Saturday, May 29, 2010

Important announcement

I am going to fly to United Kingdom on Monday to work there, yes, I know, again, just hope this time it will be better than last year

I am taking all my movies with me, but not sure if I will be able to upload there, and what my internet access will be there, right now I got 4-5 movies ready to post, I will post them using "future posts" function from Wordpress so the movies will first appear on and then maybe I will add them manually to whenever I got some time as Blogger doesn't support that function.

Beside that it may happen that my online activity and frequency of posting new movies will be reduced significantly, also there will be no subtitles or samples available for them as it takes too much time

I will let you all know more details when I get there next week, let's hope everything goes smooth

And just to remember, is reaching the end of hosting period, also domain renewal is needed, so please help me in any way you can, you can buy 30 day RS account for 5 $ or 365 day for 50 $, you can click on Adsense ads or buy any of the software from the right sidebar of the site

It would be a pity if I'd be forced to shut it down after all this work I've put into it...