Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Where the sidewalk ends (1950) - Dana Andrews, Gene Tierney in classic film noir directed by Otto Preminger

Rating 7.8/10
Runtime: 95 min
Language: English
Country: USA
Directed by: Otto Preminger
IMDb Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0043132/


Dana Andrews ... Det. Sgt. Mark Dixon (16th Precinct)
Gene Tierney ... Morgan Taylor (Paine)
Gary Merrill ... Tommy Scalise
Bert Freed ... Det. Sgt. Paul Klein (Dixon's partner)
Tom Tully ... Jiggs Taylor, Morgan's Father
Karl Malden ... Det. Lt. Thomas (16th Precinct Detectives commander)
Ruth Donnelly ... Martha, Owner of Martha's Cafe
Craig Stevens ... Ken Paine

Description: Det. Sgt. Mark Dixon always wanted to be something his old man wasn't: a guy on the right side of the law. But for a good guy, he's awfully vicious. After several complaints over his roughing people up, his boss, Insp. Nicholas Foley, demotes him. Foley tells him he's a good man, but needs to get his head on straight and be more like Det. Lt. Thomas, who has just gotten a promotion. Meanwhile, Tommy Scalise has an illegal dice game going and is looking to make a sucker out of the rich Ted Morrison, who was brought in by Ken Paine and his beautiful wife Morgan. She figures out too late her husband is using her as a decoy. Paine strikes her when she refuses to play along. The chivalrous Morrison intervenes but Paine knocks him out cold. That seems to be the worst of it, but later it turns out the guy is dead; and Paine looks guilty. Soon Dixon has fallen in love with Morgan - but not before losing his temper again and committing a terrible deed that he tries to cover up. Morgan's father, a tale-spinning taxi driver, may take the rap for it. It's up to Dixon to try to pin the blame on Scalise.

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Dual audio track

This movie contains two audio tracks, one is original English, and the second is commentary by film noir historian Eddie Muller. You can use VLC Player to easily choose between any of audio tracks (Audio => Audio track and switch to main audio track on Track 1, commentary on Track 2)


Anonymous said...


i uploaded Mutiny on the bounty with Marlon Brando.

I would like to pass you the links if you like.

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Emily said...
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Emily said...

Dana Andrews is excellent in this film, and I love when he is paired up with beautiful Gene Tierney. I've seen Laura, and this film and I hope to one day see them together in Iron Curtain, as well. Unfortunately it seems to be a much more rare film.

Thanks for posting Where the Sidewalk Ends! It's a great film.
(would you happen to have any more Ingrid Bergman films?)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this fantastic gems - especially the film noirs. I'm searching for one of the best of this genre: D.O.A. (the original from 1950) Is it possible for you to share this film with us?

Greetings from Germany

clockwork said...

This one looks good, thanks. I like that it has the commentary track also.

Anonymous said...

Nice one! Thanks for these superb film-noir movies, they a great.

orshick said...

Thanks a lot for the film. And if you want to make it simpler to switch between audio tracks, just download VLC and chose which track you want to hear.

Anonymous said...

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