Friday, July 25, 2008

The petrified forest (1936) - Leslie Howard, Humphrey Bogart, Bette Davis

Rating 7.7/10
Runtime: 79 min
Language: English
Country: USA
Directed by: Archie Mayo
IMDb Link:


Leslie Howard ... Alan Squier
Bette Davis ... Gabrielle Maple
Genevieve Tobin ... Mrs. Chisholm
Dick Foran ... Boze Hertzlinger
Humphrey Bogart ... Duke Mantee
Joe Sawyer ... Jackie
Porter Hall ... Jason Maple
Charley Grapewin ... Gramp Maple
Paul Harvey ... Mr. Chisholm

Description: Alan Squier, a failed, world-weary British writer, hikes into an isolated, weather-beaten desert diner in Arizona owned by Jason Marple. Jason's daughter, Gabrielle is immediately taken with the disillusioned intellectual, since they share idealistic dreams of escaping the stark reality of their lives, but her interest in Alan brings out jealousy in her gas-pumping boyfriend, Boze. Tensions rise when everyone present become hostages of a gang. Unlike the others, Alan relates to the threats of the gangster's leader, Duke Mantee, with an indifference to his own fate, as if realizing that they both he and Duke are doomed by the inevitable failure of their lives.


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Download links

+ extra material (253 MB to download)

1. The Coo-Coo Nut Grove - an early Warner cartoon that caricatures just about every celebrity alive in Hollywood at the time.

2. Petrified Forest: Menace in the Desert - retrospective feature on the movie containing a lot of historical information on how and why (famous gangster John Dillinger reached his infamous end during this period) the stage play was turned into a film. There's also a lot about how the film turned Bogart from a meager, little-known character actor into an A-list leading man.

Video and audio information:

Video : 991 MB, 1755 Kbps, 23.976 fps, 640*480 (4:3), XVID = XVID Mpeg-4
Audio : 108 MB, 192 Kbps, 48000 Hz, 2 channels, 0x55 = MPEG Layer-3


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Re-uploading some of my links

Ooops, Rapidshare did it again...

I just found links for three of my post dead: Hitchcock`s "Marnie"and "Family Plot" as well as "The Wizard of Oz"

I will be re-uploading them in a couple of days, so stay calm and wait a little time if you are eager to download them :)

I will be also adding missing subtitles and replacing dead subtitles links for both series of Hitchcock Presents

Have a nice weekend :)


1. Re-uploading of these takes me longer than I thought, as my PC crashes from time to time and I spend not so much time on my machine recently, but be sure it will be online ASAP

Wizard of Oz - RE-UPLOADED!!
Marnie - RE-UPLOADED!!
Family Plot - RE-UPLOADED!!

2. Another Bogart classic on the way :)

3. I got one 1-month premium Rapidshare account to give, please leave your comments how to do this, there was once an idea to set a little competiotion, but then I had other things to do, so maybe now?

4. I just added new links to subtitles for AHP season 2 episodes, and all the subtitles for season 1 on the way too, as some of you requested :)