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Boris Karloff's Thriller - season 2, episodes 24-30

Episode 24 - 'Til death do us part


Boris Karloff ... Himself
Henry Jones ... Carl Somers
Jim Davis ... The Marshal
Reta Shaw ... Celia Hooper Somers
Edgar Buchanan ... Doc O'Connor
Philip Ober ... Elmer Hooper
Jocelyn Brando ... Myrtle Hooper

Description: Undertaker Carl Somers murders his nagging wife so he can head west to marry a wealthy spinster. The joke's on him though: eloping with the old maid gets her disinherited, leaving him with another unwanted wife. A new doctor in town hiding from a murder charge comes in handy at this point.

Episode 25 - The bride who died twice


Boris Karloff ... Himself
Mala Powers ... Consuelo De La Varra
Eduardo Ciannelli ... Gen. De La Varra
Joe De Santis ... Col. Sangriento
Robert Colbert ... Capt. Bartolomeo Antonio Fernandez
Carl Don ... Sgt. Vibora

Description: In a Latin American country, a sinister Colonel forces the Governor's daughter to marry him but she dies on their wedding night- or does she?

Episode 26 - Kill my love


Boris Karloff ... Himself
Richard Carlson ... Guy Guthrie
Patricia Breslin ... Dinah Duffay
K.T. Stevens ... Olive Guthrie
David Kent ... Julian Guthrie
Kasey Rogers ... Anthea Jason

Description: Apparent "family man" Guy Guthrie murders his mistress when she threatens to expose him, then his wife when she figures out what he's done. But what will he do about his beloved teenage son...

Episode 27 - Man of mystery


Boris Karloff ... Himself
Mary Tyler Moore ... Sherry Smith
John Van Dreelen ... Joel Stone
William Windom ... Lou Walters
Walter Burke ... Lucas
Mercedes Shirley ... Jill Naylor
Robert Sampson ... Reporter

Description: An author is murdered when his book exposing an ex-employer, a secretive international financier, is to be published. A reporter tracks the case, but everyone he tries to interview dies under suspicious circumstances. Meanwhile, the financier gets a comic fired because he's obsessed with ensnaring the funny-man's girlfriend, a leggy nightclub chanteuse.

Episode 28 - The innocent bystanders


Boris Karloff ... Himself
John Anderson ... Jacob Grant
George Kennedy ... John Paterson
Janet Lake ... Elsie Evans
Steven Terrell ... Bruce Evans
Carl Benton Reid ... Dr. Marcus Graham

Description: Jacob Grant and John Paterson, a pair of Victorian-era bodysnatchers, turn to murder to supplement their income. First they take Grant's visiting sister-in-law, then set their sights on the unsuspecting boarders.

Episode 29 - The lethal ladies


Boris Karloff ... Himself
Howard Morris ... Myron Sills/Dr. Wilfred Bliss
Rosemary Murphy ... Lavinia Sills / Alice Quimby
Pamela Curran ... Gloria ('Murder on the Rocks')
Marjorie Bennett ... Mercedes ('Murder on the Rocks')
Robert Carson ... Albert White ('Murder on the Rocks')
Jackie Russell ... Martha Foster ('Goodbye, Dr. Bliss')
Hank Brandt ... Mr. Sutter ('Goodbye, Dr. Bliss')
Chet Stratton ... Mr. Charles Delevant ('Goodbye, Dr. Bliss')

Description: Two twisted tales of timid people hitting their breaking point. A philandering investor dreams of independence from his wife, a wealthy, bold geologist, but when his latest scheme plummets down the big board, Myron plots murder. Alice Quimby's entire life is her work at a university library, but she's passed over to be chief librarian, in favor of Dr. Wilford Bliss, a martinet who's going to clean house, forcing her out before she can collect her pension.

Episode 30 - The specialists


Boris Karloff ... Himself
Lin McCarthy ... Peter Duncan
Robert Douglas ... Antony Hugh Swinburne
Suzanne Lloyd ... Helen Coleman
Ronald Howard ... Martin Gresham
Sean McClory ... Patrick Galt
David Frankham ... Joe Carter

Description: An elite team of federal agents is formed to take down an international ring of jewel thieves.

Extras for episodes from this post (promos not included in my source):

2x25 - The bride who died twice (isolated music score by Jerry Goldsmith)
2x26 - Kill my love (isolated music score by Morton Stevens)
2x27 - Man of mystery (audio commentary by Larry Blamire and David Schow, isolated music score by Morton Stevens)

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