Monday, February 4, 2008

Trouble in paradise (1932) - Ernst Lubitsch

Rating 8.2/10
Runtime: 83 min
Language: English/Italian/Russian
Country: USA
Directed by: Ernst Lubitsch
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Miriam Hopkins ... Lily
Kay Francis ... Madame Mariette Colet
Herbert Marshall ... Gaston Monescu, alias La Valle
Charles Ruggles ... The Major (as Charlie Ruggles)
Edward Everett Horton ... Fran├žois Filiba
C. Aubrey Smith ... Adolph J. Giron
Robert Greig ... Jacques, Mariette's Butler

Description: High class European thief Gaston Monesque meets his soul mate Lily, a pickpocket masquerading as a countess. The two join forces and come under the employ of Mme. Colet, the beautiful owner of the Colet perfume company. Gaston works as Mme. Colet's personal secretary under the alias Monsieur Laval. Rumors start to fly as 'M. Laval' steals Mme. Colet away from her other suitors. When the secret of his true identity catches up to him, Gaston is caught between the two beautiful women.


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Anonymous said...

Yikes, it's my absolute favourite early 1930's film! Every actor does their speciality (comedy, pathos, etc), and the director and writer make such a strange wry world, a sort of criminal underground in high society. By the way what time is it?......

Thanks for a nice clean copy.

- Fred

Anonymous said...

Thank u for this movie :) I like your blog :)

Aristarque said...

Unfortunatly, Tr_in_Par_EL.part1.rar is corrupt.

Anonymous said...

I get the same thing: Tr_in_Par_EL.part1.rar is corrupt
(i.e. pass is wrong for that part)

Other than this - outstanding work!
Thank you!

Anonymous said...


When will you be uploading the links of "Trouble in Paradise"?

I'd like to very much to see it ..

And thank you very much again for the great blog