Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hitchcock Collection - Stage Fright (1950) - Marlene Dietrich, Richard Todd, Jane Wyman

Rating 7.0/10
Runtime: 110 min
Language: English
Country: UK
Directed by: Alfred Hitchcock
IMDb Link:


Jane Wyman ... Eve Gill
Marlene Dietrich ... Charlotte Inwood
Michael Wilding ... Det. Insp. Wilfred 'Ordinary' Smith
Richard Todd ... Jonathan Cooper
Alastair Sim ... Commodore Gill
Sybil Thorndike ... Mrs. Gill
Kay Walsh ... Nellie Goode

Description: Eve Gill (Jane Wyman), an aspiring young actress, shelters a fellow acting student, Jonathan Cooper (Richard Todd), from the police. He is suspected of murdering the husband of his mistress, Charlotte Inwood (Marlene Dietrich), a famous singer. Jonathan claims that he became implicated when he tried to help Charlotte destroy the evidence. Eve's eccentric father, Commodore Gill (Alastair Sim), agrees to hide Jonathan in his house while she proves his innocence. To do this, Eve becomes Charlotte's temporary maid. Eve's Father devises a plan to force Charlotte to confess in front of the inspector investigating the case, Wilfred Smith (Michael Wilding). When the plan doesn't work, Eve tries blackmailing Charlotte into a confession while the police listen outside her dressing room. Charlotte agrees to pay, but insists that Jonathan is the real killer.


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harryhoppel said...

Thanks for this one! Btw, third link is malformed.

One question: why do you upload subtitles to badongo? Why not rapidshare?

Gryzor said...

Heh, I have to agree with the subtitles request. Why Bandogo? It doesn't even work with Opera... RS would be so much simpler!

Anonymous said...

witam . poprawiłem synchro napisów
do filmów :
The Lady Vanishes
The Lodger
jutro będą na napi pozdrawiam naszych
szczególnie onlyoldmovies
wojtek wieliczka

Just me :) said...

Do Lodgera synchro chyba powinno byc dosc dobre, robione było z idealnie dopasowanych napisów francuskich, co do Lady Vanishes, to moja wersj jest dziwna i praktycznie nie szlo znalezc dobrych napisów, zastanawiam sie nad wrzuceniem lepszej wersji :)

Dzieki w kazdym badz raze, w razie czego zapraszam

Anonymous said...

thanks for your movie
but i have a request
that is : please upload your movie on another server like
that have direct link

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this movie.

I agree with the former commentators that using Badongo is a bad idea.

I've tried more 20 times to download the subtitles with Firefox but I can't get them although their server says that the "the download has automatically started".

denise reis said...

And what is the password requested?

Anonymous said...

PassWord is TITLE of the blog ppl :-)

DavidHitch said...

Thank you very much.

Chris H. said...

Thank You!!
This is the 36th Hitchcock's movie i'm going to watch and add to my blog :)