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Sweet smell of success (1957) - Burt Lancaster, Tony Curtis in classic film noir drama

Rating: 8.2/10
Runtime: 96
Language: English
Country: USA
Directed by: Alexander Mackendrick
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Burt Lancaster ... J.J. Hunsecker
Tony Curtis ... Sidney Falco
Susan Harrison ... Susan Hunsecker
Martin Milner ... Steve Dallas (as Marty Milner)
Sam Levene ... Frank D' Angelo
Barbara Nichols ... Rita
Jeff Donnell ... Sally
Joe Frisco ... Herbie Temple
Emile Meyer ... Lt. Harry Kello
Edith Atwater ... Mary
The Chico Hamilton Quintet ... Themselves

Description: J.J. Hunsecker, the most powerful newspaper columnist in New York, is determined to prevent his sister from marrying Steve Dallas, a jazz musician. He therefore covertly employs Sidney Falco, a sleazy and unscrupulous press agent, to break up the affair by any means possible.


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Download links Smell of Success (1957).torrent

+ set of extra material (2 GB to download):

1) Mackendrick: The Man Who Walked Away - 1986 Scottish Television documentary about filmmaker Alexander Mackendrick featuring interviews with the director, actors Burt Lancaster and James Coburn, producer James Hill and others

2) James Wong Howe: Cinematographer - 1973 documentary about James Wong Howe featuring the Oscar-winning dicrector of photography discussing his philosophy of cinematography and offering a tutorial on film lighting.

3) Neal Gabler on Walter Winchell - video piece with author and film historian Neal Gabler who looks at Walter Winchell, the media powerhouse who inspired Sweet Smell of Success's J.J. Hunsecker.

4) James Mangold on Alexander Mackendrick - video interview with writer-director James Mangold, where he remembers his CalArts mentor and teacher Alexandre Mackendrick and details how Sweet Smell of Success reflects Mackendrick's central instrunctions about filmmaking

5) Original theatrical trailer

6) Additional audio commentary by James Naremore, author of BFI Film Classics series' Sweet Smell of Success, in separate ac3 file

7) Movie soundtrack by Chico Hamilton Quintet/Elmer Bernstein, total duration: 01:10:13

Track listing

1. Goodbye Baby (05:02)
2. Cheek to Chico (02:11)
3. Susan (The Sage) (02:30)
4. Sidney's Theme (01:56)
5. Jonalah (02:14)
6. Jam (01:46)
7. Night Beat (02:20)
8. Concerto of Themes from Soundtrack of "Sweet Smell of Success" (16:32)
9. The Street (02:41)
10. Hot Dogs and Juice (Goodbye Baby) (02:29)
11. Sidney and Susie (02:47)
12. Hunsecker's Price (01:58)
13. Tropical Island Mood (02:43)
14. The Smear (01:37)
15. Toots Shor's Blues (02:48)
16. Nite Spot Rock (01:58)
17. Susie's Problem's (02:11)
18. Hunsecker Operates (Goodbye Baby) (01:32)
19. Goodbye Baby Blues (03:33)
20. The Trap is Sprung (02:04)
21. Love Scene (Susan-The Sage) (03:36)
22. Out of Darkness (03:45)

Video and audio information:

Video : 1.20 GB, 1781 Kbps, 23.976 fps, 672*400 (1.66:1), XviD= XviD 1.2.1
Audio : 266 MB, 384 Kbps, 48000 Hz, 1 channel, 0x2000 = Dolby AC3

Subtitles (English (SUB/IDX), Spanish, French, Italian, German, Polish) + sample (9 MB) included


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Good film!
Btw. that's Burt Lancaster, not Bart.

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