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Alfred Hitchcock Presents - Season 7, episodes 1-19

Episode 1 - The hatbox


Paul Ford ... Professor Jarvis
Billy Gray ... Perry Hatch
Frank Maxwell ... Lt. Roman
Jamie Brothers ... Denny

Description: Professor Jarvis is, as one student describes him, the most henpecked man in the world. When he catches Perry Hatch cheating on an exam, he informs him that he will not be reported to the university but rather to his father who, Prof. Jarivs hopes, will mete out appropriate punishment. Hatch is none too pleased and when he hears that Jarvis's wife has been gone for several weeks, starts to wonder if Jarvis may have gotten rid of her. He and a friend spy on him and find him throwing away some of his wife's belongings. They take their case to the police who decide to question him...

Episode 2 - Bang! You're dead


Stephen Dunne ... Rick Sheffield
Biff Elliot ... Fred Chester
Lucy Prentis ... Amy Chester
Juanita Moore ... Cleo
Marta Kristen ... Jiffy Snack Girl
John Zaremba ... Market Manager

Description: Rick Sheffield visits his brother and sister-in-law after a lengthy absence living in Africa. His nephew Jackie unpacks his suitcase and finds a revolver. Jackie and his friends are always playing with their toy guns and Jackie goes around town, pointing the gun and pulling the trigger, oblivious to the fact that there is a live round in the chamber. When his parents and uncle realize he has the gun, they set off on a frantic search but not before he fires at someone.

Episode 3 - Maria


Norman Lloyd ... Leo Thorby
Nita Talbot ... Carol Thorby
Edmund Hashim ... El Magnifico
Merry Anders ... Lena
Kreg Martin ... Benny
Marjorie Bennett ... The Elderly Woman

Description: While drunk, Leo Thorby buys what he thinks is a chimp. His wife Carol is outraged when she finds out he spent $500 and wants him to get his money back. Both of them are shocked to find out that the chimp is actually a woman, Maria, in a monkey suit and Leo thinks he has found the perfect circus act. Maria can sketch but only paints what she sees and when Leo sees a sketch of his wife kissing the lion tamer, he immediately jumps to conclusions. Little does he realize it's all part of Maria's plan to get rid of Carol. When he gets rid of Maria, she plots her own revenge.

Episode 4 - Cop for a day


Walter Matthau ... Phil
Glenn Cannon ... Davey
Carol Grace ... The Woman
Bernard Fein ... Marty
Robert Reiner ... 1st Cop
George Kane ... 2nd Cop

Description: Davey and Phil successfully rob a bank messenger of $18,000 but now have one major complication. Davey is a bit of a hot-head and in the course of the robbery he shoots the messenger and there is now an eye witness who can identify him. When it's subsequently reported that he's died, Phil devises a plan that will solve their problem. Unfortunately, Davey again acts without thinking with dire results.

Episode 5 - Keep me company


Anne Francis ... Julia Reddy
Jack Ging ... Detective Parks
Edmund Hashim ... Marco Reddy
Sal Ponti ... Sam Reddy
Billy Wells ... Kenny Reddy
Hinton Pope ... 1st Cop
Howard McLeod ... 2nd Cop

Description: Julia Reddy is a newlywed who spends most of her evenings at home alone, watching TV and playing solitaire. Her husband Marco is out working almost every evening with his two brothers. He's apologetic but he and his brothers are setting up a new wholesale business and they have to put in the hours. Alone one evening, she's afraid someone may be out on her fire escape and phones the police who check the situation and assure everything is okay. She rather liked having someone to chat to so she phones the police again asking that a more senior officer be sent to deal with her complaint. Detective Parks spends some time with her, but things take a dramatic twist when her husband returns home.

Episode 6 - Beta Delta Gamma


Burt Brinckerhoff ... Alan
Duke Howard ... Mark
Joel Crothers ... Robert
Severn Darden ... Franklin
Barbara Harris ... Beth
Petrie Mason ... Dodo
Barbara Steele ... Phyllis

Description: At a frat house party, Alan accepts a challenge and drinks a whole pitcher of beer without stopping for a breath. He soon passes out and his friends decide to give him a scare by setting a mock death scene. They put a poker in his hand and one of the party goers is made up as a corpse. Thinking he has actually killed someone, Alan decides to do something about it.

Episode 7 - You can't be a little girl all your life


Dick York ... Tom Barton
Carolyn Kearney ... Julie Barton
Ted de Corsia ... Lt. Christensen
Frank Milan ... Dr. Vaughn
Howard Caine ... Mr. Dahl
Bill Quinn ... Mr. Dutton
Roger De Koven ... Dr. Karlweiss

Description: Julie Barton is attacked in her bedroom by a stranger and can't provide much information to the police and the district attorney. She remembers biting into a leather glove when he put his hand over her mouth, but little else. Traumatized by the incident and under pressure from the police, she identifies a vagrant as the perpetrator but she is clearly unsure. Only when she makes a startling discovery is the identity of her attacker revealed.

Episode 8 - The old pro


Richard Conte ... Frank Burns
Sara Shane ... Loretta Burns
Stacy Harris ... Cullen
Richard Carlyle ... Mace
John Anderson ... Nicholson

Description: Frank Burns sets off fishing and promises his wife a half dozen fresh trout for them and their dinner guests. In fact, he's meeting Cullen, a blackmailing journalist, who knows Frank was once a killer and promises not to publish the story for a fee. Frank's wife thinks he's a retired engineer and he's accepted as a member of the local society set. Frank is tired of paying off his blackmailer and arranges with one of his former associates to take care of the situation permanently. Cullen has something else in mind, however, but Frank knows what he has to do. Unfortunately his former associates also have plans for Frank...

Episode 9 - I spy


Kay Walsh ... Mrs. Morgan
Eric Barker ... Mr. Frute
Cecil Parker ... The Lawyer
William Kendall ... Captain Morgan
Elspeth Duxbury ... Gladys
Nicholas Selby ... Process Server

Description: Mrs Morgan has left her husband and has taken a position as a waitress at an English seaside hotel. Captain Morgan's lawyer has hired a private detective to go and determine exactly what she is up to and see whether there are grounds for divorce. Mr. Frute, the detective, has taken a job at the same hotel and becomes quite friendly with Mrs. Morgan who tells him that she left her husband because of his extreme jealousy and not for another man. They become quite friendly, with not unexpected results.

Episode 10 - Services rendered


Stephen Dunne ... The Young Man
Hugh Marlowe ... Dr. Ralph Mannick
Percy Helton ... Cyrus Rutherford
Bert Remsen ... Jimmy - Bartender
Karl Lukas ... Uncle Ben - Bar Owner
Bernadette Hale ... Miss Sherman - Nurse
Tom Pace ... The Man at the bar

Description: A young man has a minor accident walking down the street and a street person cons him into buying them a drink. It's only when they go to introduce themselves that the young man realizes he has no idea who he is and has suffered a complete loss of memory. In his pocket he finds a $1000 bill and the name and address for a Dr. Ralph Mannick. Mannick has no idea who he is but while at his office, the young man recalls who he is and why he had the doctor's name and a $1000.

Episode 11 - The right kind of medicine


Robert Redford ... Charlie Marx
Russell Collins ... Mr. Fletcher
Joby Baker ... Vernon
Bernard Kates ... The Witness/George Lassiter
King Calder ... The Police Lt.
Robert Karnes ... The Sergeant
Bert Remsen ... The Officer

Description: Charlie Marx shoots a police officer while fleeing from a robbery and is himself shot in the ankle. There is a witness to the shooting and police will spare no effort to track down a cop killer. Marx gets medical attention from a doctor and fills a prescription at his local drugstore for painkillers but not without harassing the harried druggist. It turns out that Marx should have let the pharmacist take his time.

Episode 12 - A jury of her peers


Ann Harding ... Sarah Hale
Philip Bourneuf ... George Henderson
Frances Reid ... Mrs. Mary Peters
Robert Bray ... Sheriff Henry Peters
June Walker ... Mrs. Millie Wright
Ray Teal ... Jim Hale

Description: Jim Hale stops in to see the Wrights and ask if they would like to share a party line telephone. He finds that Millie Wright is acting strangely and her husband strangled in their bed. Millie claims she found her husband like that when she came in from feeding the chickens but the local district attorney is convinced she killed her husband. Sarah Hale is quite sympathetic and feels sorry for Millie who lived a hard, lonely life with a less than ideal husband and takes steps to do something about it.

Episode 13 - The silk petticoat


Michael Rennie ... Sir Humphrey J. Orford
Antoinette Bower ... Elisa Minden
Jack Livesey ... Dr. Minden
Doris Lloyd ... Mrs. Boyd
David Frankham ... Philip Haven
Molly Glessing ... Parlor Maid

Description: In the early 19th century, Sir Humphrey J. Orford informs his fiancée, Elisa Minden, that twenty years previously he was married but that his wife died at the age of 19. Orford is something of a scholar and while visiting his study, Elisa finds a lady's silk petticoat that is obviously under repair and a gruesome painting. She is immediately frightened and wonders if she has discovered a hidden side to Orford's personality. As she explores her new home and learns more about her husband-to-be, she discovers that his first wife was unfaithful and that Orford had arranged for her lover to be hanged. On their wedding day, she makes an incredible discovery.

Episode 14 - Bad actor


Robert Duvall ... Bart Collins
Carole Eastman ... Marjorie Rogers
Charles Robinson ... Jerry Lane
David Lewis ... Ed Boling
William Schallert ... Lt. Gunderson
Bartlett Robinson ... Donald Wellman

Description: Bart Collins is a frustrated actor who hasn't had much success in landing roles lately. He's in line for a part in a play but Bart parties hard and shows up late for his audition. He finds he's in competition with another actor, Jerry Lane and in a rage, strangles Jerry in his apartment. Before he can dispose of the body he is visited by a detective looking into Jerry's disappearance. Bart's odd behavior however, gives him away.

Episode 15 - The door without a key


Claude Rains ... Leonard Eldridge
John Larch ... Sgt. Shaw
Connie Gilchrist ... Maggie Vanderman
David Fresco ... Dave
Sam Gilman ... The Squad Car Officer
Andy Romano ... The Patrolman
Jimmy Hawkins ... Dewey Sims

Description: A man walks into a police station with no memory of who he is. He is soon followed by young Mickey Hollins, who was inadvertently left behind by his father at a gas station. Through talking to the boy and the police officer, the man gradually remembers bits and pieces of memory, until he finally remembers who he is and why he's in his current predicament. Similarly, the boy also reveals the truth about himself.

Episode 16 - The case of M.J.H.


Robert Loggia ... Jimmy French
Barbara Baxley ... Maude Sheridan
Richard Gaines ... M. J. Harrison
Theodore Newton ... Dr. Cooper
Marjorie Eaton ... The Landlady
Leatrice Leigh ... The Receptionist

Description: Jimmy French is a ne'er-do-well who happens to meet the shy but attractive Maude Sheridan in a diner. Maude tells him she is a secretary to Dr. Cooper, a well-known psychotherapist, and he manages to track her down and ask her out on a date. They begin seeing each other regularly and she is obviously attracted to him but one evening he drops a bomb on her: he can't keep a regular job and is heavily in debt. His solution is for Maude to lend him some of her employer's confidential files so he can find a suitable patient to blackmail. At first she refuses to help him, but desperately gives in after he has ignored her for a while. He decides to pursue the case file of M.J. Harrison, a successful real estate entrepreneur. Jimmy demands $10,000 from Harrison or else he will make public his affair with an 18 year-old girl, as confided to Dr. Cooper. The next day, the doctor has some shocking news for her about Jimmy and Mr. Harrison!

Episode 17 - The faith of Aaron Menefee


Sidney Blackmer ... Otis Jones
Andrew Prine ... Aaron Menefee
Maggie Pierce ... Emily Jones
Robert Armstrong ... Doc Buckles
Gail Bonney ... The Woman
Olan Soule ... Brother Fish

Description: Garage mechanic Aaron Menafee suffers from an ulcer but is apparently cured by a faith healer, the Rev. Otis "Healer" Jones. Jones asks Aaron if he would be his chauffeur and out of gratitude, he accepts even though he has to return half his salary as a faith offering. Problems arise for Aaron when he becomes attracted to Rev. Jones' daughter Emily, who is constantly teasing and flirting with him. When they decide to get married, Jones does not approve and the young couple decide to stay true to one another. When Aaron returns to his hometown, he's confronted by a wounded gangster and arranges for the Rev. Jones to heal him.

Episode 18 - The woman who wanted to live


Charles Bronson ... Ray Bardon
Lola Albright ... Lisa
Ray Montgomery ... The Attendent
Craig Curtis ... Rook
Ben Bryant ... Fat Boy
Robert Rudelson ... Cuke
Jesslyn Fax ... The Motel Manageress

Description: Ray Bardon is an escaped convict who robs a gas station and kills the attendant. He then carjacks a car driven by Lisa. He has every intention of killing her but Bardon is wounded and she convinces him that if he lets her live, she will drive him anywhere he wants to go. She makes no attempt to escape and gives every appearance of helping him escape. Unfortunately for Bardon, he hijacked the wrong car and driver.

Episode 19 - Strange miracle


David Opatoshu ... Pedro Sequiras
Miriam Colon ... Lolla
Eduardo Ciannelli ... The Priest
Frank DeKova ... Senor Vargas
Adelina Pedroza ... Maria
Tina Menard ... The Nun

Description: Pedro Sequiras loses the use of his legs in an accident and his condition is considered by everyone to be permanent. Over time, his wife Lolla becomes dissatisfied with him and with her situation. It turns out that Pedro isn't paralyzed and is only pretending to be so he can collect from the insurance company. Lolla is worried that they will be found out, but Pedro devises a plan: go to a local shrine and let God perform a miracle. Pedro is surprised at the results however.

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The sound of fury AKA Try and get me (1950) - a little known film noir from director Cy Endfield, starring Frank Lovejoy, Kathleen Ryan, Lloyd Bridges and Richard Carlson

Rating 7.3/10
Runtime: 91 min
Language: English
Country: USA
Directed by: Cy Endfield
IMDb Link:


Frank Lovejoy ... Howard Tyler
Kathleen Ryan ... Judy Tyler
Richard Carlson ... Gil Stanton
Lloyd Bridges ... Jerry Slocum
Katherine Locke ... Hazel
Adele Jergens ... Velma
Art Smith ... Hal Clendenning
Renzo Cesana ... Dr. Simone
Irene Vernon ... Helen Stanton
Cliff Clark ... Sheriff Demig

Description: The unemployed Howard Tyler is desperate for a job since he is married with children and his wife Judyis pregnant. When he meets the "bon vivant" Jerry Slocum, the stranger offers a job position to Howard. Soon he learns that Jerry is a small-time thief and his job would be to drive the getaway car after the heist. Howard improves the life of his family and tells that he is working in the night shift of a factory. Meanwhile, the journalist Gil Stanton that works in a tabloid is assigned by the owner to promote the thefts to increase the selling of newspaper. When Jerry kidnaps the son of a millionaire, he brutally kills the man and forces Howard to help him to dump the corpse in the sea. Then he asks for ransom to the family. When the boy is found, Stanton incites the population telling that the abductors are monsters. When Howard and Jerry are arrested, a mob threatens their lives in front of the police station...







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