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Boris Karloff's Thriller - season 2, episodes 9-16

Episode 9 - A third for Pinochle


Boris Karloff ... Himself
Edward Andrews ... Maynard Thispin
Doro Merande ... Melba Pennaroyd
Ann Shoemaker ... Mrs. Thispin
June Walker ... Dierdre Pennaroyd
Barbara Perry ... Babs Dawson
Ken Lynch ... The Lieutenant

Description: Milquetoast plans bumping off his spouse, unaware the nosy sisters across the street just killed one's husband. Layabout Maynard has a cozy love nest for his kept woman Babs, but his stingy wife severely cramps his cheating style, so the would-be bon vivant accelerates his scheme.

Episode 10 - The closed cabinet


Olive Sturgess ... Evie Bishop
David Frankham ... Alan Mervyn
Jennifer Raine ... Lucy Mervyn
Peter Forster ... George Mervyn
Doris Lloyd ... Dame Alice
Patricia Manning ... Lady Beatrice

Description: A medieval curse has hung over the Mervyn family for three hundred years, dictating that there will be a murder in the clan in every generation. A young American visitor is determined to break the curse by solving the riddle of the mysterious locked cabinet in the murder room.

Episode 11 - Dialogues with death


Boris Karloff ... Himself/Pop Jenkins/Col. Jackson Beauregard Finchess
Norma Crane ... Nell Le Jean ('Welcome Home')
Ed Nelson ... Tom Ellison/Daniel Le Jean
Estelle Winwood ... Aunt Emily Finchess ('Welcome Home')
William Schallert ... Prof. John MacFarland ('Friend of the Dead')
George Kane ... Harry Jervis ('Friend of the Dead')
Jimmy Joyce ... Burt ('Friend of the Dead')

Description: Two tales of terror centering on communicating with the dead. In the first, an elderly morgue attendant can speak to the cadavers in his charge and he learns the identity of the gunman who killed a noted racketeer. In the second story, a greedy nephew returns to his family home in the Lousiana bayou to claim his inheritance but why does his dotty old aunt insist that he is dead?

Episode 12 - The return of Andrew Bentley


Boris Karloff ... Himself - Host
John Newland ... Ellis Corbett
Antoinette Bower ... Sheila Corbett
Philip Bourneuf ... Dr. Weatherbee
Oscar Beregi Jr. ... Rev. Burkhardt
Ken Renard ... Jacob
Terence de Marney ... Amos Wilder
Reggie Nalder ... Andrew Bentley

Description: White magic practitioner Amos Wilder kills himself after securing his nephew's sworn promise to guard his body against evil spirits. The nephew must never leave his uncle's mansion, to protect the shire from the return of black necromancer Bentley, cast back to Hell by Wilder.

Episode 13 - The remarkable Mrs. Hawk


Boris Karloff ... Himself
Jo Van Fleet ... Mrs. Cissy Hawk
John Carradine ... Jason Longfellow
Paul Newlan ... Sheriff Tom Ulysses Willetts
Hal Baylor ... Pete Gogan
Martin Eric ... Larkin
Donald Elson ... Clemins

Description: Cissy Hawk's farm keeps gaining massive blue ribbon hogs, while the passing drifters she hires magically disappear. Well-read grifter Jason Longfellow figures he'll last a lot longer at her Isle of Aiaie via blackmail, but seductive Cissy keeps local Sheriff Ulysses wound around her finger tighter than a pig's tail.

Episode 14 - Portrait without a face


Boris Karloff ... Himself
Jane Greer ... Ann Moffat
Robert Webber ... Arthur Henshaw
Katherine Squire ... Agatha Moffat
George Mitchell ... Sheriff Pete Browning
Brian Gaffikin ... Nat Fairchild
John Banner ... Prof. Martin Vander Hoven

Description: Six months after an artist is mysteriously murdered, a blank canvas in his studio begins filling itself in, portraying the crime and building up to the revelation of the killer's identity.

Episode 15 - An attractive family


Boris Karloff ... Himself
Richard Long ... Dick Farrington
Leo G. Carroll ... Major Downey
Otto Kruger ... Bert Farrington
Joan Tetzel ... Marian Farrington
Joyce Bulifant ... Jinny Wells
Will Wright ... Constable Tom Walker

Description: Family that kills together seeks to stay together in style, by icing the heir of one of their victims, before she comes into her inheritance. If the heiress audits the books, she'll discover that the family has already blown her share of the estate. Her newlywed sister was backed off a cliff while having her photo snapped, so the younger sister is understandably leery of heights, but not of her very understanding new in-laws.

Episode 16 - Waxworks


Boris Karloff ... Himself
Oskar Homolka ... Pierre Jacquelin
Martin Kosleck ... Col. Andre Bertroux
Antoinette Bower ... Annette Jacquelin
Ron Ely ... Lt. Mike Hudson
Alan Baxter ... Sergeant Dane
Booth Colman ... Lieutenant Bailey
J. Pat O'Malley ... The Morgue Attendant

Description: A murder outside a traveling wax museum attracts the attention of the police--and a European detective who claims that the wax figures of murderers are brought to life by black magic so they can kill again.

Extras for episodes from this post (promos not included in my source):

2x09 - A third for Pinochle (audio commentary by Ron Borst and Jim Wynorski, isolated music score by Morton Stevens)
2x10 - The closed cabinet (Isolated music score by Jerry Goldsmith)
2x11 - Dialogues with death (Isolated music score by Morton Stevens)
2x12 - The return of Andrew Bentley (Audio commentary by Gary Gerani and David Schow, isolated music score by Morton Stevens)
2x13 - The remarkable Mrs. Hawk (Isolated music score by Morton Stevens)
2x14 - Portrait without a face (Isolated music score by Morton Stevens)
2x15 - An attractive family (Isolated music score by Morton Stevens)
2x16 - Waxworks (Audio commentary by Ron Borst and Gary Gerani, isolated music score by Morton Stevens)

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