Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It is gonna be a poll week

Hi, I just take a look at some interesting polls on some sites and decided to make it a poll week on the site

I will bring some polls on the site, and could you please answer them for me? :)

The first one is concerned about your continent of origin, where do you come from :) It will last until October 10th 12 AM

More to come soon

EDIT: Second poll added

EDIT 2: New movie today or tomorrow


Kenny said...

I found your website while searching for Ashes and Diamonds. I was so glad you have it posted but this dlc file and jdownloader have been a major problem...followed all directions but they still can't get it to work.
Why not post regular and easy to deal with rapidshare links?

Kenny said...


After reading about all the reasons for using jdownloader, both me and my brother totally support you to keep using it. We had no idea of the problems you faced without it, and we both apologise for sounding ungrateful.
You are the generous one who shares all with us, and we're glad for all the advantages offered by the use of jdownloader. If anyone is inconvenienced by it(us included), tough!

Kenny & Jeremy

Bahaa said...

thanks for your great work
this the 4th movie to download from your website
it's great work