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Boris Karloff's Thriller - season 2, episodes 17-23

Episode 17 - La Strega


Boris Karloff ... Himself
Ursula Andress ... Luana
Alejandro Rey ... Tonio Bellini
Ramon Novarro ... Maestro Giuliano
Jeanette Nolan ... La Strega
Frank DeKova ... Lieutenant Vincoli
Ernest Sarracino ... Padre Lupari

Description: Three men try to drown a young woman, fearing she's a witch. A wandering painter pulls her from the river, refusing to believe in such rural superstition. The young artist shelters her, but her elderly aunt who rules the 18th Century Italian countryside via supernatural power, plots to keep her niece as a sorcerer's apprentice - no matter what.

Episode 18 - The storm


Boris Karloff ... Himself
Nancy Kelly ... Janet Willsom
David McLean ... Ben T. Willsom
James Griffith ... Ed Brandies

Description: Woman & her jumpy black cat Baba increasingly besieged by amorous loon of a cabbie, power outages, and menacing sounds throughout her isolated home during a devastating storm. The newlywed just returned early from 2 weeks caring for her sister. As she prays for her husband's arrival, she decides to confront strange sounds emanating from the storm cellar.

Episode 19 - A wig for Miss Devore


Boris Karloff ... Himself
Patricia Barry ... Sheila Devore
John Baragrey ... George Machik
John Fiedler ... Herbert Bleake
Herbert Rudley ... Max Quinke
Linda Watkins ... Arabella Foote
Ina Victor ... Betty

Description: An aging actress tries for a comeback in a film about a witch hanged for murder. As a stunt she insists on wearing the historical woman's wig, which turns out to be cursed, changing her into a literal man-killer.

Episode 20 - The hollow watcher


Boris Karloff ... Himself
Audrey Dalton ... Meg O'Danagh Wheeler
Sean McClory ... Sean O'Danagh
Warren Oates ... Hugo Wheeler
Sandy Kenyon ... Mason
Walter Burke ... Croxton
Denver Pyle ... Ortho Wheeler

Description: An Irish mail-order bride marries into a family in North Carolina, with a scheme to steal their hidden fortune. She murders her autocratic father-in-law and hides his body inside a scarecrow - but the vengeful scarecrow is now stalking her.

Episode 21 - Cousin Tundifer


Boris Karloff ... Himself
Edward Andrews ... Miles Tundifer
Sue Ane Langdon ... Queenie de Lyte
Vaughn Taylor ... Pontifex Tundifer
Howard McNear ... Jack Passasstroy
Dayton Lummis ... Millard Braystone
Hallene Hill ... The Old Woman
Cyril Delevanti ... The Old Man

Description: Mass murderer's descendant plots quicker inheritance options when his ill, rich uncle Pontifex, takes up with Queenie De Lyte, a stripper turned art fancier. A psychologist cured Pontifex's obsession with restoring ancient family homes, destroying nephew Tundifer's hope of having Pontifex declared incompetent. Tundifer looks exactly like his evil ancestor, a portrait of whom hangs in one family mansion, whose expensive renovation may include a portal to a prior century.

Episode 22 - The incredible Doktor Markesan


Boris Karloff ... Himself / Dr. Konrad Markesan
Dick York ... Fred Bancroft
Carolyn Kearney ... Molly Bancroft
Richard Hale ... Prof. Everett Latimore
Henry Hunter ... Prof. Angus Holden
Basil Howes ... Prof. Charing

Description: Fred and Molly Bancroft, a pair of penniless newlyweds, are so desperate that they visit Fred's mysterious uncle Konrad Markesan, whom he hasn't seen in over twenty years. They are hoping to live in with him rent free until they can find jobs and be self-sufficient. The once-beautiful mansion is in a decrepitly musty state, filled with dust, cobwebs, and rats while Fred's once-kindly uncle is now a disheveled, cadaver-like figure who offers them shelter on condition that they never leave their room after dark, a condition that Markesan insures by locking them in at night.

Episode 23 - Flowers of evil


Boris Karloff ... Himself
Luciana Paluzzi ... Madalena
Kevin Hagen ... Arno Lunt
Jack Weston ... Maurice Reynard
Vladimir Sokoloff ... The Janitor
Gregory Gaye ... The President

Description: A faithless wife and her lover murder her husband and sell his skeleton to a medical school. The skeleton keeps returning, however - and screaming.

Extras for episodes from this post (promos not included in my source):

2x17 - La Strega (Audio commentary by Gary Gerani, Steve Mitchell and Craig Reardon, audio commentary by Jon Burlingame and Steve Mitchell, isolated music score by Morton Stevens)
2x18 - The storm (Audio commentary by Larry Blamire and David Schow, isolated music score by Morton Stevens)
2x19 - A wig for Miss Devore (Audio commentary by Patricia Barry and Steve Mitchell, isolated music score by Morton Stevens)
2x20 - The hollow watcher (Audio commentary by Larry Blamire, Gary Gerani and David Schow)
2x21 - Cousin Tundifer (Isolated music score by Morton Stevens)
2x22 - The incredible Doktor Markesan (Audio commentary by Gary Gerani and David Schow, isolated music score by Morton Stevens)
2x23 - Flowers of evil (Isolated music score by Morton Stevens)

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