Friday, January 2, 2009

Scarlet Street (1945) - Edward G. Robinson in Fritz Lang film-noir

Rating 7.9/10
Runtime: 103 min
Language: USA
Country: English
Directed by: Fritz Lang
IMDb Link:


Edward G. Robinson ... Christopher Cross
Joan Bennett ... Katharine 'Kitty' March
Dan Duryea ... Johnny Prince
Margaret Lindsay ... Millie Ray
Jess Barker ... David Janeway
Rosalind Ivan ... Adele Cross
Arthur Loft ... Dellarowe

Description: In New York, after celebrating his twenty-fifth years as a cashier of a company and receiving a golden watch in a dinner party, the middle-aged amateurish painter Christopher Cross protects a young woman, Katharine March, from an assault on the street by a young man, Johnny Prince, without knowing that he is her lover. Chris invites Kitty to drink a coffee in a bar, and presents himself as a successful and wealthy painter. The small time crook and caftan Johnny sees the chance to raise easy money and convinces the manipulative Kitty to take as much money as possible from Chris. He embezzles his company and steals his wife, and Kitty moves to a huge studio. Chris brings his paintings to the new address, and Johnny takes them for evaluation and they are considered masterpieces by an arts critic and by the owner of a gallery. Kitty pretends to be the painter, becomes famous, leading them to a tragic conclusion.


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ikonik said...

This may be Fritz's best Film Noir. The cast, direction and noir-ish ambiance are all outstanding. The final twist is the corker!
Keep 'em coming.

Gryzor said...
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Gryzor said...
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Gryzor said...

Wow, great!!! Aren't there any subs though?

Just me :) said...

Unfortunately there are no subs available, I found some that said they are for this movie, but when synchronizing them it appeared that they are for other movie...any other version or remake of this?

Tango said...

I sometimes pass-by your blog - which hosts links to great movies - and sometimes I find some real gems which I haven't seen. Unfortunately I can never unrar the movie. The unrar utility always tells me that I'm using the wrong password, which I know is the very title of your blog and is always written at the end of your posts. Am I missing something here?

Thanks anyway for your efforts.


Anonymous said...

Love that film! Thanks a lot, and a happy new year to you. May you prosper and keep on.

A. Friend

Brontosaurio said...

Subs in spanish:
Thanks from Argentina!

yves said...

Looks like a great movie, thanks so much. Found English subtitles, mais they're not synchronized.
Any idea where I could find a mac application that would allow me to do so? Many thanks in advance.

Gryzor said...

@Yves: nah... I'd synchronize it myself, but it's not a proper translation, it's one of those awful machine translations...

yves said...

Helo Gryzor, I just found
is it the machine you're telling me about? Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I'll try it anyway. If it's good, I will post it here...

Gryzor said...

No, this site just synchronizes subtitles (rather basic, but good!). What I'm saying is that the subtitles you found come from an automatic online translating machine, and if you go into the file and read the translation it's awful... quite useless, as it is!

Just me :) said...

Exactly, subs that can be found on the net seems to be machine translation and cant be used unfortunately

yves said...

Sorry Gryzor about the subtitles. In this case, I guess there are no English subtitles for this movie... I'll keep looking anyway...

Anonymous said...

Hey thank you very much for posting these. Great Stuff! Great films. Fully Stylin' Brah!


Gryzor said...

I started clicking on the screenshots, thanks for letting us know :)

Can I make a request? "On the beach", the 1959 version (of course)... It's a great, great movie! Anyones has it? Please??? :)

Just me :) said...

Gryzor, especially for you

Gryzor said...

MAN! I can't believe it! I wanna hug you right now :D

Oh man... me and my girlfriend thank you so, so much - gonna watch tonight! :)

nikhil2178 said...

Scarlet Street (1945) Free Movie Online in HD

Anonymous said...

could you re-up the link please!