murderer. Ed arrives later, but is killed by Bennie in a struggle. Barbie and Bennie drive off. Barbie confesses that she had gone to the cabin to get away from her boring boyfriend. Bennies says his girlfriend felt the same way about him and that's why he killed her. He then moves to strangle Barbie.

Episode 39 - The dangerous people


Albert Salmi ... Jones
Robert H. Harris ... Bellefontaine
Ken Clark ... Policeman
Harry Tyler ... Ticket Agent

Description: Mr. Jones and Mr. Bellefontaine waits for a train at a train station. Both of them have heard that a dangerous lunatic has escaped from a local asylum and each suspects the other of being the lunatic in disguise. They grow more paranoid and worried. A policeman arrives and both try to convince him that the other is the lunatic. The policeman says that the madman has just killed a policeman and has stolen his uniform. Jones and Bellefontaine realize the policeman is really the lunatic in. They subdue him and get the real police.

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Alfred Hitchcock Presents – Season 2, episodes 1-19

These are previously posted episodes of second season of Alfred Hitchcock Presents show, that were deleted and now got re-uploaded. Several posts were merged into one bigger containing episodes 1-19, the rest of Season two will be posted soon. English subtitles included.

Episode 1 - Wet Saturday


Cedric Hardwicke ... Mr. Princey
John Williams ... Capt. Smollet
Tita Purdom ... Millicent 'Millie' Princey
Kathryn Givney ... Mrs. Princey

Description: Mr. Princey is the father of a girl who has just killed her schoolmaster with a croquet mallet. Princey tries to find a way to protect the family name and prevent his daughter from being charged. Princey located a man who would be a perfect scapegoat, Smollet. Princy takes Smollet to the schoolmasters body and draws a gun on him. He gives him two choices: go along with Princey's scheme that makes it look like he committed the murder or be shot on the spot. Smollet chooses the former. Princey makes it look like Smollet committed the crime. He then tells him to keep his mouth shut. Smollet leaves and Princey calls the police. He reports that a murder has just taken place.

Episode 2 - Fog closing in


Phyllis Thaxter ... Mary Summers
Paul Langton ... Arthur Summers
George Grizzard ... Ted Lambert
Carol Veazie ... Mrs. Connolly

Description: Mary Summers does not want to stay alone at home when her husband Arthur goes away on business. She asks that her family be allowed to stay with her. Arthur refuses her request. While Arthur is away an escaped mental patient breaks into the house. Surprisingly, the mental patient gets along with Mary. She is not afraid of him. She tells him about a dream she has had where someone follows her up the stairs. When the police arrive, the mental patient makes an escape. After the the police leave, Mary hears someone coming up the stairs just like in her dream. She find's Arthur's pistol as the door opens. At the door is Arthur. He came home early when he heard about the escape at the asylum. Even though she knows its him, Mary shoots him. She then calls her family and tells them she is coming home.

Episode 3 - De Mortuis


Robert Emhardt ... Professor Rankin
Cara Williams ... Irene Rankin
Henry Jones ... Wally Long
Philip Coolidge ... Bud

Description: Clarence Rankin's promiscuous wife Irene cheats on him constantly. Sadly, he knows nothing about it. One day, two of Clarence's friends stop by his house. They see him filling a large hole in his basement with cement. Since they don't see Irene, they believe that Clarence has found out about her cheating and killed her. Instead of going to the police, they talk to Clarence. They tell him that, given her cheating, his actions were probably justified. Clarence denies everything and says that his wife is on a trip. His friends leave after saying they will keep quiet. Later, Irene returns. Now knowing the truth, Clarence asks her to come down to the basement.

Episode 4 - Kill with kindness


Hume Cronyn ... Fitzhugh Oldham
Carmen Mathews ... Katherine Oldham
James Gleason ... Mr. Jorgy
Margie Liszt ... Neighbor

Description: Hoping to pull off an insurance scam, Fritz Oldman and his sister Katherine decide to torch his house and fake Fritz's death. In order to pull off the scam, they need a body. They find a prospective corpse in a bum named Jorgy. Their plan is to knock him out and and place Fritz's ring around his finger. They will then set fire to the house. All goes according to plan until they need the ring. Unfortunately Fritz cannot get it off his finger. Since they already set the fire, they decide to wake up Jorgy and escort him out of the blazing house. People who witness the "rescue" praise Fritz for saving the old man from the fire.

Episode 5 - None are so blind


Hurd Hatfield ... Seymour Johnston
Mildred Dunnock ... Aunt Muriel
K.T. Stevens ... Liza
Rusty Lane ... Police Detective

Description: Seymour Johnson disguises himself as another person in order to kill his wealthy aunt. When is is questioned by police, he realizes he overlooked a detail about his disguise.

Episode 6 - Toby


Jessica Tandy ... Edwina Freed
Robert H. Harris ... Albert Birch
George Mathews ... Mr. McKirk
Mary Wickes ... Mrs. Foster
Ellen Corby ... Mrs. McKirk

Description: Albert Birch's childhood sweetheart Edwina Freel gets in touch with him and, surprisingly, agrees to marry him. She arrives with her sickly baby named Toby. She tells Albert that the baby is her dead sisters's. Edwina turns out be rather reclusive. She does not permit Albert come anywhere near Toby. Later, two men arrive and take Edwina back to the asylum from which she escaped. As she is being taken away she pleads to Albert to take care of Toby. He goes to Toby's room and finds a cat. On his collar is the name "Toby"

Episode 7 - Alibi me


Lee Philips ... Georgie Minnelli
Chick Chandler ... Lucky Moore
Harvey Stephens ... Lt. Larkin
Argentina Brunetti ... Mrs. Salvatori
Lee Erikson ... Messenger Boy

Description: Georgie and Lucky are rival gangsters who know that if one of them is killed, the other would be the police's prime suspect. One day, Lucky insults Georgie and is shot dead. Georgie then goes looking for someone to give him an alibi. After many failures, he finally convinces his landlady. He instructs her to tell the police that he was home all day. When a detective shows up, the landlady gives the alibi. A delivery boy then arrives. He carries a package for Georgie from Lucky. The boy asks for a tip and Georgie refuses. The delivery boy calls Georgie cheap and reveals that he tried to deliver the package five times that day. The detective overhears the boy statement and arrests Georgie.

Episode 8 - Conversation over a corpse


Dorothy Stickney ... Cissie Enright
Carmen Mathews ... Joanna Enright
Ray Collins ... Mr. Brenner

Description: Mr. Brenner makes a down payment on a house. The house's owners, Cissie and Johanna Enright say that they don't want to sell. He threatens them with a lawsuit, but is poisoned. He collapses and the sisters discuss what they should do. Joanna wants to finish him off more poison while Cissie prefers a gun. Brenner revives and pitches on sister against the other. He gets the gun from Cissie and shoots Johanna. Cissie gives Brenner more poison whilst he phones the police, telling them that Johanna poisoned him and that he shot her. Finally, the poison kills him and the house is all hers

Episode 9 - Crack of doom


Robert Horton ... Mason Bridges
Robert Middleton ... Sam Klinker
Gail Kobe ... Jessie Bridges
Dayton Lummis ... Tom Ackley

Description: Mason Bridges plays poker with one of his company's wealthy clients. He gambles everything he has and everything his company owns on one single game.

Episode 10 - Jonathan


Georgann Johnson ... Rosie Dalliford
Corey Allen ... Gil Dalliford
Douglas Kennedy ... Jonathan Dalliford
Walter Kingsford ... Doctor

Description: Jonathan Dalliford's son is resentful of his new wife. When Jonathan dies of poison, he accuses his stepmother. Later, however, it is revealed that Gil tried to poison his stepmother, but ended up killing his father by mistake.

Episode 11 - The better bargain


Robert Middleton ... Louis Koster
Henry Silva ... Harry Silver
Don Hanmer ... Cutter, the Detective
Kathleen Hughes ... Marian Koster
Jack Lambert ... Baldy

Description: Mobster Louis "The King" Koster believes that his wife and sole heir is unfaithful. He hires a hit man to kill her for twenty thousand dollars. The hit-man agrees, but he then shoots Koster dead. The hit-man was Marian's lover. Since she will inherit everything, the hit-man decided to go with the better bargain.

Episode 12 - The rose garden


John Williams ... Alexander Vinton
Patricia Collinge ... Julia Pickering
Evelyn Varden ... Mrs. Cordelia Welles
Ralph Peters ... Cab Driver Barney

Description: Alexander Vinton is a publisher who receives a murder mystery from a woman named Julia Picker. Alexander is disturbed by the books feeling of authenticity. He visits Julia and comes to believe that her tale of a murdered husband buried in a rose garden is true. Julia's sister convinces him that it isn't and proceeds to talk him into not to publishing the book. After he leaves, Julia confronts her sister and reveals that it was Cordelia that murdered her husband.

Episode 13 - Mr. Blanchard's secret


Robert Horton ... John Fenton
Meg Mundy ... Mrs. Blanchard
Mary Scott ... Babs Fenton
Dayton Lummis ... Charles Blanchard
Eloise Hardt ... Maid

Description: Babs Fenton has an overactive imagination. She believes that her new neighbor Charles Blanchard has killed his wife. Later, Mrs. Blanchard shows up at her door and introduces herself. That night, however, Babs sees Charles Blanchard carrying something from the house. Babs again becomes convinced that Mrs. Blanchard has been murdered. Again, however, she is proved wrong when Mrs. Blanchard shows up at her door. Mrs. Blanchard informs Babs that Charles has taken some belongings and left because of a fight. Mrs. Blanchard then leaves. Babs notices that a lighter is missing and comes up with a theory that Mrs. Blanchard is a kleptomaniac. Later, this theory proves wrong as well when Mrs. Blanchard shows up and announces a reconciliation with her husband. She also returns the lighter, saying that her husband fixed it.

Episode 14 - John Brown's body


Russell Collins ... John Brown
Leora Dana ... Vera Brown
Walter Kingsford ... Dr. Helck
Norman Leavitt ... Accountant
Hugh Marlowe ... Harold Skinner

Description: John Brown is committed to an institution by his wife Vera and his business partner Harold. Both believe that John's furniture designs are destroying his business. Their plot works, but after John is committed the business begins to lose money. The two decide to get John back. John, however, likes the institution he is staying in and manages to convince the doctors he is insane.

Episode 15 - Crackpot


Biff McGuire ... Ray Loomis
Robert Emhardt ... Moon
Mary Scott ... Meg Loomis
Michael Fox ... Carpenter
Phil Garris ... Bellhop
Raymond Guth ... Room Clerk

Description: On their way to a hotel, two newlyweds have car trouble. Mr. Moon stops to help them, but ruins his suit in the process. He becomes enraged and threatens them. They manage to get away. The check into their hotel, but discover that Mr. Moon is staying in the room right next to them.

Episode 16 - Nightmare in 4-D


Henry Jones ... Harry Parker
Barbara Baxley ... Miss Elliott
Norman Lloyd ... Lieutenant Orsatti
Virginia Gregg ... Norma Parker

Description: Harry Parker and his wife Norma live in apartment 4-D. Their next door neighbor is an actress named Lainie. One day, she knocks on the Parker's door and asks for help. Lainie needs someone to get rid of the body of Bill Nelson. He was shot through a window in her apartment and now lays there dead. Lainie wants Harry to move the body downstairs to the basement. She fears bad publicity. When Harry wakes up the next day, the thinks it was all a bad dream. When he goes to the basement he finds the police. Later, Harry's wife admits to having an affair with Bill. When the police learn of this, Harry becomes the chief suspect in Bill's murder.

Episode 17 - My brother, Richard


Royal Dano ... Martin Ross
Inger Stevens ... Laura Ross
Harry Townes ... Richard Ross
Ray Teal ... Sheriff Briggs
Robert Ellis ... Tommy Kopeck
Lisa Golm ... Mrs. Kopek

Description: Martin Ross is a district attorney running for governor. His brother Richard murders his opponent in the race. Martin and his wife Laura confront Richard, but Richard pulls a gun on them and holds the captive. The next day, Martin gets a call from the sheriff: they are holding a boy for the murder of Martin's opponent. Richard agrees to let Martin interrogate the boy, but he does not let Laura go. Martin forces a false confession out of the boy. Martin takes the confession to his brother. Richard doesn't think its good enough. He wants to wait until the boy is executed. A struggle occurs and Martin is knocked unconscious. Richard tries to escape, but is stopped by the boy's mother. She believes Richard is the district attorney and stabs him.

Episode 18 - The menacled


Gary Merrill ... Sgt. Rockwell
William Redfield ... Stephen Fontaine
Rusty Lane ... Train Conductor
Betty Harford ... Waitress
Edith Evanson ... Lady with suitcase
Gary Hunley ... Billy - Boy on Train
Kay Stewart ... Billy's Mother

Description: Ben Rockwell is transporting prisoner named Steve Fontaine by train. Fontaine manacled by an "Oregon Boot". Rockwell has the only key. During the trip, Fontain manages to convince Rockwell to let him go, but Rockwell changes his mind. He and Fontaine struggle and Rockwell is shot and killed. When Fontain finds the key to the boot, he sees that it has been destroyed by the bullet and cannot free him.

Episode 19 - A bottle of wine


Herbert Marshall ... Judge
Robert Horton ... Wallace Donaldson
Jarma Lewis ... Grace

Description: Much to his annoyance, Judge Condon wife Grace has a boyfriend named Wally Donaldson. Condon tries to prove that he is all wrong for her. He invites Wally for a glass of wine which he tells him was purchased on Grace's Spanish Honeymoon. After Wally drinks the wine, Condon tells him its poisoned when, in fact, it is not. Wally panics and kills Condon. When Grace appears Wally tells her about the wine. She reveals that she never had a honeymoon and had never been to Spain.

Download link (torrent file) with English subtitles included

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The harder they fall (1956) - sports film noir/drama directed by Mark Robson, starring Rod Steiger and Humphrey Bogart in his last movie

Rating 7.5/10
Runtime: 104 min
Language: English
Country: USA
Directed by: Mark Robson
IMDb Link:


Humphrey Bogart ... Eddie Willis
Rod Steiger ... Nick Benko
Jan Sterling ... Beth Willis
Mike Lane ... Toro Moreno
Max Baer ... Buddy Brannen
Jersey Joe Walcott ... George

Description: After 17 years as a recognized and respected sports journalist in New York City, Eddie Willis finds himself out of a job. He's approached by a major fight promoter, Nick Benko, to act as a public relations man for his new heavyweight fighter Toro Moreno. After watching Toro in the ring, Eddie realizes Toro is nothing but a stiff who has no hope of succeeding. Benko offers him a sizable salary and an unlimited expense account and given his financial situation, he agrees. Benko's strategy to make money is simple: starting in California and moving east, they arrange a series of fights for Toro with stiffs and has-beens. All of the fights are rigged to build up his record and get him a fight with the heavyweight champion, Buddy Brannen, where they will make a sizeable profit at the gate. Along the way, one boxer gets killed in the ring and Eddie begins to have serious doubts about what he is doing.






Download link (torrent file):

Video and audio information:

Video : 3.79 GB, 4992 Kbps, 23.976 fps, 1022*576 (16:9), V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC x264 core 148
Audio : 299 MB, 384 Kbps, 44100 Hz, 2 channels, 0x55 = AC3, CBR


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Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947) - Gene Tierney and Rex Harrison in classic fantasy from director Joseph L. Mankiewicz

Rating 7.8/10
Runtime: 104 min
Language: English
Country: USA
Directed by: Joseph L. Mankiewicz
IMDb Link:


Gene Tierney ... Lucy Muir
Rex Harrison ... Capt. Daniel Gregg
George Sanders ... Miles Fairley
Edna Best ... Martha Huggins
Vanessa Brown ... Anna Muir as an Adult
Anna Lee ... Mrs. Miles Fairley
Robert Coote ... Mr. Coombe
Natalie Wood ... Anna Muir as a Child

Description: In 1900, strong-willed widow Lucy Muir goes to live in Gull Cottage by the British seaside, even though it appears to be haunted. Sure enough, that very night she meets the ghost of crusty former owner Captain Gregg...and refuses to be scared off. Indeed, they become friends and allies, after Lucy gets used to the idea of a man's ghost haunting her bedroom. But when a charming live man comes courting, Lucy and the captain must deal with their feelings for each other.


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Download link (torrent file):

Video and audio information:

Video : 3.37 GB, 4378 Kbps, 23.976 fps, 764x576 (4:3), V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC x264 core 130
Audio : 335/65/58 MB (main/commentary/commentary), 448/87/77 Kbps, 44100 Hz, 6/2/2 channels, 0x55 = AC3/AAC/AAC, CBR/VBR/VBR


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Triple audio track information

This movie contains three audio tracks, one is original English, and the others are commentaries by Greg Kimble and Christopher Husted (manager of composer Bernard Herrmann's estate) and with film historian Jeanine Basinger (Professor of film studies) and Kenneth Geist (author of Pictures Will Talk: the Life and Films of Joseph L. Mankiewicz). You can use VLC Player to easily choose between any of audio tracks (Audio => Audio track and switch to main audio track on Track 1, additional tracks on Track 2 and Track 3)