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Alfred Hitchcock Presents – Season 2, episodes 1-19

These are previously posted episodes of second season of Alfred Hitchcock Presents show, that were deleted and now got re-uploaded. Several posts were merged into one bigger containing episodes 1-19, the rest of Season two will be posted soon. English subtitles included.

Episode 1 - Wet Saturday


Cedric Hardwicke ... Mr. Princey
John Williams ... Capt. Smollet
Tita Purdom ... Millicent 'Millie' Princey
Kathryn Givney ... Mrs. Princey

Description: Mr. Princey is the father of a girl who has just killed her schoolmaster with a croquet mallet. Princey tries to find a way to protect the family name and prevent his daughter from being charged. Princey located a man who would be a perfect scapegoat, Smollet. Princy takes Smollet to the schoolmasters body and draws a gun on him. He gives him two choices: go along with Princey's scheme that makes it look like he committed the murder or be shot on the spot. Smollet chooses the former. Princey makes it look like Smollet committed the crime. He then tells him to keep his mouth shut. Smollet leaves and Princey calls the police. He reports that a murder has just taken place.

Episode 2 - Fog closing in


Phyllis Thaxter ... Mary Summers
Paul Langton ... Arthur Summers
George Grizzard ... Ted Lambert
Carol Veazie ... Mrs. Connolly

Description: Mary Summers does not want to stay alone at home when her husband Arthur goes away on business. She asks that her family be allowed to stay with her. Arthur refuses her request. While Arthur is away an escaped mental patient breaks into the house. Surprisingly, the mental patient gets along with Mary. She is not afraid of him. She tells him about a dream she has had where someone follows her up the stairs. When the police arrive, the mental patient makes an escape. After the the police leave, Mary hears someone coming up the stairs just like in her dream. She find's Arthur's pistol as the door opens. At the door is Arthur. He came home early when he heard about the escape at the asylum. Even though she knows its him, Mary shoots him. She then calls her family and tells them she is coming home.

Episode 3 - De Mortuis


Robert Emhardt ... Professor Rankin
Cara Williams ... Irene Rankin
Henry Jones ... Wally Long
Philip Coolidge ... Bud

Description: Clarence Rankin's promiscuous wife Irene cheats on him constantly. Sadly, he knows nothing about it. One day, two of Clarence's friends stop by his house. They see him filling a large hole in his basement with cement. Since they don't see Irene, they believe that Clarence has found out about her cheating and killed her. Instead of going to the police, they talk to Clarence. They tell him that, given her cheating, his actions were probably justified. Clarence denies everything and says that his wife is on a trip. His friends leave after saying they will keep quiet. Later, Irene returns. Now knowing the truth, Clarence asks her to come down to the basement.

Episode 4 - Kill with kindness


Hume Cronyn ... Fitzhugh Oldham
Carmen Mathews ... Katherine Oldham
James Gleason ... Mr. Jorgy
Margie Liszt ... Neighbor

Description: Hoping to pull off an insurance scam, Fritz Oldman and his sister Katherine decide to torch his house and fake Fritz's death. In order to pull off the scam, they need a body. They find a prospective corpse in a bum named Jorgy. Their plan is to knock him out and and place Fritz's ring around his finger. They will then set fire to the house. All goes according to plan until they need the ring. Unfortunately Fritz cannot get it off his finger. Since they already set the fire, they decide to wake up Jorgy and escort him out of the blazing house. People who witness the "rescue" praise Fritz for saving the old man from the fire.

Episode 5 - None are so blind


Hurd Hatfield ... Seymour Johnston
Mildred Dunnock ... Aunt Muriel
K.T. Stevens ... Liza
Rusty Lane ... Police Detective

Description: Seymour Johnson disguises himself as another person in order to kill his wealthy aunt. When is is questioned by police, he realizes he overlooked a detail about his disguise.

Episode 6 - Toby


Jessica Tandy ... Edwina Freed
Robert H. Harris ... Albert Birch
George Mathews ... Mr. McKirk
Mary Wickes ... Mrs. Foster
Ellen Corby ... Mrs. McKirk

Description: Albert Birch's childhood sweetheart Edwina Freel gets in touch with him and, surprisingly, agrees to marry him. She arrives with her sickly baby named Toby. She tells Albert that the baby is her dead sisters's. Edwina turns out be rather reclusive. She does not permit Albert come anywhere near Toby. Later, two men arrive and take Edwina back to the asylum from which she escaped. As she is being taken away she pleads to Albert to take care of Toby. He goes to Toby's room and finds a cat. On his collar is the name "Toby"

Episode 7 - Alibi me


Lee Philips ... Georgie Minnelli
Chick Chandler ... Lucky Moore
Harvey Stephens ... Lt. Larkin
Argentina Brunetti ... Mrs. Salvatori
Lee Erikson ... Messenger Boy

Description: Georgie and Lucky are rival gangsters who know that if one of them is killed, the other would be the police's prime suspect. One day, Lucky insults Georgie and is shot dead. Georgie then goes looking for someone to give him an alibi. After many failures, he finally convinces his landlady. He instructs her to tell the police that he was home all day. When a detective shows up, the landlady gives the alibi. A delivery boy then arrives. He carries a package for Georgie from Lucky. The boy asks for a tip and Georgie refuses. The delivery boy calls Georgie cheap and reveals that he tried to deliver the package five times that day. The detective overhears the boy statement and arrests Georgie.

Episode 8 - Conversation over a corpse


Dorothy Stickney ... Cissie Enright
Carmen Mathews ... Joanna Enright
Ray Collins ... Mr. Brenner

Description: Mr. Brenner makes a down payment on a house. The house's owners, Cissie and Johanna Enright say that they don't want to sell. He threatens them with a lawsuit, but is poisoned. He collapses and the sisters discuss what they should do. Joanna wants to finish him off more poison while Cissie prefers a gun. Brenner revives and pitches on sister against the other. He gets the gun from Cissie and shoots Johanna. Cissie gives Brenner more poison whilst he phones the police, telling them that Johanna poisoned him and that he shot her. Finally, the poison kills him and the house is all hers

Episode 9 - Crack of doom


Robert Horton ... Mason Bridges
Robert Middleton ... Sam Klinker
Gail Kobe ... Jessie Bridges
Dayton Lummis ... Tom Ackley

Description: Mason Bridges plays poker with one of his company's wealthy clients. He gambles everything he has and everything his company owns on one single game.

Episode 10 - Jonathan


Georgann Johnson ... Rosie Dalliford
Corey Allen ... Gil Dalliford
Douglas Kennedy ... Jonathan Dalliford
Walter Kingsford ... Doctor

Description: Jonathan Dalliford's son is resentful of his new wife. When Jonathan dies of poison, he accuses his stepmother. Later, however, it is revealed that Gil tried to poison his stepmother, but ended up killing his father by mistake.

Episode 11 - The better bargain


Robert Middleton ... Louis Koster
Henry Silva ... Harry Silver
Don Hanmer ... Cutter, the Detective
Kathleen Hughes ... Marian Koster
Jack Lambert ... Baldy

Description: Mobster Louis "The King" Koster believes that his wife and sole heir is unfaithful. He hires a hit man to kill her for twenty thousand dollars. The hit-man agrees, but he then shoots Koster dead. The hit-man was Marian's lover. Since she will inherit everything, the hit-man decided to go with the better bargain.

Episode 12 - The rose garden


John Williams ... Alexander Vinton
Patricia Collinge ... Julia Pickering
Evelyn Varden ... Mrs. Cordelia Welles
Ralph Peters ... Cab Driver Barney

Description: Alexander Vinton is a publisher who receives a murder mystery from a woman named Julia Picker. Alexander is disturbed by the books feeling of authenticity. He visits Julia and comes to believe that her tale of a murdered husband buried in a rose garden is true. Julia's sister convinces him that it isn't and proceeds to talk him into not to publishing the book. After he leaves, Julia confronts her sister and reveals that it was Cordelia that murdered her husband.

Episode 13 - Mr. Blanchard's secret


Robert Horton ... John Fenton
Meg Mundy ... Mrs. Blanchard
Mary Scott ... Babs Fenton
Dayton Lummis ... Charles Blanchard
Eloise Hardt ... Maid

Description: Babs Fenton has an overactive imagination. She believes that her new neighbor Charles Blanchard has killed his wife. Later, Mrs. Blanchard shows up at her door and introduces herself. That night, however, Babs sees Charles Blanchard carrying something from the house. Babs again becomes convinced that Mrs. Blanchard has been murdered. Again, however, she is proved wrong when Mrs. Blanchard shows up at her door. Mrs. Blanchard informs Babs that Charles has taken some belongings and left because of a fight. Mrs. Blanchard then leaves. Babs notices that a lighter is missing and comes up with a theory that Mrs. Blanchard is a kleptomaniac. Later, this theory proves wrong as well when Mrs. Blanchard shows up and announces a reconciliation with her husband. She also returns the lighter, saying that her husband fixed it.

Episode 14 - John Brown's body


Russell Collins ... John Brown
Leora Dana ... Vera Brown
Walter Kingsford ... Dr. Helck
Norman Leavitt ... Accountant
Hugh Marlowe ... Harold Skinner

Description: John Brown is committed to an institution by his wife Vera and his business partner Harold. Both believe that John's furniture designs are destroying his business. Their plot works, but after John is committed the business begins to lose money. The two decide to get John back. John, however, likes the institution he is staying in and manages to convince the doctors he is insane.

Episode 15 - Crackpot


Biff McGuire ... Ray Loomis
Robert Emhardt ... Moon
Mary Scott ... Meg Loomis
Michael Fox ... Carpenter
Phil Garris ... Bellhop
Raymond Guth ... Room Clerk

Description: On their way to a hotel, two newlyweds have car trouble. Mr. Moon stops to help them, but ruins his suit in the process. He becomes enraged and threatens them. They manage to get away. The check into their hotel, but discover that Mr. Moon is staying in the room right next to them.

Episode 16 - Nightmare in 4-D


Henry Jones ... Harry Parker
Barbara Baxley ... Miss Elliott
Norman Lloyd ... Lieutenant Orsatti
Virginia Gregg ... Norma Parker

Description: Harry Parker and his wife Norma live in apartment 4-D. Their next door neighbor is an actress named Lainie. One day, she knocks on the Parker's door and asks for help. Lainie needs someone to get rid of the body of Bill Nelson. He was shot through a window in her apartment and now lays there dead. Lainie wants Harry to move the body downstairs to the basement. She fears bad publicity. When Harry wakes up the next day, the thinks it was all a bad dream. When he goes to the basement he finds the police. Later, Harry's wife admits to having an affair with Bill. When the police learn of this, Harry becomes the chief suspect in Bill's murder.

Episode 17 - My brother, Richard


Royal Dano ... Martin Ross
Inger Stevens ... Laura Ross
Harry Townes ... Richard Ross
Ray Teal ... Sheriff Briggs
Robert Ellis ... Tommy Kopeck
Lisa Golm ... Mrs. Kopek

Description: Martin Ross is a district attorney running for governor. His brother Richard murders his opponent in the race. Martin and his wife Laura confront Richard, but Richard pulls a gun on them and holds the captive. The next day, Martin gets a call from the sheriff: they are holding a boy for the murder of Martin's opponent. Richard agrees to let Martin interrogate the boy, but he does not let Laura go. Martin forces a false confession out of the boy. Martin takes the confession to his brother. Richard doesn't think its good enough. He wants to wait until the boy is executed. A struggle occurs and Martin is knocked unconscious. Richard tries to escape, but is stopped by the boy's mother. She believes Richard is the district attorney and stabs him.

Episode 18 - The menacled


Gary Merrill ... Sgt. Rockwell
William Redfield ... Stephen Fontaine
Rusty Lane ... Train Conductor
Betty Harford ... Waitress
Edith Evanson ... Lady with suitcase
Gary Hunley ... Billy - Boy on Train
Kay Stewart ... Billy's Mother

Description: Ben Rockwell is transporting prisoner named Steve Fontaine by train. Fontaine manacled by an "Oregon Boot". Rockwell has the only key. During the trip, Fontain manages to convince Rockwell to let him go, but Rockwell changes his mind. He and Fontaine struggle and Rockwell is shot and killed. When Fontain finds the key to the boot, he sees that it has been destroyed by the bullet and cannot free him.

Episode 19 - A bottle of wine


Herbert Marshall ... Judge
Robert Horton ... Wallace Donaldson
Jarma Lewis ... Grace

Description: Much to his annoyance, Judge Condon wife Grace has a boyfriend named Wally Donaldson. Condon tries to prove that he is all wrong for her. He invites Wally for a glass of wine which he tells him was purchased on Grace's Spanish Honeymoon. After Wally drinks the wine, Condon tells him its poisoned when, in fact, it is not. Wally panics and kills Condon. When Grace appears Wally tells her about the wine. She reveals that she never had a honeymoon and had never been to Spain.

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