Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hitchcock Collection - The lodger (1927)

Rating 7.4/10
Runtime: 75 min
Language: Silent movie (English intertitles)
Country: UK
Directed by: Alfred Hitchcock
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Ivor Novello ... Jonathan Drew (The Lodger)
Marie Ault ... The Landlady (Mrs. Bunting)
Arthur Chesney ... Her Husband (Mr. Bunting)
June ... Daisy Bunting, a Mannequin
Malcolm Keen ... Joe Chandler

Description: A serial killer known as "The Avenger" is on the loose in London, murdering blonde women. A mysterious man arrives at the house of Mr. and Mrs. Bunting looking for a room to rent. The Bunting's daughter is a blonde model and is seeing one of the detectives assigned to the case. The detective becomes jealous of the lodger and begins to suspect he may be the avenger.


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Video : 669 MB, 1324 Kbps, 25.0 fps, 512*384 (4:3), XVID = XVID Mpeg-4
Audio : 30 MB, 60 Kbps, 48000 Hz, 1 channel, 0x55 = MPEG Layer-3, CBR

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Anonymous said...

Jest możliwość dodawania także polskich napisów?

oldmovies said...

Sorki, ze dopiero teraz odpisuje ale jestem odciety od kilku dni od swiata, polskie napisy wrzuce w osobnym poscie w najblizszym czasie, z niektoruymi jest pewien klopot bo potrzebuja synchronizacji pewnej, ale wiekszosc jest w porzadku

Anonymous said...

I think i saw this one, is it the one with the guy pacing and we can see it through the ceiling?

Soon find out huh?

Thanks again

Only Old Movies Fan

wanttono said...

thaks for all sharing
fyi please put "recovery record" into "rars" that will let us try to fix any corrupt rars we may get
you can set it up automaticaly is options


vasilv said...

ευχαριστώ πολύ