Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Philadelphia Story (1940) - Cary Grant, James Stewart, Katharine Hepburn in classic screwball comedy

Rating: 8.1/10
Runtime: 112
Language: English
Country: USA
Directed by: George Cukor
IMDb Link:


Cary Grant ... C. K. Dexter Haven
Katharine Hepburn ... Tracy Lord
James Stewart ... Macaulay Connor
Ruth Hussey ... Elizabeth Imbrie
John Howard ... George Kittredge
Roland Young ... Uncle Willie
John Halliday ... Seth Lord
Mary Nash ... Margaret Lord

Description: After getting a divorce from C. K. Dexter Haven, Tracy Lord prepares to marry again...however, in the days before her wedding, Haven and a reporter, posing as her brother's friend, show up at her doorstep. From there, Tracy is forced to choose among her past love, her present love, and her new love.



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Video : 1.91 GB, 2439 Kbps, 23.976 fps, 720x480 ~> 720x540 (4:3), V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC x264 core 119
Audio :154/154 MB (main/commentary), 192/192 Kbps, 48000 Hz, 1/2 channel(s), A_AC3

Subtitles (English, French, Spanish embedded in a movie, select them from Video=>Subtitles tracks in VLC menu) and trailer included

Dual audio track information

This movie contains two audio tracks, one is original English, and the other is audio commentary by film historian Jeannine Basinger. You can use VLC Player to easily choose between any of audio tracks or you can use VirtualDub to get rid of any of audio tracks by following these steps:

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3. From “File” tab choose “Open video file” and find your dual audio file on your HDD (or you can simply drag and drop movie file into program window)

4. If any warining window pops up, just click on “OK”

5. From “Video” tab choose “Direct stream copy” option (very important, do not miss that step)

6. From “Audio” tab choose which audio stream you want to use, usually English is Stream 1, and commentary is on Stream 2, but to be 100 % sure use preview option that VD provides by clicking on “Play” button on the bottom of program window when video file is loaded. Of course you can get rid of original audio and save the file with commentary that way too, just by choosing other stream

7. From “File” tab choose “Save AVI file”, put movie name and choose destination folder and then click on OK. Program will start its job after no more than 2 minutes your only one audio track movie should be ready.


Anonymous said...

Thanks! This one was on my "hard to find" list, and I could not find a decent copy anywhere. Yours is great!!

Razvan from Romania

PS: also on the same list...

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Anonymous said...

Found your blog by accident and I'm glad I did. Thanks for you sharing your love for old movies/shows. Appreciate the upload of this classic movie.

Anonymous said...

Can you find and Post
"James Stewart - No Highway (1951)"

Anonymous said...

Awesome Quality on this one ...

Video - 10
Audio - 10

Subtitles are synched to perfection.


Sina said...

thank u soooo much.

maria said...

I can´t open the files!
What software do you use?
Please help me!
I find this blog very intresting

Christina Murphy said...

Could you please reupload?