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The prisoner of Shark Island (1936) - lesser known drama from director John Ford, starring Warner Baxter and Gloria Stuart

Rating 7.4/10
Runtime: 96 min
Language: English
Country: USA
Directed by: John Ford
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Warner Baxter ... Dr. Samuel Alexander Mudd
Gloria Stuart ... Mrs. Peggy Mudd
Claude Gillingwater ... Col. Jeremiah Milford Dyer
Arthur Byron ... Mr. Erickson
O.P. Heggie ... Dr. MacIntyre
Harry Carey ... Commandant of Fort Jefferson
Francis Ford ... Cpl. O'Toole
John McGuire ... Lt. Lovett
Francis McDonald ... John Wilkes Booth

Description: On 09 April 1965, John Wilkes Booth breaks his leg after the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. He flees with an accomplice and once in Maryland, they seek medical treatment with the country Dr. Samuel Alexander Mudd that does not know that his patient has murdered the president. Dr. Mudd is arrested by the army and together with seven other suspects sent to court. Dr. Mudd is a scapegoat and sentenced to life imprisonment in the hopeless prison in the Dry Tortugas, in Gulf of Mexico. When the prison is isolated due to a yellow fever epidemic, Dr. Mudd helps the guards and the other prisoners to disease.






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