Friday, August 15, 2008

Sergio Leone Collection - For a few dollars more AKA Per qualche dollaro in più (1965) - Clint Eastwood, Lee van Cleef in classic western

Rating 8.3/10
Runtime: 132 min
Language: English
Country: Italy/West Germany/Spain
Directed by: Sergio Leone
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Clint Eastwood ... Monco
Lee Van Cleef ... Col. Douglas Mortimer
Gian Maria Volonte ... El Indio
Mara Krupp ... Mary
Luigi Pistilli ... Groggy
Klaus Kinski ... Wild (the hunchback)
Joseph Egger ... Old Prophet (as Josef Egger)
Panos Papadopulos ... Sancho Perez
Benito Stefanelli ... Luke
Roberto Camardiel ... Station clerk

Description: Monco is a bounty killer chasing El Indio and his gang. During his hunting, he meets Col. Douglas Mortimer, another bounty killer, and they decide to make a partnership, chase the bad guys together and split the reward. During their enterprise, there will be lots of bullets and funny situations. In the end, one of the bounty hunters shows the real intention of his hunting.






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Audio : 603 MB, 640 Kbps, 48000 Hz, 6 channels, 0x55 = A_AC3, CBR

English subtitles embedded in the movie, to play them in VLC Player choose Subtitle=>Sub track and select it from the list


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from cd1, part1 and part3, the files of the rapidshare links are both named part1. i tried to rename the part3 link file named part1 into part3, but zip did not accept it. could you please reup part3 of cd1 with the correct filename? much appreciated.

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Thanks for your replu, all is fixed now :)

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I am also looking for "The Count of Monte Cristo" - 1934 featuring Robert Donat

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