Saturday, February 11, 2017

More re-uploads coming!

Hello dear visitors!!

As you are all well aware, a lot of movies posted in previous years prior change-over to torrents have been dead for a long time

I am trying my best to post new movies as often as possible, but limited amount of time and a lot of commitments prevent me from frequent re-uploads of dead links

As a way to tackle at least a little bit of the problem, I just started re-uploading some more movies without editing any info in original movie will find a main movie as a torrent file and probably in future, if time allows, I will re-edit original submissions.

So if you are just after the's the way to go...the list will be updated in coming weeks and more movies will be added

Take a look at reuploaded movies by clicking on this link here

Keep downloading guys and come back for more !!


norbertoantoniofernandez said...

Thank you very much for this hard work. You are very generous

lavazza said...

thanks for your hard work and appreciate your passion.just one thing the "face in the crowd" torrent links seem to be missing from the list

Unknown said...

Just want to agree with the others. Thank you -- again -- for these movies and the work you do to allow us to see these classic films. It is very much appreciated!

Unknown said...

And just noticed you added The Woman in the Window, one of my top 5 movies of all time. Thanks so much!

RobRoberts said...

Great site..
looking for two Bette Davis movies..

Old Acquaintance
The Great Lie


Unknown said...
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riddim1903 said...

Honestly, I have been following your blog for many years. I want to than you for all of your past, present and future efforts ! I know sharing is fun, but to do this without any reciprocity is simply GRAND !

I have looked everywhere to find the film Hennessy starring Rod Steiger. Do you think you can post it in a near future ?

Again, many endless Thanks!

Ali Cetiner said...

Wow I have remembered this site from file share days and now have come back to search for a movie that I couldn't find the torrent of which is rare.

Do you have and could you please upload:

Rock Around the Clock (1956)

I believe it is one of the important classic music movie both for the film and music genre.

Thanks for all your work!

Unknown said...

Awesome! Well Done

I have been looking for older movies because my 85 year old father loves watching these oldies. He can watch them all day and accordingly it's a massive job finding and downloading these movies for him as here in our area in OZ our internet is slow 12Mbps

You obviously have a passion for these movies and congratulate & thank you for sharing your passion. I was wondering whether there was a faster way of downloading your movies.

Thanks once again. I would dearlky like to contribute to your cause to keep up the good work.


ProfessorCalculus said...

thanks a lot

aris said...

Hello I’d like to request this old movie East of Sudan (1964)
and South.of.Algiers.1953
Keep up the great work. thank you!!